I Know Who Killed Me (2007) (part 5 of 8)

That horrible business behind us forever, we now find Dakota, after work, waiting at the bus stop. The strip club is near the harbor, apparently, since there are boat masts behind her, looking like the stick men from Blair Witch Project. The tone of this scene almost reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro, albeit not so benign. This whole scene is atmospheric and tense, and must’ve been stolen from an entirely different movie, because nothing else in this movie is anywhere near as effective.

Basically, she hears weird noises, and does the old horror movie what was that? move a few times. Long shots of her standing under the bus stop shelter give a feeling of isolation. In keeping with the whole “style” thing, the shelter is made of foggy blue glass with red graffiti, including a picture of an owl… which means something, I’ll bet.

A lone car drives past, and suddenly there’s a man in a baseball cap standing on the median. She strains to see him in the dark, and he suddenly appears on the other side of the foggy glass of the shelter. She starts to get really anxious, but the cat bus arrives and takes her to Shichikokuyama Hospital.

Actually, it’s just a boring, regular city bus. But all the seats inside are blue, of course. This scene really does work, although it’s partially undermined by her silly doily hat. It’s a darn shame this scene wasn’t in a better movie.

Caption contributed by Albert

”Oh no! If he cuts off my hand, I’ll never be able to crochet again!”

We return to the crappy present, and Dakota says, “Everything about him was just… I don’t know, was intense.” Personally, I’d say he was in cabins. Ha! I kill me! Wait… this means I know who killed me! Wow. I have to admit, that really is useful information to have.

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Multi-Part Article: I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

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