An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 2 of 2)

I interviewed Rick Sloane, the guy who did Hobgoblins, and he was talking about how normally these days, horror movies try to cast adult movie stars, because there’s a lot more name recognition for the sort of pay they’re offering.

Exactly. I’m up right now for a vampire-witch horror movie.

Well, you were in Emmanuelle vs. Dracula, so that’s kind of a vampire movie.An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 2 of 2)

Did you see that one?

It actually wasn’t bad. I know it was mostly clips, but it was really moody and atmospheric, I appreciated that.

We shot that entire Emmanuelle series all in the same location. It was this teeny-tiny house on a cliff, in California. It was pretty intense.

It was a nice house, though. For my tastes, it wasn’t as good as the house they keep using for all those movies like The Breastford Wives and The Witches of Breastwick, but still pretty nice.

Mm-hmm. Did you ever see my series Hollywood Sexcapades?

I’ve seen some of them, I don’t remember any specific ones.

The guy who plays Ryan, that’s my husband.

You also have a series on the here! TV network called The Lair, don’t you?

Yes, I was in two seasons of that. It’s a gay vampire series, and I was the star of the show’s best friend. They called me “the fag hag”.

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This is a question I’ve always wanted to ask, if I ever met you: the characters you play in your films are a bit more conservative than you might expect. A Beverly Lynne role is usually a bit more repressed than the women around her, but still intriguing in a different kind of way. Why do you think this works for you?An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 2 of 2)

I don’t know why they always cast me like that, because I’d like to play something a bit more challenging. And it’s so opposite what I really am. I’m very laid back, and I laugh about myself all the time, because I do stupid things all the time. I think why it works is because it is so different from me, but I can tap into it, and bring my wholesomeness, because I grew up on a farm in a small town in Pennsylvania. So maybe there’s this genuine-ness. Is that a word? I suck at interviews…

We can make it a word. We have the technology.

[Laughs] I don’t know, I think it works because I don’t take it too seriously. That didn’t come out right…

You are good at playing it.

Thank you! I don’t know, I think we all have it in us. That’s a tough question.

You mention on your site that cooking is one of your favorite things to do. You strike me as the kind of person who would bake cookies and then bring them to a film shoot.

I have done that! I love to cook, I do, I’m passionate about it. There is nothing like opening a nice bottle of wine, and cooking, and having friends over, and just making everyone feel phenomenal. Food is just so amazingly intimate, and I’m so passionate about it. I want to do a cooking show. I want to do a sexy cooking show with the aphrodisiac type foods. I don’t need recipes. I like to read them, but I create everything on my own.

And yes, I do bake things to take to the set for the crew. Also, if I’m not doing anything, I’ll go make them sandwiches, and walk around to make sure they’re eating, and drinking enough water, because those lights are hot! I’m nurturing. When people start to get cranky on set, I’ll be like, “Okay, I’m gonna make sandwiches.” You know? “Just be happy you’re not laying brick today. This is fun, we love doing this. We’re working and we’re happy.”

What are your thoughts on some of the people you’ve co-starred with, like Syren or Evan Stone?

They’re phenomenal people. I really like them. I don’t really hang out with them outside of the set, but on set we bond, we talk, we catch up, and they’re just great, laid back people. I really, really like them.

Evan Stone seems like a pretty easy going guy.

Oh yeah, he’s hysterical. He’s a jokester on set, all the time. He’s really goofy and fun.

Well, you’ve gotta have a sense of the absurd, I guess. Like that guy with the Sylvester tattoo, Danny Pape.

I don’t know what he’s up to; we used to hang out with him occasionally in LA. I guess our closest friend from this genre is Mark Weiler, AKA Matt Wilde, who comes out here for Thanksgiving, and stays with us for a week or two. He costarred with me in a lot of my films, like Young and Tempting. He’s always cast as my boyfriend. He’s just great. He’s a great guy.

Just on a personal level, I’ve always wanted to know, whatever happened to that wig from Bikini a-Go-Go?

Fred Olen Ray has it! [Laughs] My bouffant ‘do, my Peg Bundy hair, and those leopard pants?

And those librarian glasses with the wingtips.

Yeah, Fred still has that wig.


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Multi-Part Article: An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star

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