RAW FEED: I Hate 'Toxins'

Also ‘detox’. A vlog about healthy eating, January resolutions, misuse of words, and making things complicated in order to make money out of them.

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  • TheRedWorm

    And a healthy, happy, and hilarious new year to you.

  • Sardu

    Preach it!

  • JD

    So eat less and exercise. if you can afford it.

  • Magdalen

    America really does have a horrendously skewed view of food and eating. We have an entire generation of people raised on processed junk food and restaurant-style portions. You can sit down at any Denny’s or some such diner and easily throw back 4,000 calories without blinking an eye. Never knowing how overboard the meal was.

    That kind of eating is ingrained heavily into our culture. Endless amounts of food and beer, because -hey- it’s St. Patrick’s Day/4th of July/Tailgaiting/Birthday Party/Thanksgiving/Christmas/really anywhere people congregate ever. There’s no way around the fact that participating in American culture actively makes you unhealthy.

    But that also varies from community to community. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of don’t take an interest in healthy eating. And if your friends and family don’t take an interest in their health, it’s really hard even see that there’s a problem at all.

    • tcorp

      As a person who has struggled on and off with his weight (and food generally), I totally agree. But it never dawned on me how uniquely American the problem was until I left the country. All the food I had was more flavorful and rich, even if I didn’t necessarily like it. When I got back to the U.S., everything tasted bland–and like you said, in huge portions.

      I’m not above the problem; I love food. But I also recognize the danger of ignoring cultural influence for the sake of “freedom.” I see the problem as inextricably linked to our politics and ideologies. We promote unhealthy living in our culture, whether through lack of real leisure and relaxation, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, or lack of eating well. Then we blame others for “failure” and bristle at any attempt by the government to address the problem.

    • Jack Slater

      OK. nice theory, now explain why Mexico has a worse obesity problem than America. AFAIK Mexico doesn’t celebrate St Patricks, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. And New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Canada, UK haven’t exactly conquered the obesity epidemic either.


    • MichaelANovelli

      Well, humans have an inborn evolutionary desire to seek out the most decadent foodstuffs available. That’s how we conquered the planet. 🙂

  • MichaelANovelli

    I feel where you’re coming from. I did a little detoxing myself, this December, by which I mean I temporarily laid off my workout drugs so I don’t get addicted to them. Didn’t feel especially cleansed, I must say…

    Though, I have found that my overall health has greatly improved since I replaced most of the carbs in my diet with meat. (Though, it should be noted that I do an insane amount of weightlifting on a day to day basis, so I don’t know that I would recommend it for anyone else…)