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While normal people are watching It’s a Wonderful Life around this time of year, Cecil is enjoying bad VHS horror like Iced, a slasher about guys in broken ski masks killing people in a timeshare cabin.

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  • MephLord

    This movie does look pretty classic.  The last winter-based horror movie I saw was Shredder, and that was pretty damn awful.  I wish I had more to add, but at least the jokes made me laugh.  A worthy addition to the collection for sports-based movies, at least Rad gets company.  Now let’s see if Hollywood makes an adaptation of Skate or Die! and lets be honest, that would be EPIC.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      In a way, Thrashin’ is the unofficial adaptation of Skate or Die!

      • MephLord

        Oh dear lord, if you recap Thrashin’ you’ll overtake Mendo as the second biggest icon on the site…and win the 80s Biggest Nerd title without much problem.  Thrashin’, Iced, Rad…quite the trilogy that would be.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          Thrashin is impending, just not sure exactly when. Perhaps the spring, that seems like a good time for a skater movie. Oh believe me, I’m already a big 80s nerd lol.

          Out of curiosity, who is the biggest icon on the site? I’m assuming its Albert since it is his site after all.

          • Muthsarah

            Even though I remember Albert from back before the site added video reviews, I wasn’t aware he was still around until just recently (though it’s fine that the site is run by someone who isn’t trying to make it all about them).  And as the video reviews are the site’s new home page, I think that would make the video contributors a bit more emblematic of the site, unless by “iconic” you’re stressing something traditional.  On that note, I think the recaps should have their own section with a big clicky button on the top bar, so new people can find them more easily.  They are a big part of the site’s history, and sometimes, jokes are funnier when you can read them to yourself.

            Based on the size of their on-site backlogs, frequency of new vids, number of crossover cameos, and styles of review, I’d say Mendo and Sofie are probably the most visible people here, for what that’s worth.  “Iconic” seems far more subjective.

          • MephLord

            The biggest icon is Sofie, since her comments sections always explode with opinions and debates. 

            Have you thought of doing a top ten list?  I’d like to see your suggestion on the top 80s action movies since so many of them are unintentionally funny (come to think of it, a lot of 80s movies in general are unintentionally funny).  My list would include Remo Williams, Big Trouble in Little China, First Blood, Commando (having so many WTF moments in it it has to be on the list), Above the Law (Seagal’s first and only good movie), Indy and the Last Crusade, Die Hard, Invasion: USA (truly some funny scenes in that one), Robocop (still holds up after all this time), and the Road Warrior.  Honorable mentions to Cannonball Run (not really an action movie, but had some pretty entertaining parts), Rocky, Raging Bull (my favorite boxing movie), and Dolph’s Punisher (kind of underrated IMHO).

        • MichaelANovelli

          Why am I only the second biggest icon?  Inquiring Mendos want to know!

  • Tim Terrell

    I. Thought. I. Was. The. Only. One. Who. Remembered. This. Movie. I only saw it once in 1990, but I  think about from it time to time. It was the last of the good old days when I’d see a video with an interesting cover on the video shelf and take it home. Even though this movie was shot on video, I remember thinking it was a pretty darn good slasher flick.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Great covers, I miss them dearly. Something like this would stand out and make you rent it over other, better produced pictures. It’s entertaining for sure.

      • Tim Terrell

         Also, you forgot to add “Hot Dog The Movie” next to Ski School for movies that had that plot.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          Hot Dog the Movie was this taken to the Nth degree. Chinese downhill!!!

  • So this is one of the movies that inspired Asspen. The death race down the mountain and the Timeshare deal is unmistakeable. I thought you doing the pizza-french fries joke was just on the fact it was an 80s ski movie and that’s what that SP episode parodied but it looks like the elements from THIS particular movie are in that episode.

    Also, the part where that guy dreamt he was doing cocaine, reminded me of Robin Williams: “If you’re having a dream where you’re doing cocaine in your sleep and you can’t fall asleep then you’re doing going cocaine and you can’t fall asleep and you wake up and you’re doing cocaine, Bingo!” Casios, cocaine, suits and slick hair aplenty. You in the 80s man!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Surely! This movie combined with Ski School 1&2, Hot Dog The Movie, and Aspen Extreme pretty much make up the Asspen episode of South Park. (one of my all time favorite episodes)

      I didn’t focus on it in the episode but Carl (the cokehead) did nothing but make cocaine references the entire film.

  • Thomas Stockel

    I had never heard of this film before your awesome review, Cecil.

    And yeah, nothing says eighties like cheesy synth, does it?  I remember seeing Fright Night on cable a few months ago around the time the remake was released in theaters and wondering to myself, was the soundtrack really this bad when I first saw it?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thank man :)

      The synth scores of the 80s just warms the heart. I don’t mind them. Honestly, I’d rather they have a synth score than the current trend of just throwing in a bunch of popular songs from the time.

      I think the score for Fright Night compliments the cheese.

  • edharris1178

    Another good review of a cheesy 80’s slasher.   Good stuff.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg