Hunter Moore, Who Gave The World Revenge Porn, Is Going To Get All Jailed Up And That Is Cool By Us

Hunter Moore, Who Gave The World Revenge Porn, Is Going To Get All Jailed Up And That Is Cool By Us

It has been a super happy nice time week full of indictments, now hasn’t it? Black Panther Eric Holder has been so busy trying to gulag all Obama’s critics that he barely made time in his busy schedule to indict Hunter Moore, king of “revenge porn,” which is an actual rotten thing that the internet has given us.

Revenge porn is a genre of pornography where explicit images are uploaded to the Web, most typically by scorned ex-lovers, without the consent of the photo’s subject. Moore’s was one of the most prominent hubs for such material until its shuttering in April 2012[.]

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound so — oh jesus that actually sounds really fucking horrible.

Years later, when they’d finally broken it off for good, Ms. Jacobs, now 29, says that Mr. Seay did the unthinkable: He uploaded naked photos of her to the web. Photos that she’d sent to him in confidence. He allegedly posted them to scores of revenge porn sites, online hubs where scorned exes publish intimate photos without their former lovers’ consent. She says he attached her name, email address and a screenshot of her Facebook profile to the nude photos along with commentary about what a slut she was. Knowing that she was working as a teaching assistant at a local university, he allegedly uploaded a video of her masturbating with the title “Masturbation 201 by Professor Holli Thometz.”

So Hunter Moore made a little repository for all the scumbags of the world to humiliate their exes for the crime of not loving them no more. Is that so wrong? Well, yes and no. Moore has tried for years to cloak himself in the magical shield of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which says that you are not on the hook for stuff submitted by users of a site. As bloggers, we are generally super in favor of this rule, because we don’t want to be in trouble when a commenter gets all aggro or slandery before we can banhammer them forever. Turns out, though, that Moore was allegedly — see, we used the magical word “allegedly,” so we cool — actually kinda sorta going out and getting that content himself, which is a no no.

The indictment from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California charges Moore and a man named Charles “Gary” Evens, 25, with conspiracy to “access a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain” and other counts.

On multiple occasions, Moore paid Evens to break into the email accounts of victims and steal nude photos to post on the website, according to the indictment.

We are unaware of any internet-related law that throws a magical shield over breaking into someone’s email, unless you are the government, in which case whatevs. Thankfully, Hunter Moore is not the government. Hunter Moore is a despicable shell of a human being that should go to prison right away, but we do not wish for bad things to happen to him while in prison, because we are not those kind of people. Just keep him there with only the works of Dickens and Hawthorne, because that is some decidedly un-sexy reading material, for a few decades or so. Also, too, turns out his lawyer quit out on him a year ago after hearing Moore was being investigated by the Eff Bee Eye, so good luck fighting that indictment, scumbag.


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  • BlueMonkey

    And Melville. Please make him read some Melville.

    • weejee

      Mehbe make the douchie cockroach read some Kafka?

      • BlueMonkey

        “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.”Yes. Oh god, I almost forgot how much i hate Kafka. And the Castle. Loathe that one, too

        • Ian Abrams

          Oh, poo. Kafka is spectacular, if you like haunting, disturbing stuff that’ll make you question the nature of experienced reality. Check out “In the Penal Colony,” or “A Common Confusion,” which is a one-page story that’s a fever dream caught on paper.Let Hunter Moore spend the next twelve-to-twenty reading Gertrude Stein. In six months he’ll be begging for a lethal injection.

  • Cliff Hendroval

    Put him on that ghost ship full of cannibal rats.

  • MrBlifil

    Yeah I don’t know what Dickens had against sex, nor I suppose did Thomas Hardy.

  • Lowkey3

    Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for this go to trial in open court. Love, Lowkey.

  • thepoliticalcat

    Is BeccaLou at the controls? Someone needs to tell her that the Tweeter doesn’t like her linkies on this site. Headers too long, double posting of URL. Thanks, whoevers.

  • Mike DiMuzio

    FYI a lot of the Hunter Moore “revenge porn” had nothing to do with either revenge or porn. It was all just misogyny (duh) and some of it wasn’t even actual naked pictures of the victims, as it is known that some of them were clever photoshops of the victim’s head on some other body, which were depressingly still capable of getting people fired or, in at least one case, threatened with stoning by her relatives. EITHER WAY it’s evil and he can go to superjail please and thank you.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    Much of the content of his old site, Is Anyone Up, was allegedly acquired via hacking. The upside to that is there are less d-bags that actually submitted naughty pics of ex-partners. Still no shortage of d-bags in this country, but not enough to fuel the site on their own.