Internet Shitstorm Forces NBA Commish To Murder Donald Sterling On Live TV (Video)

Did anybody expect NBA commissioner Adam Silver to actually murder human tire fire Donald Sterling in his press conference today? No, nobody expected that! Yet that is what happened, as Silver banned Sterling for life from any association with the NBA or the Clippers, as well as strongly urging the owners of the NBA’s other teams to force Sterling to sell those young men he so generously feeds and clothes and gives houses to.


(Obviously, he doesn’t own the houses, or he would never let them live there. That’s just common sense.)

Hey Los Angeles, can we buy the Clippers, together? We already bought them and the Lakers the Staples Center.

Beginning with a deal signed on October 31, 1997, City Hall lavished millions of dollars in subsidies and tax credits on companies owned by Denver-based billionaire Philip Anschutz to fund the politicians’ downtown dream. City officials forced the poor out of 27 “blighted” acres of downtown around Figueroa Boulevard and replaced the aging neighborhood with lucrative ventures.

Although AEG’s Staples Center/Ritz-Carlton/L.A. Live endeavor will pay increased property taxes and sales taxes thanks to an expected growth in visitors to the area and its upscale hotels, L.A. taxpayers, who have poured so much of their public money into the deals, will not recoup the revenue from the lucrative hotel bed tax for 25 years. Thanks to agreements City Hall made with companies controlled by Anschutz, the 69-year-old recluse will keep pocketing these “bed” taxes — money that would normally flow to city coffers — until he is 95 years old and Villaraigosa and the City Council are long out of office.

We’ll just declare the Clippers blighted, and appropriate them through eminent domain.

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