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We Have No Idea Why This Grown Man Digitally Inserted Himself Into ‘Home Alone’ But It Is Freaking Us Out

If you were thinking “Hey, today’s Christmas Eve, and I’m feeling good about everything and I’m not freaked out by anything because everything is Christmas nice time” we’re here to destroy that feeling by showing you this deeply creepy video of a grown-ass person who inserted himself into all the iconic scenes from Home Alone.

We do not know who Paul Little is or why he thinks this is a good idea, but the whole thing will give you a sort of uncanny valley kind of feels. The terribawesomest part of the whole thing is that he didn’t shave, so he’s got a faint moustache throughout. Also, too, it’s his voice, not Culkin’s, so prepare to be even more gahhhh about the whole thing.

Don’t say we never gave you anything, ingrates.


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