An Interview with Andy Weir, author of Casey and Andy

We interrupt our regularly scheduled bad movie recaps to bring you the following: An interview with a popular internet cartoonist! This the first of what I’m hoping will be a series of interviews that I’m dubbing Mendo Talks to Rather Interesting People from Around the Internet!

Catchy, ain’t it?

Now let’s meet our first contestant, Andy Weir. In 2001, Andy Weir was just another well-meaning author with a story that people didn’t seem to want to hear. But by August 25th, 2008, people were hanging on his every word, as his webcomic Casey and Andy came to its long-fermenting conclusion.

It started off simply enough: The strip starred Weir, his real life best friend, and best friend’s girlfriend, as they cavorted through a sitcom of mad science and extremely nerdy humor, with the occassional Tom and Jerry-esque gruesome death along the way. It was good. Real good.

But then things took a turn. A turn towards awesome!

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