Intelligent Design Proponents Still So Mad At ‘Cosmos,’ Still So Happy They Can Be Mad At ‘Cosmos’

Intelligent Design Proponents Still So Mad At 'Cosmos,' Still So Happy They Can Be Mad At 'Cosmos'

Perhaps because they got so mercilessly mocked last week, this week the evolution-denying viewers of “Cosmos” decided to take a different route than the LEAVE JESUS ALONE road they’d previously traveled. Instead, this week, we get so many much words about intelligent design’s faux-science, perhaps in the hope that we will drown in them and then the complete nonsense they are won’t matter. They also tried to trot out some leftover butthurt from last week’s episode. Man, that is some long-acting butthurt.


This week’s sadmad first. We tried — we really did! — to read all the words in the intelligent design shill blog Evolution News review of Cosmos episode two. SPOILER ALERT: They are extra special sugar on top mad about this episode, because Tyson basically said “evolution is real, haterz” and dropped the mic. We even tried to diagram some sentences, because we are a full-service blog. Incompre-fucking-hensible. We did, however, get the gist of the thing, we think, which is that intelligent design IS TOO SCIENCE but also loves Jesus and they are way smarter than Neil Degrasse Tyson ipso facto QED. No matter how hard they try to fling graphs at you, at the end they inevitably circle the Jesus drain.

In this second episode of Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson and his co-creators hoped to convince viewers that intelligent design is wrong, but discussing by simply the complexity of biology, they couldn’t help but expose people to the evidence for design in nature. When Cosmos Episode 2 showed brilliant animations of walking kinesin motors, and discussed the fact that DNA is a “molecular machine” that is “written in a language that all life can read,” it unwittingly showed that intelligent design is a viable explanation. After all, what is the sole known cause that produces languages and machines? That one singular cause is, of course, intelligence. Even when you try to disregard the evidence for design in nature, it nevertheless speaks for itself.

So, if you talk about biology at all, and the cool things biology can do, you are actually discussing intelligent design no matter what. Got it.

Honestly, the whole thing reads like this.


You only have to poke around the Evolution News site to realize that Cosmos is their holy grail, their cash cow. They can rally the faithful around this thing forever.

Here at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture we believe that the antidote to such faulty thinking is truth — truth about the inadequacy of the Darwinian explanation for the complexity and diversity of life, about the positive scientific evidence of design in cosmology and biology. There is an urgent need to educate young people to participate thoughtfully in the debate over what constitutes good science and good education. We need to raise up scientists, educators, journalists, and even movie and TV producers who can speak with sweet reason and authority about this vital issue not only in science but in our culture. That’s why your support of our Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences is so important.

After all, who do you want to educate our society on the issue of evolution and intelligent design? Is it show business producers who are perpetuating the ideas of Sagan, Dawkins, and Tyson?

Your support of the Summer Seminar will allow us to summon a new generation of educators and leaders who have the desire, vision, and determination to break the hold that neo-Darwinism has on science, the media, and our culture as a whole.

Translation: please give us money because you don’t want fancy pants non-Jesus-loving Neil Degrasse Tyson and filth-mouthed Seth MacFarlane teaching your children, do you? NO YOU DO NOT.


Meanwhile, the Catholic Brigade is still stuck on last week’s episode, which discussed Giordano Bruno, who was a firm believer in the Sun being the center of the universe. Last week’s episode was rightly criticized for oversimplifying the inquisition and eventual execution of Bruno, as his execution was more likely tied to his denial of the divine cosmology rather than his scientific beliefs. But wait. That’s your BEST argument? That your religious nutjob side killed the guy for the RIGHT reasons?

In contrast to Cosmos’s narrative, Bruno was not executed for this cosmological theories. He was, in fact, executed for his heretical theological views—views on the divine nature of the Christian Messiah, the triune nature of the Godhead, and a host of other subjects on which Cosmos had no comment. Far from being the martyr for science that Cosmos attempted to cast Bruno as, it is far more likely Bruno was no martyr at all. For martyrdom necessitates that a person has died in defense of the truth about Christ, not opposing it.

You sure showed us! You totes had reason to burn that guy to death! He didn’t believe in your sky god! Excellent reasoning!

Breitbart waited a week to spit out a post that we thought by now they could have written in their sleep: that science is just the way to gain political control and keep the Christian man DOWN, man.

[I]t is not really science that many of these leftists respect and believe in. Rather, it is the convenient use of science to attack Christianity and to further their own political cause. For example, as Global Warming models slowly collapse, those who claim to be pro-science are looking more and more like religious freaks every day.

We were going to google how many times Breitbart and Company have written this exact same science screed, but we are not scientists and do not have to prove our assertions, so we’re just going to go with again and again and again and again and again times infinity, which is totally a real number.

Tune in next week when the butthurt will probably go to eleven.

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