I Know Who Killed Me (2007) (part 6 of 8)

That night, Dakota and the Flemings (didn’t they record a few leftover Lennon-McCartney compositions?) are being driven home by the police. Mom notes they’ve lost the reporters, which seems unlikely, since the cops all have their lights going. But the real upshot of this is that Dakota’s face is lit up, alternately, in blue and red. I guess this is supposed to play on the whole is she or isn’t she really Dakota? thing, but it would have been nifty if she exhibited even the slightest doubt in her own identity. She really hasn’t wavered in her belief that she’s Dakota, and that scene in the mirror doesn’t count.

Dakota looks around Aubrey’s room, with the wall still covered in Post-Its, while Mom and Dad look on. She’s still talking about Aubrey like she’s an entirely different person, and they’re having a hard time masking their sorrow. She really sticks it in and twists it when she thanks them for putting her up for a few days. What does she think, that since they’ve got a spare room now, they decided to just start a hostel? And what, she’s not going to thank them for the robotic limbs, too? Unappreciative little brat.

That hideous cat runs in and begins rubbing her leg. Dakota says she doesn’t like cats, which I guess is supposed to be another reminder of her bitchiness, and non-Aubrey-ness. It doesn’t really work, though. I like cats, but I still think this one should be cleansed with fire.

Caption contributed by Albert

”Well, this Lindsay Lohan collector’s LP sure was a waste of money.”

The next day, Flower Boy drives up in his rusted out shit box. I only know it’s a crappy car because they add all kinds of gear-grinding and similar sounds, but otherwise the car looks to be in mint condition. It turns out the feds have set up quite a detail around the house, with FBI agents and uniformed cops everywhere. The Flemings must be some very important people. Between the security detail and the robotic limbs, I expect this family to show up as a line item in the federal budget.

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Multi-Part Article: I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

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