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NOTE: This review is in Spanish with English subtitles. The Renegado takes a break from Mexican cinema to tell you why you should watch this film about Nazis being blown sky-high, as if the premise wasn’t already incentive enough. With Udo Kier as a hilarious main villain, Iron Sky is a dark comedy about Nazis who invade earth from the moon, and wacky hijinks ensue.

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  • Dennis_Fischer

    Hi Mr. Nava, they already made a movie with flying irons that was great–it was called HARDWARE WARS, and if you haven’t seen this hilarious short by Ernie Fosselius, do need to track it down. 

    I agree that IRON SKY is quite the entertaining satire, done by the guys who made STAR WRECK, a Finnish STAR TREK pastiche.  Once more, their CGI effects are quite good, but the sharp humor and satire are what made IRON SKY particularly stand out.  I love how the Nazis, able to secretly set up a moonbase during World War II, are stuck with ’40s style technology, and attempt to invade Earth using machines that are almost steampunk.

    While this film was a big hit in Finland, Germany, and Australia, given its anti-American barbs all throughout, I’m not terribly surprised that it didn’t receive an American theatrical release.  Not only does it feature a President Sarah Palin (with a Texan instead of an Alaskan accent), but it has her literally reciting a Nazi speech about the bravery of the men who protect our Homeland to great acclaim, which underscores the way the rest of the world views American exceptionalism and militarism. Additionally, of course, America lies to its supposed allies about whether their spaceships have weapons as well.

    Thoughtful, funny, pointed, wild, speculative–THE IRON SKY is great fun for the open-minded, but no doubt will drive some superpatriots berserk.

    • I first heard about this movie from an acquaintance of mine, who has connections in the German and international movie industry as well as the Scifi & Fantasy geek subculture. He promoted the video while it was still in the crowd-sourcing money collecting phase. He even appears briefly in the movie (as a non-speaking part): During the conference of the United Nations scenes, he’s the one sitting to the right of the Finnish delegate (presumably representing Germany). He screened the movie for us during a SF&Fantasy convention here in Germany.

      The ending of the movie is horribly dark and cynical. Yet appropriate. If this movie has been an American production instead of a Finnish/German/Australian co-production, I’m sure the story would have taken several different turns.

      As for the steampunkish space zeppelins… at least the moon Nazis, despite being stuck with 1940s tech, clearly had mastered the science of antigravity (their “flying saucers”) and artificial gravity (in their moon base). The idea of “Nazi flying saucers” actually goes back to real-life conspiracy theories about the “Projekt Nazi Glocke” (the Nazi Bell project). Some nuts claims that the Nazis experimented with antigravity drives created by magnetic fields during the war.[*] Or alternatively, that they used alien technology captured during a German Roswell incident. ;-) There’s been documentaries about that particular conspiracy theory, and several roleplaying games set in modern times have borrowed the idea (i.e. the Delta Green RPG).

      [*] Given that it’s historical fact that German aeroplane engineers experimented with flying wing planes during the 1930s/1940s, technology which after Germany’s defeat was taken (along with the engineers) by the USA and used to develop those triangular stealth bombers, maybe the rumours about “flying saucers” and secret airbases in the Third Reich started right there.

    • Couldn’t agree more, part of the reason I made this video is because the movie needs more exposure, it’s purdy good!

  • Sofie Liv

    huh well, I guess I can cross that one off my list now, neat.

    Cause, I really really like this movie as well and I do highly recommend it!

    But actually, the Sarah Palin comparison though obvious is actually miss-placed as this movie was in production for over ten years, meaning, it started production way before any-one had ever heard of Sarah Palin.
    What that woman is a parody off though, are exstreme American conservatives and the direction they could so easily go to.. and that a woman exactly like that would pop up while the movie was in production, hah, just goes to show they hit a right spot didn’t it?

    I really do feel this movie gets to hit a lot of tangents and notes about modern politics and society compared to nazi society spot on, in many ways we aren’t that different at all, and there’s not much to stop us from letting it all happen again, it’s a thought provocking movie without ever siezing to forget its own cheesiness which make it consistently funny. I don’t believe any American studio could have made this movie, the humour is far to European (yeah.. we have a weird sense of dark humour, I should really exploit one of our dark Danish comedies one day, I mean seriously, the stuff we find funny here, would never happen in any US movie.. Denmark, the only country where we laugh of animal cruelty on film.) 

    •  “But actually, the Sarah Palin comparison though obvious is actually
      miss-placed as this movie was in production for over ten years, meaning,
      it started production way before any-one had ever heard of Sarah Palin.”

      No. The movie started pre-production, but it didn’t start filming 10 years ago. Big difference. Last minute changes to shooting scripts are common in the film industry, sometimes made on the set during filming. Come on, the Sarah Palin thing is just too obvious: the hairstyle, the glasses, the “I’m an expert on the Russians because you can see Siberia from Alaska” style of arguing, the far-right mentality.

      The Tea Party has been around since before the previous election, that’s several years the USA has lived with that special brand of crazy. But the “Nazi invasion from the moon? Brilliant! Every American President who has a war during his first term was re-elected.” idea also harkens back to satirical movies like Wag the Dog (1997).

      • Sofie Liv

        Well obviously, they were always going to have a US president making those exact same decisions.

        Maybe few things were changed, but it can’t have been a lot.

        Oh I know, the US is actually slowly becoming less conservative these days, but that’s not that much of a comfort right now, well, little comfort is still comfort.
        And I do believe the tea part was formed exactly because the entire country was moving into a more liberal way of thinking, which scared the few exstremist of the conservatives, and those people then sat together, made a club, and there you have your tea party. And the more threatened they feel, the more exstremist and loud spoken they become. And oh boy, with a black democrat re-elected, wooh.. chances are they will be trying to do a lot of stupid things so they can feel important the next few years :/

  • “Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the
    leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being
    attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the
    country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    It’s scary how a quote from Hermann bloody Goering eerily reflected the US Government’s approach to the War on Terror and though I haven’t seen this movie, although I have heard about it and I saw it being promoted at the London Expo Con, it looks like it’s the tone it’s trying to create.

  • edharris1178

    Good stuff, Jerry.   I’d write the flying irons from outer space script in a heartbeat.