Impulse (1974) (part 6 of 7)

Next we see Tina walking to school as Matt drives up next to her. “Are you mad at me?” he asks. “I’m not mad at you. I like you!” Tina glares at him, saying she’s got him all figured out and that he’s just scared. At this, Matt once again transforms into Psychotic Boyfriend, yelling that Pete “deserved to die” and that “I did us all a favor! He was a waste of nothing!” Then he gets a bizarrely cheerful expression as he offers Tina a ride to school.

Tina says someone will believe her story, but Matt sneers at this, saying that people will just call her crazy, especially because she talks to her dad’s gravestone. Then he angrily points at her with both hands before finally driving off. (No, really. That’s what he does.) We next see Tina sobbing on her Dad’s tombstone yet again. She whines that “Somebody’s gotta believe me!” Hey, here’s an idea: Start with the police.

Impulse (1974) (part 6 of 7)

“What, you again, Tina? Oy vey, don’t you have any friends or anything?”

We next see Matt paying Julia a visit at her home, as Julia shows him her collection of antiquities that she inherited from her previous husbands. She mentions that she has “an authentic 14th Century chastity belt” and Matt jokes, “Which you’ve never had to use!” Yuk, yuk. If Clarence is the kind of man Julia hangs around with, no wonder.

She then points to a suit of armor with a sword and quips that it’s “nice to have a man around the house. Especially one that can’t cheat!” Gee, I can’t wait to find out if this collection of random assorted weaponry will become important later. Perhaps the set designer should have placed a blinking neon arrow next to the sword just to make sure we didn’t miss it.

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Multi-Part Article: Impulse (1974)

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    The eternal question- is an incredibly bad movie worth a detailed,blow by blow 7 page examination? Of course it is!! Shat forever!!!!