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Renegado sets his sights on  Jack and Jill, an easy (but terrible) target, and the worst movie of 2011 (according to the Razzie Awards, anyway, where it sweeped all ten categories). Jack (Adam Sandler) gets a visit from his identical twin Jill (also Adam Sandler) and “wacky” hijinks ensue, including Jill dating both a stereotypical Mexican gardener and Al Pacino, who’s playing… himself? It’s a comedy so devoid of humor, you can feel your life draining away as you watch it. Features special cameos from our own Full of Questions, and Joey Tedesco…’s voice!

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  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    I have to admit I’m surprised…Full of Questions was on screen for five seconds and had more charisma and better acting than Sandler in this movie…and her cameo ruled!

  • My god…I can never look at Dog Day Afternoon the same way again. Or Godfather…or Serpico…or Heat…or Scarface…or Insomnia…or Glengarry Glen Ross…

    • Kids today!

       On the other hand, we should have known the game was up when he agreed to appear in Gigli.

      •  True dat.

      • Muthsarah

        Actually, Gigli and Jack and Jill don’t make me think any less of Pacino.  Though I haven’t seen either movie, I’ve seen a number of clips from reviews (this one is a nice complement to the RLM one, BTW, in that it doesn’t cover much of the same ground), and I’ve gotten the impression that, as atrocious as the material is, it’s still fun watching the great actor ham things up.  De Niro is painful in stuff like this, but actors with over-the-top intensity like Pacino and Walken can make anything fun just by being there.  It takes a skilled actor to weave crap into gol…well, a semi-lustrous metal at least.  It’s more than the movie’s leads can do.

        AlsoSandlerneverfunnyshamelesslazyhackwhydopeoplelikehiminsultingtolifewasteofdigitalfilmwhatever.  Had to put that in there.

    • That scene in the theater almost killed Godfather for me :S

      •  You saw this IN THE THEATER? Dude, I work at a theater, I get my movies for free…and I STILL don’t watch Adam Sandler’s movies.

        • Oh HELL NO I would never do that to myself! (Unless it’s for a date..that’s how I ended watching 27 dresses xD) 
          No, I was talking about the scene where Pacino does the Godfather routine.

  • Tedzey71

    What will always frustrate me about Adam Sandler comedies that he always does is making running gags out of jokes that weren’t funny in the first place! 

    Love that review! Makes me wonder what phone you had to tap to get that conversation between Sandler and Derbez… ;)

    • I KNOW! Here he kept like a dozen running gags…none of them funny, specially the one about Jill not knowing the movie she’s talking about

  • Sofie Liv

    Wouldn’t have thought it, but FullOfQuestion was the absolute right person to shoot.

    Gotta admit when she took that I could only think. “Shoot fullOfquestions? but she’s so sweet and cuddly, you can’t do that and make it funny, there’s no way.”

    Yes there was, you two made it work, it genuinly made me laugh.

    Also.. wauw this movie sucks hard oO;

    Does any-one have any idea why Mexicans are such a target for bad stereo-types? I do start to notice this in a lot movies after starting to watch Renegado. It’s hats, it gotta be the hats.

    • CDiehl

      I have a theory about why Mexicans are stereotyped so much. First, I think the entertainment industry has it in their heads that this sort of humor amuses Mexicans also, which makes it alright for them to do it. Second, I think people in the entertainment industry think that they can use prejudiced or simply ignorant ideas, and because they don’t think that way, it’s OK for them to do it. In other words, it’s ignorance, but of a different kind than what one would think.

      • I will admit that is a bit our fault too, we tend to be more forgiving when it comes to humor, we like to mock ourselves too, but Sandler just jumped to another level here, he’s mocking us mocking ourselves mocking ourselves. Too many layers to work @.@ 

        • Muthsarah

          I think it’s to your (collective) credit to be able to poke fun at yourself or even to weather the occasional condescending barb from others.  Not that I think Mexicans or any other ethno-cultural group deserves to be mocked, but if it happens, I think it’s admirable not to be so sensitive about it.  Hypersensitivity is a sign of insecurity, and being able to ignore (or playfully retaliate) shows strength and confidence.

    • Thankee! I re-wrote it for that very reason, just shooting someone wouldn’t have been funny, so I did that gag instead, love that she actually used ketchup and her overacting was sooo funny too!

      • FullofQuestions1

        Aw, thanks. I love the review by the way. How many sanity points did you lose from watching this movie?

        • Around 10…could be more but it’s hard to count with the very little amount of sanity I got…most of it also went away with the Sailor and the 7 Ballz review editing xD

  • Torgeaux

    I paid money to see this.  However the money was Zloty’s and I was in a mall theater in Worclaw, Poland.  It was in English but subtitled in Polish.  The people I was staying with were horrible in ways I don’t want to get into.  This was the worst trip of my life, hands down.  They abandoned me at this movie, while they all went to another movie.  It was during this ordeal that I first had the idea to sneak out of their house, get to a hotel room and beg borrow or steal a way out of Poland the next day.  To my eternal shame, I watched this barf fest, stayed the entire 10 days with these animals, and ended up at Aushwitz on a bleak winter day that left nothing to the imagination.  Yeah, I f—-g hate this movie.

    • D: So sorry that you had to go through that.

      • Torgeaux

        I read this again and wow!  I really ought to stay off the keyboard when I get angry. Sorry but just seeing this review brought the whole damn trip back in a steamroller rush that squashed my better sense flat.  Yes, everything that I said happened but I’m not sure that everyone had to hear about it.  If it amused you great!  If it didn’t, sorry about that.  The only other movie that has provoked that kind of reaction in me is “The World According to GARP.”  Just thinking about that movie….OK Stop. Peace.

  • Immortan Scott

    As a Razzie voter, I helped this film win everything. Although I voted Bucky Larson in a few categories.

    Fun fact: this got every possible nomination it could. Like, Shia LaBeouf was up for worst actor for Dark Of The Moon on the nominating ballot, but didn’t get enough votes. There was no difference between Jack And Jill’s spots on the nominating ballot and the official nominations.

  • X Kecleon

    I hate this movie a lot. After Jack and Jill, Sandler should have never been allowed to be in a movie again. 

    Still, the most insulting thing about the movie isnt the racist mexican jokes but the ending about the mexican wanting to marry Sandler in drag. It implies we have no taste and would consider manly women attractive. I could forgive anything else but that. 

    I also wondered what was going through Al Pacino´s mind during the movie. I cannot get how he could accept to be part in one of the most embarring movies of that year and put effort into it. 

    Still, great review Renegado. I wish I could reccomend something to help you forget this atrocity but I am still trying to myself.

    • Watch Saving Private Perez, it does help :D

  • Micheal Stribling

    Great review for a terrible movie. The only scene out of the ones you showed that had me laughing at all was the weird commercial with Shaq. I mean “ham” and “Shaq acting” just goes together so well. 

    Additionally, the movie was possibly used as a way for Sandler and Co. to make a ton of money with little to no effort; see:

  • edharris1178

    Oh dear lord, thanks for reminding me why I never watch Adam Sandler movies.   That was painful.   Good review though.