RAW FEED: I Inserted Myself into Spider-Man Scenes!

Let’s do some 4th wall breaking with Bully Maguire himself in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man!

0:00 Accidentally hitting Spidey with a crowbar (Joke idea by Nate R)
0:30 Pokémon Snap
0:55 Sleep! (Joke idea by Ragusta)
1:27 The Banana Peel (Joke idea by Evan Davis)
2:12 Emo Peter is coming!
2:33 Go web!
2:50 Getting wood
3:26 Wanna buy some death sticks? (Joke idea by Jamie Rodgers)
3:41 Aunt May’s new maid (Joke idea by Robert Nicholas/MrMusicGamer)
4:16 With great responsibility, comes great power
5:11 Why can’t the Green Goblin be your friend?
5:38 Liquified death stick (Joke idea by Rock City Groove Machine)
6:16 Hole in one!
7:00 Don’t mess with Aunt May
7:42 Webhead1
8:30 Cranberries
8:57 Did your husband give it to you?
9:50 Credits
11:35 End Screen


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