RAW FEED: If you want to write for the Agony Booth...

A few readers have been asking how to submit articles for publication on the Agony Booth, so for all those interested, here’s a quick explanation of what we’re looking for and how to submit your articles.

But first, here’s what we’re not looking for:

– We are
not looking for extremely lengthy, detailed reviews or recaps. Nothing longer than 3,000 words will be accepted. Articles under 1,000 words are preferred.

– No video reviews, please. We are not looking to bring on more video reviewers at this time.

If you’re still interested, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Come up with an idea for an article. Ideally, it should be a unique take on a topic of interest to our readers. Unfortunately, “a review/recap of (insert movie)” is not a very unique or interesting idea and will most likely be passed on.

Step 2:
Come up with a title for your article that’s short and to the point. It should be attention-grabbing, but also accurately describe what the article is about. If you can’t come up with a succinct title, then odds are you don’t have a strong idea for an article, and you should go back to Step 1.

Step 3: Post a sample of your writing online. If you don’t have a blog, there are plenty of sites like Google Docs or DropBox that let you easily upload a document and share a link to it.

Step 4: Click this link to open the email contact form. Please include your email address, article idea, article title, and a link to a sample of your writing.

I’ll try to respond within a few days to let you know if your idea was accepted or rejected. If I like your writing sample but not your idea, then most likely I’ll ask you to go back and come up with a stronger idea and submit again.

Also, keep in mind that this open call for submissions is probably not going to go on indefinitely, so I strongly recommend pitching your article idea sooner rather than later.

If you need a better feel for the kinds of topics that are popular with our readers, check out the links below.

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