VIDEO: Ishtar (1987)

After an eight month hiatus, it’s time for another episode of Mr. Mendo’s Hack Attack!

This time around, Mr. Mendo tackles one of the most notorious disasters in movie history: Ishtar! Starring Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Isabelle Adjani, and Charles Grodin, this 1987 comedy was infamous for its obscene budget of $55 million (over $100 million in today’s money!), reports of feuding between Beatty and director Elaine May, and its total lack of actual jokes.

Thrill to the song stylings of Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, as they perform classics like “Love in My Will”, “Software”, “Wardrobe of Love”, and “How Big Am I?” And yes, these are the highlights of the movie.

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  • Strelnikov

    What’s with the grid on the ‘Ishtar’ clips?

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Most likely a result of ripping footage from a VHS tape…

  • oh crap, I remember seeing this movie as a kid. Millions of years ago, totally forgot this existed. Completely wasted actors in a forgettable plot.

  • horatio

    You’re very wrong and boring. Out of context family guy-esque jokes don’t qualify as legitimate criticism asshole. Niether do wearing a lumpy cap and growing a skanky-ass mustache make you a comedian. I really have no time for talentless windbags like you leeching of others’ greatness with your pathetic whinings.

  • Emily J.

    Wow, no wonder this movie bombed.