VIDEO: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Enjoy this delayed episode of Minority Report Reviews where Tom tries his best to deal with a grumpy Harold and talk about 2008’s The Incredible Hulk!

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  • There really isn’t anything that keeps “The Incredible Hulk” from being a sequel to “Hulk”. “Hulk” ends in South America, Right where “Incredible” starts off. Thunderbolt’s attitude toward Banner makes more sense if Hulk had already destroyed a military facility and battle a super villain (the least destructive fight between two super beings in any Marvel movie because it takes place entirely in clouds).

  • Thomas Stockel

    Good stuff. I enjoyed the movie and think it was better than Ang Lee’s version. It was just a superior film all around, from the special effects to Norton being a superior Banner than Bana. And damn, you are right; Connelly was a far superior Betty Ross.

    As for Thunderbolt Ross, I confess I preferred Sam Elliott because the comic version always came across as more of a caricature than a character. Elliott had a bit more humanity to him and I liked that. I liked Hurt’s performance, too; I just thought Elliott edges him out. Maybe it’s his superior ‘stache.

  • Animikean

    I liked the review, didn’t expect your format, but this is the first video of yours I’ve watched.

    You’ve made me think of my own thoughts on the Marvel movie-verse, this movie has been my favorite of them since I first saw it.

    I loved the Fugitive-like feel of it and how well they snuck easter eggs in without interrupting the flow of the movie. How Norton was able to hold as the center of it, and there was chartable growth to his character.

    btw: any reference to Labyrinth is nothing to be ashamed of ;)

    my list of the franchise in descending order would be,

    The Incredible Hulk
    Thor 2
    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Iron Man 2
    Iron Man 3 (did not see, but has to be better then next item)
    Avengers (action figure the movie, no characters deeper then 3 feet, if X Men: 1st Class didn’t exist I would say my least favorite of the modern Marvel movies… sorry, did not like)

    How would you stack the movies from favorite to not?

    • Muthsarah

      The consistency/regularity of your rankings is moste odde. Could it be your regarde is based primarily on the personalities of the lead actors? Now, to some extent, I enjoyed all of said films (except Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 I just skipped altogether). They make for good pulp. May I ask what it was about Thor that put it so comparatively high in your rankings? I enjoyed it, enough, but, well, I didn’t think it fit together that well. Were you, perhaps. looking for pulpy fun über alles? While I didn’t myself love either Avengers or First Class, they were fun, in that “just don’t think about it too hard” way. Cap’n America was just the right level of cheese to be fun. And geez, there ARE movies, Marvel and DC, that fall FAR below that standard.

      P.S. No one is ashamed of Labyrinth. NO ONE.

      • Animikean

        Meant to write modern marvel movies (fixed now!),

        Howard the Duck is watchable and memorable, as is the cheese-tastic Captain America movie (not the one with the van, the one with the president in it) but I wouldn’t claim them as good.

        Lead actors help, and if the character they play can be seen to evolve through it, if it’s a journey that changed them even better.

        Thor gets the rank not so much for the titled character, he emotionally matures in spurts and they take enough time to feel defeat to give victory impact. Even if the romance feels rushed they had enough moments to not have it feel tacked on.

        It was that they had two characters going through (this is a very loose use of the term) their hero’s journey at the same time with each affecting the trajectory of the other’s.

        Loki, from the time he learns that his world is not what he believes it to be (a very quick bit in the fight with the ice giants) is doing all he can to secure the future of his family’s legacy, make his father proud of him, hold himself together while uncovering truths that make him question his very existence, and prove his worth from below the mental shadowing of his heralded brother.

        It could have gone silly, or emotionally unconvincing, and I’ll admit Loki’s (villain’s?) journey feels deeper than Thor’s hero’s one But Branagh directed a movie that struck me as earnest and flavored with Shakespearean sentiment.

        Agree on Cap, Thor 2 I really enjoyed but was more of a LOTR crossed with Star Wars adventure ride of a movie and I have yet to see if it will stay with me as strongly as the top 2.

        Shutting off brain = tall order. To get through Avengers I told myself the Loki on screen was only a Skrull, funny enough fellow comic book girls think it’s a fine theory

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Iron Man
      Iron Man 2
      The Avengers
      Thor 2
      Iron Man 3
      Captain America
      The incredible Hulk.

      The only movie, in which I enjoyed the Hulk character thoroughly was “The Avengers” – normally, I cannot stand that character. Too loud, too “very simple” in solution, too… Hulk.

  • minoritytom

    No love for the fantastic four ? ….is the answer to that. Thank you for the kind words, It was a long and hard process to get this review out, filled with computer problems, data loss and outside….stuff. Alas i am very happy with it and the reception. Its cool to know this film has gone its fair share of fans. I cant honestly put any modern marvel film above Blade II but they all serve a different purpose to me. Thor 2 was a huge step up from the already great first one…even though that woman on the underground did not point out the amount of changes Thor would have to make…its a real nightmare. I have said in quite a few of my other videos that i dont “get” Iron man and there is probably a future video in that…but for now…i just say thank you!

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      I liked the Fantastic Four. ^^ I even liked Jessica Alba in it.