An Interview with Bob Sullivan, Clonus screenwriter


The controversy swirling around the 2005 film The Island never seems to end. Despite tanking at the box office, the film is still with us, primarily for three things: being director Michael Bay’s first big commercial failure, touching off a public tiff between the producers and Scarlett Johansson, and of course, for being a complete rip-off of the 1979 low budget sci-fi film Parts: The Clonus Horror (AKA Clonus), a movie whose flaws are lovingly documented right here on this site.

The Island was so much of a rip-off, in fact, that the director and producer of Clonus (Robert Fiveson and Myrl A. Schriebman, respectively) took DreamWorks to court claiming copyright infringement. (Fiveson even spoke briefly about the situation in an interview posted on this site back in January of 2006.)

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Tag: Clonus v. DreamWorks

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  • WTF

    ” a public tiff between the producers and Scarlett Johansson” Why do you link us to a Japanese website blog that has nothing to do with SJ?

  • valkyrious

    I’m with Bob Sullivan all the way and Steven Spielberg is a Class A douche for not responding to someone from whom he blatantly (directly or indirectly) stole an idea. you wonder what else he’s stolen. Such a pity; creative people, writers, give their ideas away, *their* ideas and stories which are the basis of all cinema: storytelling, and they just get shit in return. They don’t see the full credit they deserve and it’s tragic. No, it isn’t fair at all. But you know what the best revenge is Bob…I wish you further success in your creative efforts. Maybe a new idea, via divine inspiration, will come your way again.