Hulk (2003) (part 6 of 13)

The next day, Bruce enters the lab to find Betty and Talbot presumably talking about how much better the sex was when they were together. Talbot tries to introduce himself to Bruce, but Bruce completely shuns him. I know Talbot is a slicked-back slimeball with more smug than a Blackadder family reunion, wearing an odd three-piece vest-right-to-the-collar shirt, but if you snub him first, you’re the asshole in the bar.

Talbot offers again to buy out Bruce’s lab, giving him the same offer he gave Betty: more money to keep doing exactly what it is they’re doing now. Bruce flat-out turns him down, prompting Talbot to say this.

Talbot: You know, someday, I’m gonna write a book. And I’m gonna call it When Stupid Ideals Happen to Smart Penniless Scientists.

Maybe it’s just the Stockholm syndrome talking, but is it really such a bad thing to get paid for what you’re doing? I know I’d jump at the first big sack of money that got hurled my way. Bruce would be doing the same experiments, and I assume he’s going to sell the patents to somebody anyway. So his insistence that he’s not doing this for the money, and that he’s “just doing the basic science for everybody” sounds like… well, like exactly what you’d expect to hear from a Berkeley professor, come to think of it.

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Multi-Part Article: Hulk (2003)

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