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Previously on Jane the Virgin:

  • Jane and Rafael are still broken up, and Jane is tired of all his drama so she is planning on asking for sole custody
  • Petra and Michael see this as their chance to get back with their respective exes
  • Petra’s mother Magda pushed Alba down the stairs, but in a way it was a good thing because now Alba is entering a Thornbirds romance with Father Cheech
  • Xiomara and Rogelio are still broken up because he hasn’t forgiven her for kissing Hot Soccer Dad
  • The hotel is in trouble so Luisa has come back to help out

In high school, Jane was tormented by a mean girl named Stephanie, who hated Jane because Xiomara dumped Stephanie’s dad. I don’t know why Stephanie is so invested in her dad’s love life–did she want to be step-sisters with Jane or something? Did her dad make her stay in and watch The Notebook and listen to him sob about how hard it is to date as a single parent? Stephanie has weird motives, but she was effective at ruining Jane’s life.

After high school, Jane planned a five year reunion, thinking that her life would be so great and she could rub it in Stephanie’s face. Unfortunately, Jane did not anticipate getting accidentally artificially inseminated and leaving her fiance for another man who runs a hotel that’s overrun by drug dealers and murderers and ended up dumping her.


Jane decides that she doesn’t want to go to the reunion, but her friend Lina and Xiomara encourage her to go. They tell Jane that she just has to focus on the positives of her life: she is currently writing a novel and has turned out to be ridiculously super fertile.


“Great. So my uterus is more successful than me.”

Despite feeling like a failure, Jane agrees to go. She also emails Rafael, asking him to meet so she can tell him that she wants sole custody.

At the Marbella, Rafael informs Luisa that the board of their father’s hotel conglomerate is debating to dissolve itself. Luisa is in favor of it, since they can use the payout to help the Marbella, but Rafael insists on keeping their father’s legacy alive. Luisa is all, “Dude, you know you can’t win dad’s approval from beyond the grave, right?”

The conversation shifts to how Rafael regrets breaking up with Jane, and when he gets Jane’s email, he thinks this could be his chance to get back together.

Rogelio stops by Casa Villanueva to tell Xiomara that they need to work on their Vegas show. Even though they are broken up, they have decided to be just friends. Get your bottle of choice out, kids, because you can play a really fun drinking game. Drink every time someone says they are just friends. Anyway, Rogelio tells Xiomara that their show will be directed by a big shot Broadway director whom he is hoping to impress so they need to be on their A-Game.

Jane goes to the hotel for her meeting with Rafael, when she bumps into Petra and Magda. Jane is furious that Magda is walking around free after pushing Alba down a flight of stairs. She storms off, much to Petra’s delight since she was hoping to put Jane in a bad mood to drive Jane and Rafael apart.

However, it turns out that Petra didn’t need to parade around her mother because Rafael is devastated when Jane informs him that she wants sole custody. She tells him that she can’t have the baby around crazy people like Petra, Magda, and Luisa.


“But drug dealers and murderers are still okay, right?”

Petra checks on Rafael after his fight with Jane and tells him that he can always talk to her as just friends, and he thanks her for the support. Meanwhile, Jane calls Michael to make sure Sin Rostro hasn’t been near the hotel. Michael takes advantage of the phone call to invite her to his policeman ceremony as just friends. The ceremony goes well, although Michael feels guilty that he didn’t turn in his ex-partner Nadine for being involved with Sin Rostro. He and Jane get mistaken for being together, and they have to explain that they’re just friends. He invites her to dinner, but Jane has to go to her reunion.

At the rehearsal for the Vegas show, Rogelio and Xiomara have to go on a hydraulic lift for part of the act. Xiomara holds onto Rogelio because she’s on a moving lift with no rails in heels, but he gets mad at her and orders rehearsal to stop. He takes Xiomara aside and tells her to control herself since they’re supposed to be just friends. Xiomara doesn’t get why he’s being so weird until Alba figures out that he is afraid of heights and doesn’t want to admit it. Xiomara decides to help Rogelio because they’re just friends.


For some reason the reunion is being held at the Marbella (I guess Jane got a pretty good discount on renting the space since the owner is her baby daddy and there’s all the drug deals going down there), and Jane bumps into Petra in the lobby. Petra apologizes to Jane and encourages her to work things out with Rafael. No, Petra didn’t do a 180 and get on board with the good ship Jafael. She is just trying to look good in front of Rafael.


Meet the newest saint: St. Petra

At the reunion, Jane feels embarrassed because everyone is moving forward in their lives and she is just a failed pregnant wannabe writer. It doesn’t help that even Stephanie is just as fabulous as ever. Stephanie takes Jane aside and apologizes for being so mean in high school. Jane forgives her for calling Xiomara a slut, and Stephanie reveals that she only spread that rumor because Stephanie wanted to steal away a super Catholic guy who asked Jane to the prom. Stephanie explains that she manipulated Jane’s weakness against her.

That was a strange, convoluted plan just to get a prom date. Why didn’t Stephanie just ask another guy?

Back at Casa Villanueva, Jane tries to focus on her novel, and then Michael messages her to ask about the reunion. They end up talking all night about Jane’s worries about the future, and Jane gets that heartburn in her chest that indicates she is in love.


Seriously, maybe she should just get that checked out.

In the morning, Jane and Rafael go to the doctor’s appointment to check on the baby. Jane neglects to mention the weird heartburn she gets when she is attracted to a guy so the doctor just tells Jane that her due date is quickly approaching. Rafael worries that he won’t be back in time from the hotel conference for the birth.

Meanwhile at rehearsal, the Broadway director arrives and demands to see a runthrough with the lift. Rogelio is nervous to go on the lift so Xiomara pretends that she is the one who is scared of heights so Rogelio will still look good in front of the director. “That’s what just friends are for,” she tells him.

Rafael complains to Petra about how Jane isn’t reconsidering the custody battle just because he won’t ban Magda from the hotel. She tries to hold his hand to “comfort” him, but Rafael tells her that he can’t have any relationships until he and Jane figure out custody. Petra goes to Magda and orders her to turn herself in so the custody battle can be resolved and Petra can make another play for Rafael.

However, it turns out that Jane used Stephanie’s mean girl tactics to get what she wanted. In her case, Jane took advantage of Petra’s crush on Rafael to get justice for her grandmother. Much better accomplishment than stealing a prom date from another girl. Jane drops the custody issue and tells Rafael that she is ready for them to be just friends. Rafael is disappointed because he is still in love with Jane.


He decides to stay in Miami so he won’t miss the birth, and Luisa encourages him to call Jane and declare his love before it’s too late. Unfortunately, it already is because Michael went over to Casa Villanueva to celebrate Magda’s imprisonment, and Jane wants to admit she has feelings for him again. However, Michael tells Jane that he is fine with being just friends.

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