An interview with travel TV host Andrea Feczko

Andrea Feczko is a writer, producer and TV host who has appeared in numerous videos for such media outlets as YouTube and Yahoo! She’s probably best known for her videos in which she gives tips on what to do when traveling to different parts of the world. Andrea can currently be seen on the series Vacation Creation, which airs Saturdays on ABC. You can learn more about her and her work by going to her website, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with this kind, talented woman.


Andrea, what inspired you to make traveling such an important part of your career?

Travel has always been a part of my life. I grew up in Michigan. It’s nice, but a little boring [laughs]. Even at 13, I had a dream of going to Australia and New Zealand. I overheard a friend of mine in the halls explaining that she had done a People to People program over the summer and that this year they were going to Australia and New Zealand. I remember going home, creating a PowerPoint presentation for my parents, pitched the idea, and luckily they agreed to let me do the program. I am so thankful! And after that, I was bit by the travel bug and couldn’t wait to get on another plane.

Of all the spots you’ve visited, do you have a favorite?

That’s like asking if you have a favorite puppy that you’ve ever met! They are all great. There are so many different parts of the world that are amazing. The more you travel, the bigger your list gets. But I do love Asia, the South Pacific, and the Mediterranean. Southeast Asia is incredibly affordable, so I always recommend that part of the world for people on a budget.

Are there places you still want to visit?

Yeah, I haven’t been to Africa yet, and I’m very upset with myself about that [laughs]. Specifically, I would like to go to Morocco, Zanzibar, Kenya, and South Africa.

You’ve also hosted numerous shows such as Blastr TV for the Syfy Channel. Is there a specific show that stands out for you?

If I’m working, I’m happy. Blastr was so much fun, because I really got to indulge in my nerdy side, which surprises most people. I also worked for Marvel, which was sooooo fun! Currently, I have a show on ABC called Vacation Creation, which is my dream job. I mean, I think anyone—even those who don’t even like to be in front of the camera—would say hosting a travel show is their dream job. Not only is it an incredible experience to travel the world, but the premise of the show is to take deserving friends and families on a vacation of a lifetime. These people are so deserving and grateful and it has really changed me and impacted me. You see beautiful places, but there is depth to the show and also my experience as a host.

The videos where you parody singers like Kesha and Taylor Swift are listed as some of YouTube’s most watched parody videos. Would you like to do more of those?

Yes, please!

You’ve also interviewed numerous celebrities. Is there a favorite of those?

I would say Leonardo DiCaprio saying “You had me at ‘hello’!” I’m sure he was saying it sarcastically, but whatever, he said it! [laughs] It was a highlight. He’s very nice and down to earth, and a lot taller than you would expect.

You wear so many hats: TV presenter, travel guru, writer, producer. Is there one that you find especially fulfilling?

Hosting is the most fulfilling, because it’s what I’m the weakest at. I’ve always been a natural producer and writer. But being myself and acting in front of the camera is difficult and took me years to master. It’s very rewarding for me. With that said, I hope to create my own content in the future, not just on YouTube, but for others as well. And that will probably be the most fulfilling moment when a concept of mine will be sold. How about that for confidence?

Is there anything you can tell us about your future projects?

I’m really focused on increasing my social media. I’ll be doing more live YouTube chats and Instagram stories. I have so many videos that need to be edited, so that’s exciting that I am finally home and I’m able to create this content.

Is there any advice you can give for anyone who may want to pursue a similar career?

The most poignant advice that I was given was that the entertainment industry is a “war of attrition”. Many people have dreams of being on television, but many drop out of the industry or change careers because it takes a lot of time, hard work, and tenacity to finally get work. And it never gets more comfortable. You are always on the hunt for the next gig, even if you have had success in the past. So it’s important to work hard and have faith.

Rob Kirchgassner

Rob is a blogger, critic, and author. His latest novel is Ailurophobia, available now from Amazon.

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