Human Target “Pilot” (part 4 of 5)

Another shot of the Batwing in the air takes us to the real Palmer onboard the plane, once again bored out of his skull. This time, Disguise Guy is showing off photo albums of his movie work, which includes a fictional film titled The Mutants Are Among Us. But Palmer is just zoning out, thinking about his family, and wondering how long Chance will take to wrap up this case.

Disguise Guy says it could be “anywheres” from a few days to several weeks, and he even saw Chance “flush out a ninja assassin” in 42 minutes. And why wasn’t that case the pilot episode?

Caption contributed by Albert

“Don’t worry, man, Chance will bone your wife within 48 hours! Uh, I mean… he’ll solve this case within 48 hours.”

Next, Chance is on the project-o-phone in some sort of storeroom, talking to Token Chick. And here, we finally learn Token Chick’s name is “Libby”. Chance tells Libby that Palmer tried to take out a huge loan, even though his company doesn’t need the money.

He also went through Palmer’s books and found several appointments at “Greene’s Auto Upholstery Shop”. Chance wants Libby to go with him to investigate the place, and they’ll do the “kissing cousins routine”. Libby starts to joke with Chance about being at a “sporting goods store”, but he cuts off the transmission.

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Multi-Part Article: Human Target "Pilot"

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