The Island, It Is Silent Now: A Last Goodbye To Phil Chevron Of The Pogues

If you think of the Pogues, you probably think of Shane McGowan. And Shane McGowan’s teeth. Jesus, those things. But you should really also think of Phil Chevron, the longtime guitarist for the group, who passed away yesterday at age 56, which is really too fucking young to die. Fuck you, cancer, for serious. While you’re paying heed to other people who are not Shane McGowan who happened to be in the Pogues, you should pay attention to Cait O’Riordan, who is amazing and beautiful and was dumped by Elvis Costello because what the hell is wrong with him?

A playlist of utterly arbitrary (translation: chosen by Wonkette writers who happened to be in the chatcave at midnight) and much loved Pogues songs below. The first track “Thousands are Sailing” was, of course, penned by Phil:

Did the old songs taunt or cheer you
And did they still make you cry?

Yes. Yes they still do. RIP Phil Chevron.

As always, Spotify and Rdio playlists, because we’re bi-playlist up in here. If you’re not familiar or friendly with either platform, just clicky clicky one of the links below (or both! go wild!) and it will whisk you away to one site or the other, where you can give up your email address for some free listening or pay some monies for ad-free and mobile-type stuff.

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