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Sofie got lucky, because a certain big blockbuster was released a little bit earlier in Denmark: Namely, the long anticipated Marvel film Iron Man 3, which marks the end of a trilogy… for now.

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  • Wow, a review for Ironman 3 already? That movie isn’t playing in my area until May 3! Did Ironman 3 play early in Denmark, or did you get a preview screening because you’re a popular internet reviewer?

    • Sofie Liv

      It played Early in Denmark, as well did Avengers last year.
      I believe that the UK as well would get it today, meaning one day after Denmark.

      How-ever, I can only stress that Marvel Disney is the only studio that has been that kind to smaller European countries, Evil Dead has yet to come out around here.

      Well, I enjoy what I have, this was a lovely evening for me and my pall Christian, whom build that WarMachine suite, and wore it down to the cinema… just because.

      • So it did play early, okay. well good for you. Actually, it’s probably better business policy to debut in Europe before the US; but I’ll stop that thought right there: I feel like we’ve had this discussion before.

        So your buddy Christian was in the warmachine cosplay? Goodness, I didn’t recognize his voice. He did a VERY good job on that costume, props to him! Cheers!

        • Sofie Liv

          I suppose we had, I know I had that conversation a couple of times in regards to “The Avengers.” and also in regard to the reeaaaaaaly late releases of other movies, I first “Django Unchained.” like two months after the US release -_-;

          And yep, he has taken up a new hobbie just building all of these suits from different series, now he is working on some Bioshock thingy I don’t know what is, since I don’t play any computer games… he is hoping to perform in a cosplay contest with it soonish.
          He also build the Iron Man helmet I put on, and I did walk around with it down in the cinema, just because it was fun, have a picture

          It was a fun Wednesday evening X)

          • MephLord

            How much time does it take for him to build those? Cause that War Machine looked really good! Did he make gloves for it and just couldn’t put them on because he’d need someone else to? I imagine he’s pretty inventive. Does he take commissions because I still can’t figure out how to make a good Sportsmaster left arm/shoulder protector that could survive a Deathstroke blade attack while looking functional at the same time.

          • Sofie Liv

            It takes a while, but he is getting better at it, and I am sure he will appreciate that compliment!

            No, he didn’t make any glows for it, but yeah, he needs help to put that thing on, the arms sort of pop on, and some-body has to do it for him, further more, ones the arms are on he can’t reach his head with them, so some-body else has to put the helmet on for him.

            he doesn’t take comissions at this point, and I don’t know whom “the sportsmaster is.” so I don’t know if it is in his range of exspertise. Christian don’t sew any-thing, he only builds those big robotic armors of different stuff, right now he is working on a new warmachine, because that first one was all-ready starting to fall apart, that cinema trip was that suits last night out before di-comission.

          • MephLord

            A quick Google search will show Sportsmaster’s limited technical artistry (The Young Justice Version). I suppose I could make something with a shoulder/arm brace but Christian seems a lot more talented in making costumes than I am! And the War Machine costume has to be super hot to be in, wow I can’t imagine how much sweat he must deal with while wearing that.

          • Sofie Liv

            just go for it yourself, the quickest way to learn is to just to do. Christian will probably sign a paper telling how many times he did wrong with these suits, and had to start all over again, also how much better he has become and how ugly some of the early suits were, but because he kept going, he became better at it.

            So you just do the same, and suddenly you’ll be pretty good, get going!

          • danbreunig

            Only the classic red Baker scarf proves it’s our Sofie in the picture. And um, the eyeroll at 4:35–cute!
            Hi and welcome back! I think it’s officially been at least over a month since I’ve seen anything here Liv-related. Hope the play went alright.
            This is one film I’ve been looking forward to since the start of the year–sounds like it sure won’t disappoint. Heroes gotta have drama.

            So what happened to your Mjoelnir?

          • Sofie Liv

            The play went great, we were compleately sold out for all three playing nights! That was absolutely amazing. Here, you can also have a picture

            And yeah.. been a while. I’ve also been ill, after the play I litterately just laid spred out in bed with a fever, sore throat and snot. I still slightly have it, which is why I sat with my blanket and tea, but it’s getting better. Unfortunately it began the last day we had the play, so I actually performed the last night while having a fever… well, that’s showbizz for ya. I’m doing better now!

            What? You don’t like my chinese love symbol? it was an nonfirmation gift, I felt like wearing it cause it went well with that days clothes that day.. and then I just.. didn’t really take it off.. hehe.

          • danbreunig

            Aw, thanks for the picture! I wanted to ask you if you could share one, but I didn’t because I thought there would be a copyright problem, as plays sometimes have. Also I don’t have a Facebook account so if you didn’t link it here I never would’ve seen it. To top it off, the last twenty hours were really taking a toll on me workwise, so just seeing this was a nice little mental cookie for me at the end of the day. On all grounds, thank you so much.

            I’ve heard of Confirmation, but Nonfirmation? Huh? Plus not seeing that Mjoelnir necklace and hearing you speaking super-British English…you’re still a Dane, right?

          • Sofie Liv

            Glad you liked the picture, I sure had a lot of fun being in the play, it was a great honour having a lead among so many talented people.

            Remember not to over-work yourself, and have a good time.

            Yeah, Nonfirmation. I decided not to be confirmed since I was not a Christian, and it’s not a decision I have come to regret at all, especially since I started searching refuge with Buddha. Yet since my parents are such social workers types, all children should be treated equal, I still got a party, with gifts and all of that, only we called it a “none-firmation party.” .. and instead of a white dress I was wearing a red dress. Guess I always just had to be different from the crowd..

            And yes, I am still a Dane, I still life here and speak Danish every single day… i’ve just been watching a lot of Red Dwarf and Supersize vs. Superskinny lately while I have been laying in bed being ill.

  • John Wilson

    Sofie. Nice to have you back. What you been up too:).

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks, well… two things, I have been in a play, which is now finished, and to great success, we were sold out to a paying audience, all three nights that we played. that was amazing!

      And then I have been very ill unfortunately. Fever, sore throat, no voice, the works, a spring flu I am afraid.. suddenly my body just couldn’t handle that there isn’t any snow no more! Snow from october and the last snow I saw was April th 2, and now it’s gone and we have decent whether, and I got ill.. ATCHU!

      • MephLord

        No snow? you can have some of mine I have two feet of snow in my front yard still.

        • Sofie Liv

          Keep….. the bloody…. snow..

          I had it with snow! I don’t want to see, hear og smell any snow again, for a LONG time.

          Ahahaha! have fun with your own snow, have fun. I am free of it, FREE!

  • John Wilson
    • Sofie Liv

      If I had that kind of a body… yeah.. Only I would look like that ALL of the time!

      • John Wilson

        I originally wanted to be more subtle but that was the best gif I could find. I meant to say it got you wet. And You could probably look like that all the time right now: with the body you have now:).

        • Sofie Liv

          Aww, thanks, cute compliment. But no, hollywood body aint some-thing I got.

          But then again, most normal women don’t, and the hollywood body is actually underweight, not a healthy weight, so that’s oki :)

          • danbreunig

            The only Hollywood fat you’ll see is in men, and even then they’re only in comedies. Okay, big generalization there, but if there were a male equivalent to that gif bod up there I’d be fairly envious. And you’re just fine as is, Sofie. No worries here.

          • Sofie Liv

            I’m healthy, I think that’s what is important.

            And well, the perfect male has to be lean and a little muscular. Not a big Hulk of a man, some-what lean.

            All though, all women can’t help but agreeing that Chris Hemsworth is just tha man right now, his smile, his glow.. his upper body.. yes, I want one of those please, deliver at home adress please.

            But again, I think it’s important to remember, hollywood looks are not realistic, it’s very few people able to look like that, it’s just hollywood that picks them out and stuff them into our faces. It’s much more important just to be healthy and happy :)

  • drumstick00m

    This reveiw makes my day. I was worried that this would not be a very good film. Now I am irrationally (almost) excited for all future Marvel movies. They are doing exactly what they need to do. I care about these characters, thanks to sequence one bring on the drama for sequence two (and then the epic final showdowns for sequence three). .

    • Sofie Liv

      yeah.. this movie has drama all-right. And hurts.. and a big twist where I am just waiting for the backlash right now. I just know some-one out there is going to be pissed.. personally I laughed my ass off when that twist was revealed.

      • drumstick00m

        I am scared as to who is going to die now…
        This is not like the comics, death has proven to have consequences, and Joss Weadon. Who do we all love most? Whose death will best represent the thousands of lives ruined and taken by the Mandirin and the other villains…

        I am still pleased to be this excited about Disney and Marvel again. Now if only Disney would let Pixar be Pixar again…

        • Sofie Liv

          No, that’s not the twist, the best thing about this twist is that NOBODY saw it coming in the add compaigns or any-thing, you are never going to guess this one. All I can say is that I laughed so hard when this twist was revealed.
          And Disney Marvel studios.. is now official the biggest troll movie company ever.

          Have hope in Disney animated, ones they figure that the dreamworks more “Mature” movies are doing well, I am sure they will come along.

          • drumstick00m

            *squee*, I am twice as happy no one dies now. I now know what I want to do to celebrate my graduation…

            On Disney, true I will give them a few more chances. Know you thought it was lacking in a lot (it was), but Tangled’s leads were a step in the right direction (magic tears were not, though Flynn’s line after that scene was great). Lilo and Stitch still exists (deals with some rather mature relationship dynamics for have so few moments of Disney Horror).

          • Sofie Liv

            yeah, I I really think Disney animated is in a era where they lack, there are no one whom is a risk taker any-more, no one dares to go “Bigger.”

            How-ever, again, this is just an era, Disney has gone through many eras and phases, and some-day, suddenly, they will make some-thing big and awe inspiring again. It’ll come, the studio has all-ready changed a lot of times, and it will continue changing, as will the times it exists in, that is just the nature of the univers.

          • drumstick00m

            And I will do what I can to push them towards better…

  • I think you’re right. Audiences like to watch heroes hurt, then win later. That’s why superhero stories can be hard to write. Superheroes need super threats.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, it is a very genneral thing in writing that the main character will hit some sort of a low point by the end of the second act. Whether that is an emotional low-point or a physical one is up to the writer, often it just looks like the villain is winning at that point, and then the hero can rise again and it’ll look triumphant and impressive, that is basic screen writing.

      The difference in this movie is that Tony starts on a low point, and then the movie spends like an hour and a half to beat him further and further downwards, auch. Again, this movie is a bit of a nail biter oO;

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Welcome back, Sofie! Hope your play went well/ is going well (I can’t remember exactly when it is/was happening, but this is about the right time, no?) I haven’t seen this movie yet, since I am not fortunate enough to live in a small European country, so I can’t really say much about your review. But I did appreciate your point about heroes being more interesting when they’re in trouble, are bleeding and on the run… that’s when we see what the hero is really made of, whether he’s a true hero or just some guy with a cool suit. Think of Rocky at the end of his first movie- he’s very literally bloody, one eye swollen shut, barely able to stand, but he fights on, and even though he doesn’t win the fight (Apollo wins in a judges’ decision) Rocky is the true hero, because he proved to himself and the world that he wouldn’t give up, that he could go the distance and make it through a full fight against the champ. Or, to go geekier, the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Luke has now lost both his mentors, he went up against Darth Vader and lost (badly), emerging minus a hand, his best buddy is a prisoner frozen in carbonite, and the Rebellion had to abandon their big base on Hoth. Does Luke mope around, decide to give up and become a moisture farmer? No, he gets himself a new robotic hand and gathers with his remaining friends as they gaze hopefully out the window of the hospital ship and plan what to do next. Heroes who are basically invincible and never get hurt are boring, and I’m glad to hear that at least some writers of blockbuster action movies still remember that.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well… that is the usual formular. When you just have a regular movie, by the end of act two, the hero will hit low point, often i’ll look like that the hero has the upper hand and the hero has been left in the dust, and then he will rise again in the third act and it’ll seem more satisfying to the audience, that is basic screen writing one o one.

      When it comes to a good triology, the second movie IS the big second act, so it’ll leave the heros in the dust and it’ll look like the bad guys has the upper hand, so it’ll look like a big triumph by the last movie, again, simple basic story telling one o one, there will be a time, where the hero reaches low point, and the villain has most of the power, otherwise the final victory doesn’t look impressive at all.

      What makes Iron Man 3 different how-ever, is that Tony starts off at a complete low-point all-ready, and then the first two acts of the movie, just spends it’s time beating him further and further down the ground, stepping around on a man whom all-ready is down. And the result, it feels like a nerve wrecking exsperience. “God, what is going to happen to Tony!? how is he possible going to manage this shit?”

      He doesn’t start out a hopeful optimisit like most heroes, no he starts out as a anxiety filled, sleep deprived WRECK, and it all goes down from there, huzzah.

  • Magneto and blade run rings around iron man!! I would love to see tony stark get his ass kicked!! I thought dating your personal secretary accounts as sexual harassment !!! I still think leslie bibb is the best part of iron man!!

    • Sofie Liv

      I thought Tony Stark could fill up a whole sportshall with the sexual harassment cases he has been an offender off.

      Though no, in the case of Pepper, not sexual harrasment at this point, beside she is not his secretary any-more. She is the new CO of Stark Industry, Tony handed the entire company over to her in the last Iron Man movie, and Tony in turn is devoting all of his time to development and well.. being filled with anxiety and build more Iron Man stuff..

  • Nuclearademan

    Poor Sofie you look so cold.

    Just got from seeing it less than an hour ago, it was a ton of fun. Loved Guy Pearce, with this and the last film he was in Lawless he’s on a role. I liked the twist too.

    • Sofie Liv

      I was laughing my ass off when that twist was revealed X)

      Glad you liked the movie, and don’t worry, I am not really cold, I just have “A cold.” ATCHU!

      • Nuclearademan

        Oh well hope you feel better soon.

        Thinking back I do kinda wish that they gave a bit more of a reason as to why the Avengers or Shield can’t help out. Maybe a quick scene where he trys to contact them and it turns out they’re all busy fighting something else off screen.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well… that will kind of be the big elephant in the room from now on, when any Marvel shared univers movie is concerned.

          Kind of like the new TMNT show, where the big elephant is the room is. “Why the hell doesn’t Splinter ever help out?”

          The answer is simple really, the show is not called. “Splinter.” it’s called. “Teenage mutant ninja turtles.” and this movie wasn’t called. “The Avengers.” or “SHIELD.” it was called. “Iron Man.” it’s supposed to be him figuring this stuff out.

          And really, when you allready know that adressing stuff like that at all, is just going to complicate matters by a lot, and leave us with a lot of explanations that would only take up time without contributing to the plot of the movie at all, it is just better to dodge that bullet all together and focus on the plot that is going on. I think the movie took the right decision by not even adressing this stuff.

  • JamSanJose

    You suck! I’m still mad at you. I gave you money for your new computer. but you still refuse to review the movie of my choice.

    • Jason, what movie did you request? It might be my fault for not passing that information along to Sofie, but I don’t think I ever got an email from you.

    • Sofie Liv

      I.. kind of reviewed every single movie that people had requested, every single one of them.

      If I didn’t review yours, it’s because the information of the request didn’t reach me, you would have to send a mail to me or Winston O’boogie (Albert the site manager) personally, did you do that?

  • Garferty

    I’m definitely curious what people will make of The Twist. I felt kind of let down by it – simply, it wasn’t the direction I was hoping the movie would go. (Certainly it wasn’t the direction the trailers suggested it would go.) But, in the context of the movie as you say, it works. I bet I’ll like it a lot more the second time round.

    Right now, I feel as though the Iron Man movies have now missed the boat on presenting us with this one particular, iconic thing. I just don’t feel like Iron Man has ever had a true nemesis on film – just a lot of jealous competitors.

    • Sofie Liv

      That is indeed a good point. But honestly I was just so indulged in the movie exsperience as I watched the movie, unlike how I most often exsperience hollywood movies. I mean this one just consumed me, and I felt it as it was a nail biter.

      And well, I laughed my ass off when that reveal came up, NO ONE would ever have seen it coming, and I find that quite ingenious.

      I dunno, maybe it’s because I actually never had any emotional connection to the Mandarin, I didn’t even know who he was before all of the hype surounding this movie. How-ever, if they had the same plot twist around.. maybe the joker or the green goblin? they kind of kind of not did have a similar thing with Bane. yeah I would probably be pissed.

    • MephLord

      The one character I would love to see Marvel use in a Cinematic Universe setting is the Mad Thinker. Mad Thinker and Awesome Android would make a good team to go after Iron Man (And even have Ghost in it; his episodes in Iron Man: Armored Adventures were among the best of that show; even though most hate it I personally really liked the character designs and especially the mechanical designs).

      The plot could be simply devious: The Mad Thinker has never met a computer system he couldn’t overcome, so he’d go after Jarvis, alerting Tony to the plot. Mad Thinker could easily make the Heli-Carrier a mess by altering computer life support and engine diagnostics, disrupt Mandroid tech with high-frequency ECM and shut down power grids at will. The Mad Thinker likes to be mentally challenged and hates losing games of intellect, so the character would naturally be drawn to challenge super intelligence in others. Tony has always been the most intelligent character in the MCU, so having an enemy really test him there would be something else entirely.

      And who really doubts that the Mad Thinker could infiltrate Project Pegasus and gain control of Technovore in an attempt to keep SHIELD further off his trail with constant distraction after distraction?

  • Alexa

    Just saw it today, had a ton of fun, and really I just want an action movie to treat me like I have a brain, thats all I ask, and that’s why I like the Marvel movies. Not a big Marvel fan, comic book and superhero wise, but I have to admit they are great when it comes to these movies. They treat every character with respect, all the while being creative and engaging, and giving everyone a good time.

    The only complaint that I had was with *SPOILERS!!!*( well sort of)

    the ending, and how finite it seemed. But I will admit it wasn’t as finite seeming as say with The Dark Knight Rises, which was such a let down. All I can say is Batman doesn’t stop Nolan, he just doesn’t. Sorry mini tangent, but anyways I’d suggest to go see it and have some fun, which is what a superhero movie should be to a degree, a fun ride and this movie certainly delivers.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I saw it today and I thought it was good. Not great, like the first film, but good. I could have stood to see more, you know, Iron Man in my Iron Man movie.

      At least their use of the Extremis plot device was better handled than the comic book. Warren Ellis never got Iron Man or Tony Stark and Extremis was just him trying to put his own stamp on the character.

      I give Iron Man 3 a 7/10.

  • I finally watched this video today. I know, I know. I’ve been having trouble with Blip for months and was only able to watch the videos I could download, which was rare. My internet seems to be better now.

    As for the twist, here’s my take: the comic Mandarin hired the movie Mandarin to pretend to be him in order to throw Iron Man off. Done.

    My own review has been posted, though I focus largely on Pepper. We agree on a lot of things, though our opinions of some of the things we agree on the facts (other superhero films) tend to differ. That’s okay, because we both agree where it’s important: this film is where Marvel delivers the goods.

    If you’re interested for my in depth opinion (and why, as a writer and member of society, I feel Pepper comes out as the true hero of the piece) you can find it here:

  • JamSanJose

    I will continue to hound you! I gave you money for your laptop, but you still refuse to acknowledge me. Are you never going to do my video request?

  • DavidWilmotLow

    hey sofie, do you still plan on reviewing seth rogens big budget slap in the face to Green Hornet fans? I’ve been waiting for some online reviewer to tear that piece of trash a new one.