Human Target “Pilot” (part 5 of 5)

Meanwhile, in a confusing scene, the real Palmer sneaks off the Batwing, but you can’t tell at first if this is Palmer or Chance. Back on the plane, Wifey runs to Chance and says her husband is gone, and he went to sign his company over to Belzer.

A ramp comes out of the plane, and out drives Chance in a sports car. We get shots of Chance driving his Chancemobile, and Scott Paulin does an absolutely terrible job of pretending to steer.

He puts the project-o-phone in a dashboard holder, and now Libby is projected in front of him. He tells her he wants the “fastest route to Greene’s office” and Libby calls up a map. Did you realize this show invented GPS navigation?

Human Target "Pilot" (part 5 of 5)

Over at Belzer’s office, the Belz is at his desk when the real Palmer shows up. Palmer says he’s signed papers transferring ownership of his company to Belzer, and all he wants is for the Belz to leave his family alone.

Belzer just laughs, asking if Palmer really thought he would “fall for this”. It appears he thinks Palmer is really Chance in disguise. That same hitman appears, and asks if he should “do him up right now.” Wait, I thought this guy was in police custody. And he’s already back out on the street? Is it really that easy to make bail after breaking into a guy’s house with a gun?

But the Belz thinks they should “consider the options here”. He says that a lot of people would pay a lot of money to “get their hands on the Human Target!” So, evidently, the Human Target is already well known among the underworld, even though this is the first time in the episode anyone’s referred to him as the Human Target.

Human Target "Pilot" (part 5 of 5)

Belzer looks at Palmer and says his disguise is “very lifelike”, and wonders how to take it off. The hitman has just the thing.

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Multi-Part Article: Human Target "Pilot"

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