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Previously on Jane the Virgin:

  • Petra’s long-lost identical twin, Anezka, has shown up at the Marbella and to prove their evil mother wrong, Petra is determined to help her out for as long as it takes. Which will be awhile.  A very long while.
  • Oh, apparently Anezka has a crush on Rafael. I know, random? But we all knew there was going to be identical twin shenanigans and I guess this is the route that the writers are taking.
  • Michael and Jane signed the lease and are making plans to move in together
  • Rogelio is dating Head Writer Nurse Carla, who is apparently working on his show now
  • Michael is still on the case for the drug lord Mutter and he and Rafael spied on Rafael’s long-lost half-brother Derek to see if he is connected but Derek is clean…for now

Get it? Got it? No? Too bad. We’re diving headfirst into telenovela land.

The Latin Narrator explains that when Jane was a little girl, she was very good at saving money. Xiomara tried to point out that in the end, the money saved is supposed to be spent, but Jane preferred to keep stuffing her piggy bank. This is a pretty good financial strategy but in the present day, Michael reminds Jane that with two incomes, she can relax a little about spending money.


However, things hit a snag when the local paper accuses Michael of bungling the Sin Rostro/Mutter investigation because of his connection to Jane and Rafael. Plus, the expose has threatened the relationship between Rafael and Derek, who now suspects Rafael of working with the police.

Petra knows Rafael has his hands full so she’s resisting the urge to pester him about setting up a trust fund for their twins and trying to keep her twin sister employed. Thankfully, nepotism runs strong at the Marbella because Anezka would have been fired for the various things she has done which includes:

  • trying to guilt a customer into keeping their incorrect order by claiming she knows people from the Czech Republic who would literally die for it
  • picking out onions from a customer’s dish with her bare hands
  • scooping out excessive ice from a customer’s cup also with her bare hands

Is Anezka really that dumb that she does not have any basic common sense or is the Czech Republic such a depressing hellhole that she has never been to a restaurant and has no idea what the protocols are?


Nope. A basic Google search proves that the Czech Republic does have restaurants.

Jane gets annoyed when she bumps into Mateo and his babysitter because it’s Rafael’s day to have Mateo and there is an agreed upon rule that family members are called first for baby-sitting duties. Yet, Rafael gets annoyed with Jane because he’s sick of having to run every parenting decision past her. Before the two can get into a fight, Rafael suggests they talk with a mediator to hash out custodial agreements once and for all. Jane agrees and is relieved to avoid another argument.

However, her good mood is ruined when Michael comes him and reveals that he has been fired from the police force, thanks to that expose. Now that they lost their second income, Jane takes on extra shifts at work and trains Anezka and gets a second (third?) job helping a rich kid write his college essay. And by “helping write an essay”, Jane is dismayed to find out that she is expected to write the essay for him.

Well, anyone could have told you that’s where the plot was going, Jane. You think rich kids actually do their own work?


“God, good help is so hard to find these days.”

Meanwhile, Xiomara asks Rogelio for a part on his show and he immediately gives her a big role in the week’s episode. Head Writer Carla is annoyed because Xiomara has never acted in Spanish or on camera before and is just going to cause problems. Rogelio thinks Carla is jealous that his ex-girlfriend is hanging around, but it’s Xiomara who is the jealous one. She immediately picks up on the fact that Rogelio and Carla are hooking up and is sad to see Rogelio move on so quickly. Still, the show must go on and Xiomara braves the indignity for her scenes….except she really can’t act. Thankfully, Xiomara quickly excuses herself from the part and takes Rogelio aside to tell him that she hopes things work out with him and Carla. Rogelio is initially in denial about his feelings for a frumpy writer—Hey! Head Writer Carla isn’t frumpy!–but he realizes that he is being shallow and declares his love for Carla anyway,


Unfortunately, Carla is all, “Uh….I thought we were keeping things casual, dude.”

Jane and Rafael meet with their mediator to iron out custody plans and they get into an argument over summer vacation plans. Rafael wants to one day take Mateo to Europe for a month but Jane can’t stand the idea of being apart for so long. “Please stay out of this,” Jane tells the mediator when she tries to calm Rafael and Jane.

“Actually, I can’t,” reminds the mediator. “You’re paying me to not stay out of it.”


“Oh, yeah and I don’t have a lot of money to spare right now.”

Speaking of money, Petra is annoyed that Rafael had made a lawyer in charge of the twins’ money while Jane can control Mateo’s. Rafael points out that Jane is more trustworthy than Petra–I mean, did Jane ever steal his sperm? Twice? Petra knows he is right but still complains about “perfect” Jane to Anezka. Even though Jane has helped her at work, Anezka takes Petra side and promises that someday, Rafael will see that Jane isn’t perfect after all. Secretly, Anezka posts a classified ad in Jane’s name to her university’s school paper offering essay writing services, which is definitely against the rules.

Now if the identical appearance didn’t clue us in, the plotting definitely proves Anezka is Petra’s sister.

And you know what makes it worse? The fact that Jane quits the essay writing job because taking on the extra work was cutting into time with Mateo! Yeah, Jane confides in Michael about the extra stress that extra work has created and to her relief, he has found another job! It’s being Rogelio’s bodyguard!

Okay, in Michael’s defense, the economy is really rough right now and all the mall cop jobs were taken by Kevin James.

Oh and remember Derek? Rafael admits to Derek that he did tell the police about Derek’s boat and wants to clear the air so they can be brothers. Derek accepts his apology but everyone knows how petty siblings can get in fights. Derek is last scene making a phone call, saying that he wants to take “him” down. Uh oh. Is he going to tattle on Rafael’s accidental insider training for revenge?

Well, it’s nice to know that they are acting like a family.

So let’s review:

  • Derek may be tattling on Rafael for insider trading.
  • Anezka is helping Petra take Jane down without either of them knowing it. Hey, she’s a better plotter than waitress.
  • Rogelio is dating Head Writer Carla. Or, trying to anyway.

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