Hulk (2003) (part 12 of 13)

In San Francisco, the street starts to buckle and split from below. A cable car is knocked over, sending people flying through the windows. (But I’m sure they’re all completely unhurt.) And then the Hulk pops out from under the street, having failed to make that left turn at Albuquerque. The Hulk sees helicopters approaching. He’s about to pitch a hunk of street at one of them, until he sees Betty is inside.

SWAT teams and soldiers show up, literally filling the streets and lining the rooftops like Jake and Elwood are in town. Then Betty appears, and she heads down some stairs to the sidewalk. She momentarily goes off-screen, and then, I swear, she magically materializes about twenty feet closer. This ends up being just another cocktease. I mean, I figured that her ability to do this must mean she’s really Jason Voorhees, and I’ve wanted to see Jason vs. the Incredible Hulk since I was eight. But, alas, it’s just another stupid editing trick.

The Hulk begins to calm down the instant she shows up. He slowly starts to shrink back down into Bruce, and for some reason, there’s all this steam coming off him, and a puddle forms around his feet. Initially, I thought perhaps Bruce was wetting himself at the sight of Betty, but then I realized this makes some sense. The Hulk was soaking wet, so if he suddenly loses a lot of mass, all that water has to go somewhere. But as far as the steam goes, you’re on your own.

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Multi-Part Article: Hulk (2003)

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