An Interview with Albert Moses, Beloved British Character Actor

You know, kiddies, I was cleaning out behind my couch yesterday and found this special lost edition of Mendo Talks to Rather Interesting People from Around the Internet!

An Interview with Albert Moses, Beloved British Character Actor

While I was in Afghanistan, perusing the many bootleg DVDs the merchants there had to offer, I stumbled across a bawdy BBC hit from the ‘70s that you may have heard of: Mind Your Language!

Although times have changed drastically and rendered most of its humor socially unacceptable, Mind Your Language is still hysterically funny, and of the entire ensemble, no one was more consistently entertaining than the lovable Ranjeet Singh, played by the phenomenal Albert Moses. I quickly tracked him down, and he agreed to an interview.

I got all my notes together, had a wonderful (albeit brief) correspondence with him… and then I… er… forgot about it.

I know, I know, it was incredibly unprofessional of me, but things got kinda crazy for a while, and then the show started taking up a lot of my time. But, in order to rectify things, I’ve taken time out of my vacation to dig up this very special lost interview!

An Interview with Albert Moses, Beloved British Character Actor

It’s not easy to make your way in a strange country, but to make your way and end up a Knight of the Order of St. John? Not such an easy thing to do. Throw in some documentary work, motorcycle stunts, and being James Bond’s costar not once, but twice, and that sounds like a sweet deal to me.

The only man I know of who did all this is Albert Moses, so join me as we discuss crass comedy, Dinka documentaries, manic Maharajahs, and much, much more!

Oh, and be sure to buy Mind Your Language on, as well as Octopussy. Also, buy Ken Follett’s A Dangerous Fortune. Not because it has anything to do with anything, I’m just trying to talk it up.

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