Jane the Virgin RECAP: Whenever I Want You All I Have to Do Is Dream (S1:E4)

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Previously on Jane the Virgin:

  • Jane is pregnant with Rafael’s baby and is starting develop feelings for him
  • Michael has agreed to cover up Petra’s potential involvement in Zazo’s death except she won’t tell him her alibi
  • Rafael is finally becoming suspicious of his shady wife and might divorce her after all
  • Luisa is sleeping with her ex-girlfriend/current step-mother Rose
  • Xiomara and Alba have agreed to let Rogelio meet Jane
  • Jane and Michael’s wedding is being moved up

Get it? Got it? No? Too bad. We’re diving head first into telenovela land.

Jane remembers the mock wedding she had when she was a little girl and how easy it was to pretend to marry her mom in her grandmother’s wedding dress. Now, her grandmother keeps insisting on keeping the ceremony Catholic, Xiomara won’t stop suggesting love songs to sing at the reception, and Michael wants a food truck instead of a caterer. And Jane one has a week to plan because the new accelerated timeline…which she only suggested because she was panicking about her feelings for Rafael.



However, Jane blames her scattered brain on being overwhelmed with the wedding planning. Michael consoles her and tells her the wedding ceremony doesn’t matter so long as they are together at the end of the day. “I can live without the food truck,” he says. “But I can’t live without you.”

Jane decides to put Rafael out her mind and focus on Michael. However, the Narrator warns that you never see a broken heart coming until it’s too late.

Since they’re engaged, Michael gets to sleep over at Casa Villanueva, and Jane convinces him to do have some sexy fun times that is not actual sex. However, when she looks at Michael’s face, he turns into Rafael!

It turns out this was all a dream—and I know we are supposed to focus on how Jane can’t get Rafael out of her head, but now I’m wondering exactly how far Jane has gone. She’s never had penetrative sex but the pilot episode implied that she does have phone sex with Michael and this fantasy/dream indicates that she and Michael go down on each other. So is Jane a technical virgin? Why doesn’t the show just say that?

Not catchy enough, I guess.

Not catchy enough, I guess.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Rafael and Petra are eating breakfast and discussing Zazo’s murder. Do Rafael and Petra live in the hotel? I’m assuming this is a fancy hotel with the kind of fancy suites where you have everything but a front lawn, but it’s still weird for me to comprehend people living in hotels. I don’t know, that Eloise book never really appealed to me when I was younger. I guess it is convenient for Rafael to just live in the hotel he works in because he doesn’t have to cook his own meals and gets maid service. Also, he is technically never late to work.

Anyway, Rafael tells Petra that the police are looking for Zazo’s girlfriend. This worries Petra since she was Zazo’s girlfriend and doesn’t want to be implicated in the murder.

Back at Casa Villanueva, after Michael leaves, Jane confesses to her mother that she had a dream. “Oh, like a Martin Luther King kind of thing?” Xiomara asks. Jane confesses that she had a sex dream was about Rafael. Xiomara suggests that maybe Jane’s brain just muddled because she is pregnant with Rafael’s baby and the lines are getting blurred. She advises Jane to keep her distance from Rafael and not tell Michael about the dream.

After Jane leaves for work, Alba urges Xiomara to invite Rogelio to the wedding and tell Jane about him. Xiomara agrees, but she only wants an excuse to see Rogelio to hook up with him again.

At the hotel, Rafael asks Jane to write a piece on the hotel for him, and Rose, his step-mother and his sister’s secret girlfriend, stops by his office to ask about Luisa. Rafael tells her that he knows Luisa pulled the fire alarm in the last episode and believes she is on another drinking bender. He thanks Rose for caring about Luisa.

Yeah, she cares A LOT about Luisa, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, she cares A LOT about Luisa, if you know what I mean.

Rafael’s father is annoyed with Rafael for throwing a memorial for Zazo and complains that the hotel’s business is still failing. He announces that he is bringing in Lachlan, Rafael’s rival, to run things.

Jane and Michael attend the pre-cana, Catholic marriage counseling, with Father Ortego, who desperately tries to be hip. He warns them that they will have to learn to work through difficult problems in their marriage. He asks if they had ever experienced any difficulties as a couple so Jane cheerfully explains that she was accidentally inseminated with another man’s sperm.

Nothing in urbandictionary.com could prepare Father Ortega for an appropriate response to that.

“Damn, that’s whack!” comes pretty close though

“Damn, that’s whack!” comes pretty close though

Jane admits the sex dream about Rafael, and Michael becomes upset that she is fantasizing about another man. Before they can argue, Michael receives a text from his partner informing him that the police are going to get an arrest warrant for Petra. He leaves Jane but promises that the conversation is not over.

Xiomara goes to visit Rogelio in his trailer and is shocked to see a woman wearing lingerie hanging around. The woman informs Xiomara that she is Rogelio’s manager and ex-wife. She notices the monogrammed bracelet Xiomara is wearing and proclaims that it is hers. Xiomara tries to insist that Rogelio had it specifically engraved for her, but the woman rolls her eyes. “That is just an X and an O. Like a kiss and a hug?” she smirks. Xiomara is forced to give the bracelet back.

“Oh man. I forgot XO can mean that too.”

“Oh man. I forgot XO can mean that too.”

Michael meets with Petra and tries to force her to give him her alibi, but Petra refuses to say where she was. Also at the hotel, Jane is serving Rogelio and he asks her too many personal questions when she mentions she is getting married. Since Jane doesn’t know that he’s her father, she just thinks he’s a creepy stalker and tries to run away, only to bump into Rafael. In an attempt to maintain her distance, Jane backs up too far and accidentally falls into the pool. Rafael dives in to save her, and Jane reminds him that it’s the shallow end.

JANE THE VIRGIN RECAP: Whenever I Want You All I Have to Do Is Dream (S1:E4)

“It’s only four feet, Baywatch!” (That’s actual dialogue, by the way)

Michael sees them together and storms off. Jane catches him and attempts to explain, but he tells Jane that if she has feelings for someone else then they can’t get married.

Rogelio calls Xiomara to demand to be part of the wedding, but she is annoyed that he only considers his relationship with Xiomara to be purely sexual. Jane interrupts Xiomara’s phone call to ask for advice about Michael. Xiomara suggests that Jane show Michael that he is the only one for her so Jane decides to write him a sexy letter.

At the hotel, Petra and Rafael argue over how to negotiate an expansion deal to impress Rafael’s father. When he storms off, Petra is comforted by Lachlan. As it turns out, he is her former fiancé whom she dumped for Rafael. Lachlan offers to help with the expansion deal and to get back together. Petra turns him down but accepts his help.

Rogelio stops by Casa Villanueva to drop off a truly personalized gift for Xiomara. He tells her that she will always be special to him as the mother of his child before he leaves. When Alba nags Xiomara once more, Xiomara admits that she is afraid Jane will hate her for keeping the secret for so long.

Meanwhile, Michael is attempting to block the warrant for Petra’s arrest. Jane visits him to gauge his reaction about her sexy letter. However, it turns out there was a mix up and she gave Rafael the sexy letter!

Telenovela hijinks ensue!

Telenovela hijinks ensue!

Luckily, Jane is able to clear up the misunderstanding, and Rafael is relieved. He tells Jane that he sees her like a sister and just like that, her crush dissipates. “The thing about fantasies is that they can vanish as quickly as they appear,” explains the Narrator.

Michael allows Petra to visit the crime scene to see if she can notice anything unusual. Jane stops by, and Michael tries to shoo her out before she sees Petra. Jane comes to the realization that her crush on Rafael was a byproduct of feeling ignored by Michael ever since the pregnancy. “There are going to be bumps in the road, and we’re going to have to get through them together,” she reminds him. “I really want to marry you, but only if things go back to the way they were before.”

Michael tries to hurry Petra along, but she is insulted by his impatience and storms off. As she leaves, Michael notices a dent in the wall that wasn’t there before the murder occurred. He realizes it matches the bellboy carts, and the police decide to investigate the bellboys instead of Petra.

I know Michael is technically steering them the right way, but why has no one questioned why he is especially determined not to blame Petra? Like, he was really into making sure Petra wasn’t blamed.

Anyway, Jane goes to the bridal shop and wishes she had a father to share the day with. Unbeknownst to her, Rogelio is watching from outside the shop.

Not creepy at all.

Not creepy at all.

At the board meeting, Lachlan tries to show up Rafael, but Rafael was two steps ahead the whole time! He and Petra pretended to fight in front of Lachlan to set him up to make a bad proposal. After the meeting, Rafael and Petra celebrate, and he thanks her for coming up with such a cunning plan. Then he reveals that he knows she was sleeping with Zazo and announces that he wants a divorce.

Michael stops by the bridal shop to apologize and admits that he didn’t want to raise some other guy’s baby. He tells Jane that if she does want to keep it, then he will gladly raise it with her. Jane gives him the sexy letter—after double checking that she is giving him the right one.

Meanwhile, Rose tries to track down Luisa, and Petra meets with a shady Czech dude. She gives him money but he demands more. He calls her “Natalia,” which hints that Petra’s past might have even more secrets. Hopefully these won’t revolve around people she sleeps with.

At the bridal shop, Rogelio attracts the attention of fans, and he is forced to take cover in the sop. He reveals to Jane that he is her father, and Jane is upset that Xiomara hid the identity of her father for so long. She orders everyone out of the room and cries.

I guess she’s not saying yes to a dress quite yet.

I guess she’s not saying yes to a dress quite yet.

That night, Rafael has a dream about Jane, and it’s a sexy one! Ha, so much for thinking of her as a sister!

God, I really hope he didn’t think of her as a sister when he had that dream. I don’t know if we can handle that level of telenovela drama.

So let’s review:

  • Jane got over Rafael just when he started wanting to get under her.
  • Rafael is about to be single, so he’s free to pursue his newfound infatuation.
  • Michael successfully led the homicide detectives away from investigating Petra, but now other events from her past are threatening to catch up with her.
  • Jane knows Rogelio is her father and is upset with Xiomara for keeping the secret
  • Rafael’s old rival and Petra’s former fiancé Lachlan is now working at the hotel
  • Rose is trying to track down Luisa for the pre-trial hearing

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