Jane the Virgin: How Jane Got Her Groove Back (S2: E10)

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Let’s review:
  • Petra is pregnant with female twins. Remember, she artificially inseminated herself in a desperate attempt to recapture Rafael’s heart.
  • Speaking of Rafael, he tried to reconcile with his mother but she turned out to be the notorious drug lord Mutter and she was only being nice to him to track down a computer chip
  • Rogelio’s mother Liliana has admitted that her husband Manuel is gay but doesn’t want to get a divorce because she’s afraid of being alone.
  • Jane is at grad school, working on her thesis

Get it? Got it? No? Too bad. We’re diving headfirst into telenovela land.

Any writer can tell you that once you get into that “groove” of writing, the story just pours out of you.
Jane can certainly tell you this as she just spent all night writing out her the first chapter of her romance novel. Unfortunately, Baby Mateo, who has now learned how to crawl, tugs on the charger, knocks over the laptop, and a glass of juice all over it.
As awful as that day sounds, Rafael is having the worse one. He wakes up from being knocked out unconscious by Michael, who now also knows the truth about Mutter. Rafael tells Michael that Mutter was looking for a computer chip. Michael realizes that is the chip that holds all the names and faces of the clients Sin Rostro served. He gave the chip to Nadine in exchange for Baby Mateo when he was kidnapped. Since Nadine is dead and Mutter is still looking for the chip, that means the police department needs to move fast.
Lina joins Jane at the computer store to see if the files can be salvaged. Their IT guy is played by Diego Boneta, the same guy who played Pete in “Scream Queens”. Just like his character in “Scream Queens”, IT Guy is a smarmy dick who flirts at inopportune times. Lina tries to encourage Jane to flirt back but Jane refuses. Lina points out that since the love triangle between her ex-fiance and baby daddy is over, it’s time for Jane to rejoin the dating scene.
Rafael comes over to Casa Villanueva to watch Mateo and fills Jane in on his disastrous mother-son reunion. He assures Jane that he is fine and encourages her to get out of the house and write. Jane heads to her local cafe but is interrupted by a flirtatious guy. However, he’s not a rando trying to pick up ladies over lattes–Lina made a profile for Jane on Cynder and told the guy to meet Jane there.
It’s a love story for the ages!
Meanwhile, Liliana asks Rogelio to beg Manuel one last time not to divorce her. Rogelio reluctantly agrees even though he knows his dad is just going to say no. “She’ll be fine,” says Manuel. “I mean, she was always most interested in you and your career.” This gives Rogelio the idea to make Liliana his manager again so she will fulfilled. Xiomara warns him that is a terrible idea, but Rogelio doesn’t listen.
Jane comes back from her “date” and tells Rafael what happened. The two joke about Lina’s antics but Rafael doesn’t like the idea of Jane dating because…wait for it…he’s still in love with Jane! However, he doesn’t have the courage to declare his feelings so instead, Rafael goes over to check on Petra. Too bad he didn’t say so because Jane has decided to give online dating a shot. She meets up with a nice marine biologist named Greg and starts imagining days at the beach with him and Baby Mateo.
After the date, Jane tries to show Lina Greg’s profile to exclaim over his perfection together but Greg has blocked her on Cynder!
Guess this will never happen. #notsoendlesslove
Meanwhile, Susanna is pissed at Michael that he never told the police about giving the computer chip to Nadine. She interrogates him about his meetings with Nadine in Mexico to see if there are clues about what Nadine might have done with the chip, but the trip down memory lane just reminds Michael of how Nadine died protecting him.
Just like Xiomara predicted, Rogelio working with his mother annoys him and everyone on set. Liliana makes changes to costumes, to scripts, and even offends his co-stars. Rogelio realizes that he has to talk to his mother or else his dream project will collapse before it even starts!
Petra has been ordered to bed rest for the final months of her pregnancy and Rafael decides to stay with Petra at the Marbella since she refuses to have a nurse look after her. They snipe at each other, as you’d expect a recently divorced couple to do and an annoyed Rafael demands to know why Petra fired all the nurses he hired. “Because they kept saying that everything would be fine and that’s what they said the last time!” she cries.
I completely forgot those two used to be happily married.
Without saying anything, Rafael and Petra make peace with each other.
Jane and Lina hit up a bar, where they bump into Pete from Scream Queens the computer store. Pete and his friends are ditching the bars to go to a skate park and invite the girls along. Pete teaches Jane how to skateboard and patches her up when she scrapes her knee. The two kiss and Jane asks to see him again. “This Saturday I can’t,” he tells her. “I’m going out of town with my girlfriend.”
Sneaky, sneaky Pete!
At Casa Villanueva, Jane decides that she is not meant for casual dating, especially when she has a kid. She decides to focus on redoing her essay but Alba tells Jane that she should make time to date or else she’ll end up missing out on life. Jane realizes that Alba is talking about herself and agrees to give dating a shot.
Meanwhile, Rogelio has had enough of Liliana’s antics and tells Xiomara that he intends to fire her. “You can’t fire your mother!” cries out a horrified Xiomara. It’s true. Don’t you think Kim Kardashian would have gotten rid of Kris Jenner a long time ago if she could? But Rogelio gives Liliana her walking papers and to his surprise, Liliana exits the stage gracefully. Privately, Liliana tells Xiomara that she overheard the argument over whether to fire her and was touched that Xiomara stood up for her.
Xiomara has finally been blessed by Rita Moreno.
Jane takes the bus to pick up her laptop (Gee, I can only imagine how awkward it would be running into Sneaky Pete again) but on the way there, she is struck by inspiration and finally gets back into the groove of writing.
Speaking of inspiration, Michael remembers a cryptic comment from one of his conversations with Nadine and realizes that she gave him the chip. She secretly cut him and buried the chip in his leg and through some home surgery, Michael gets it out! I was about to call this scene out for being totally unrealistic and then I remembered this is the same show the the various drug lords and artificial inseminations so I figure I should just let it slide.
Liliana goes to Rogelio’s set, but this time as a guest. After Rogelio is done for the day, she gives him her wedding ring. “You know, you found a good woman. I think you should marry her,” Liliana says.
Rogelio has also received Rita Moreno’s blessing.
The episode is almost over so let’s wrap up the plotlines: Rafael and Petra decide on baby names, Alba looks up an old friend, and Jane takes her chapter to her professor. He loves it and she admits that it’s better than the original draft. As they talk, Jane realizes that he is exactly her type of perfect man. And he thinks she’s not so bad herself. He throws Jane on top of his desk and they make out passionately and then…Jane wakes up and realizes it was just a dream.
For now, I bet. Perhaps the love triangle will become a square?
Let’s review:
  • Jane is hot for her teacher
  • Michael has a break in the case
  • Rafael and Petra are ready to have their babies
  • Alba might reconnect with a lost love

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