Will Justice League be new and fun, or just Batman v. Superman 2?

Wonder Woman finally broke the DC movie curse, at least for one outing. Critics loved it, fans adored it, and it bested Batman v. Superman at the domestic box office by more than $80 million.

Now, with Justice League coming to theaters this Friday, we get to find out if the DC movie-verse is truly on a new path to greatness or if it was all just a flash in the pan.


From the trailers and buzz so far, Justice League is shaping up to be a wild thrill ride… and yet nothing more than a doppelganger of Batman v. Superman all the same.

You’re all just on the edge of your seats to find out if Superman is really dead, right? Right??

Problem #1: Too Much Revealed

In my opinion, the absolute worst thing a film can do before it reaches the theaters is reveal too much in its trailers. Batman v. Superman is a great example of this terrible trend. Warner Brothers packed a lot into the trailer, most likely to make viewers go berserk. And yes, the trailer may have been cool to watch, but it sort of ruined the movie. It turned out I’d already had the full Batman v. Superman experience before I bought my ticket. Wonder Woman showing up in the film wasn’t a surprise, and Doomsday wasn’t a surprise either. And it’s not just the plot points; from the majestic cinematography to the dreary ambiance, nothing about the movie was new or gripping. The trailer sort of caused the film to fizzle out entirely.

With Justice League, there’s that same sort of feeling again. A trailer is supposed to give you a little taste of what you’ll be watching, not the whole entrée. This film will be exactly like the trailer, only longer. A great example of a movie that gets the trailer right is Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You’re lured in just enough to feel the rush, but you still don’t know a whole lot about the film.

Bruce Wayne likes to cosplay Nite Owl at Comic Con Gotham City.

Problem #2: No One’s Excited

Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Justice League. I absolutely won’t miss it. But the truth is I’d see Bridget Jones 4 if Batman showed up in it. To be honest with myself, I’m just not that excited for Justice League. Is anyone?

There’s a small but very real chance that the first time I see this film, it’ll be on Netflix. I can see myself saying, “Hmm, maybe next weekend,” until it’s no longer on the big screen. I had the same feeling with Batman v. Superman. I wanted to see it, but not enough to choose it over whatever else was going on that night.

Talking to people who totally should be excited about Justice League, they just aren’t. These same people were all about Thor: Ragnarok, and he’s like the fifth most interesting Avenger. (Sorry, Hawkeye fans.)

“You know, if you threw one of these at me, I could run off and capture Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face and still have time to snatch it out of the air, but sure, these are nice, I guess.”

Problem #3: Poorly Executed Characters

Anyone interested to get to know the new Justice League version of Flash or Cyborg? Aquaman definitely looks new and different; anyone curious what makes him tick? Yeah, me either.

As thrilling as the trailer is, the characters look incredibly boring. It’s pretty easy to forget these are beloved characters that have enthralled generations of comic book fans. Zack Snyder has worked his usual soul-sucking magic on everyone on screen, and from all appearances, Joss Whedon was brought on much too late to at least give them something witty and fun to say.

When I saw Wonder Woman, I felt invested in the characters. With this film, I don’t feel anything. It was the kiss of death for Batman v. Superman. And now, Justice League, for all its new characters, looks like more of the same of the wrong DC movie. The curse will live on.

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