An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

Don’t try to compare it to another bad little fad, Mendo Talks to Rather Interesting People from Around the Internet’s the mack and it’s back with something that you never ever had.

Well, kiddies, I got a real treat for you this time around! Well, I think it’s a treat, considering our next contestant has been on my wish list since high school!

Straight from (may not be work-safe) comes… Beverly Lynne!

Makes sense.

Yes, this column’s come a long way since I got the idea that random people with strange websites might make interesting time wasters, but because that would have gotten boring really quickly, we transitioned to people that others besides me have heard of. And since we’ve been in the fast-paced world of celebrity interviews for a while now, I thought it would be nice to kick back and indulge my inner fanboy with someone a lot of people have heard of, and who also appeals to my inner film geek!

An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

Thus, Beverly Lynne: one of my favorite adult films stars, and one of the better actresses of the genre. Her movies are… Okay, I know it seems hard to legitimately talk up someone who makes movies for Skinemax, but hey, there’s no reason to get all up on your high horse. I mean, to each their own, right?

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, Beverly Lynne. Fantastic actress, and star of some of my favorite movies, including Bikini a-Go-Go (now called Curse of the Erotic Tiki), Miss Lynne has more to offer the world than a willingness to star in nudity-oriented film spoofs, though those are worth checking out. She’s also a good cook, and advocates good hygiene!

So join me on my second phone interview, and her from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, as we discuss bouffant wigs, the Philadelphia Eagles, and why cookies are better than laying bricks.

(NOTE: The following has been edited for small talk.)


Before we get started, I was wondering if there was anything in particular you want to talk about, like anything you want to hype, or anything like that?An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

I’m actually leaving for Los Angeles on Wednesday—I’m shooting a new movie, and we could talk about that—and then I have a premiere of a pretty good mainstream movie that’ll be out here in Vegas in April. It’s going to festivals and stuff, and it’s getting good reviews. I could definitely talk about those if that’s alright with you.

Could we start with the so-called “mainstream” movie, then?

It’s a movie called I.M. Caravaggio, it’s based on the life of the painter. I play someone who was a former top model who’s addicted to heroin, and I’m homeless, and broke, and a prostitute, but I end up becoming Caravaggio’s muse. And in the end when he dies, he leaves all his life’s work to me.

So, it’s a kid’s movie, then?

[Laughs] We’re actually having that premiere at a private screening, April 17th here in Las Vegas, so I’m really excited. It was submitted to Cannes, and it’s looking like it might get accepted, so that’s huge.

Click here for the official trailer for I.M. Caravaggio!

That’s pretty cool. You might be able to pull a Sasha Grey kind of thing.

Mm-hmm. I’m really excited about that, and then I’m going back to fabulous Lalaland to shoot a movie called Secret Lives for HBO/Cinemax, so that’ll be out in a few months.

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When I was doing a little bit of research, I noticed on your website you said you’ve always wanted to write a novel. What kind of a story do you think you’d do?An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

Well, my mind is very… messy. It would kind of incorporate some of the experiences from my life, and things that I’ve seen. I would either make it about my life, or fictional in a twisted kind of way. I had traveled to Tokyo, and I was there to work on a jewelry channel, like our HGTV; it was just such a horrible experience that I had to break the contract and come home after a month, because it was so traumatizing to me. So I could write about that, with a bit more of a horror aspect, you know, and have murders and who knows what.

I can appreciate the difficulty there, I’m a novelist myself.

Yeah! See, I’ve got great ideas, but I suck at writing.

What you should probably do is try to find a collaborator.

Well, there, you. You could write a book about what it’s like to be an erotic film star.

Well, why not? Jenna Jameson wrote one.

Exactly. I would like to write about… I don’t know, I think I’ve led a pretty cool life. I think it could motivate people.

I think we could probably work on something like that. Anyway, I also read that you were germophobic?

Oh my god, yes! Isn’t that crazy, being in the industry that I work in? I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. On set I also have a bottle of pure rubbing alcohol. After a love scene, or I kiss someone, it’s mouthwash, antiseptic, I spray my body down with alcohol, and… yeah. That’s bad.

Well, you do work with a lot of the same people over and over again. Does that help any?

Yes, definitely! The first time I work with someone, I’m always very nervous, because I don’t know if they’re clean, or if they’re gonna be professional, are they gonna not be professional, do I have to have a talk with them?

You know, I’m pretty easy going. It’s not like I show up on set and say, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.” I don’t do that at all, because it’s a profession, and even though it is the erotic industry, it doesn’t mean we have to be unprofessional about it. Because the people that are on the crew, they get uncomfortable, you know? So just be respectful. But then after I work with someone the first time, the second time is a piece of cake. There are very few people I wouldn’t work with again.

Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like when you were first getting started?

Well, when I moved to California, obviously I wanted to do commercials and get on a soap opera, and do theatrical movies, you know, the more mainstream stuff. I started doing MADtv, I got under five lines on that, and some 1-800 commercials, and finally my agent said, “You have an audition at Indigo Entertainment, at Playboy TV for their film division.” I’m like, “Okay, cool,” and I read for a movie called Personals 2: I was just reading for a supporting role, and they loved me, and offered me the starring role, and I had never done anything like that before, so I was like, “Oh, shit!”

An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

So I called my parents, and I tell them, “Mom, Dad, I was offered this movie called Personals 2:, and it’s something that’s on Cinemax, HBO, that type of thing.” And my dad says, “Well, Beverly, if that’s what you wanna do, do it, and become the biggest star in that genre that you can. You have our whole support.” So I took the job, and it was awesome.

I love working, I love being an actress, and well, if there’s a little nudity in it, who cares? I would rather be a working actor and supporting myself by doing my craft, than waiting tables and trying to be an actor. You know?

I also saw that you were a cheerleader for the Eagles?

Yes, I am a former NFL cheerleader, for the Philadelphia Eagles. My rookie year was Donovan McNabb’s rookie year, ’98. I cheered the ‘98-‘99 season, then the ‘99-‘00 season, and right after that season ended, that’s when I moved out to LA to pursue a career in acting.

An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star (part 1 of 2)

My second year with the Eagles, I ended up getting the cover of the swimsuit calendar, so that puts you on a different level for a lot more TV-type stuff, and that’s when I got the acting bug. I felt that I had the good tools to get me started, and then I just busted my butt, work work work, and once the first movie with Playboy happened, it just kind of spiraled from there.

I got really busy. I think that first year, I shot four or five movies for them, and then other companies found out about me. They started hiring me, and that was that. You shoot those films quick, so they want someone who’ll learn the dialogue quick and show up on time, and not be a drama queen.

I was looking over some of your earlier movies, and found one called Zombie Chronicles. What was that one about?

Before I did the Playboy stuff, I started in the B-horror movies. The really cheesy stuff.

Well, we love those at Agony Booth! As a matter of fact, we just did an interview with Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Entertainment.

Oh, fabulous!

He’s a wonderful human being, really.

That’s how I started, as a scream queen, but it just didn’t pay enough. But it was giving me experience, so, yeah, Zombie Chronicles was… Oh my god, I think that was the third movie I ever made. It’s horrible.

Multi-Part Article: An Interview with Beverly Lynne, Erotic Film Star

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