Hudson Hawk (1991) (part 8 of 13)

Oh, is it time for me to jump on the ol’ Hudson Hawk gravy train? ‘Cause I could easily let someone else cut in front… No? Shoot. Well, I guess we all have to meet our maker at some point, so let’s get to it, shall we?

When we last saw Hawk and Anna, they were fleeing a decapitated elephant, knock-out gas, and a pair of Rick Astley clones. So their adventures are sure to get zanier in the next fifteen minutes that I’ll be covering them.

Caption contributed by Jonathon

They’re never gonna give you up, Hawk! You’re together forever, see?

After slipping through a side door into a secret passageway, Anna numbly asks Hawk why he just pulled the whole “throw a random object into a security field and draw a lot of attention to yourself” routine (a classic amongst expert cat burglars, I’m told). Hawk, always the goofball, blames the incident on Pokey the stuffed elephant.

The passageway eventually takes Hawk and Anna to the underground Vatican subway, which, according to our vacant-eyed heroine, delivers all of the Pope’s mail. You have to wonder, right? Does the Pope get the same dozen fliers for cable/internet bundles we normal Joes see every day? Something tells me he does, but they’re dipped in gold leaf to give them just a pinch of papal flair. But I’m getting off track.

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Multi-Part Article: Hudson Hawk (1991)

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  • So I watched this a night or two ago, I’d read the recap before but I enjoy a bad movie and like many of us here I imagine I had to know if it was really THAT bad. It was, of course. However, I really do think the Mayflowers were the only people who knew they were making a screwball comedy. I think their scenes were the only bearable ones.

    This was just such a painful movie to watch.

  • Sillstaw

    So The AV Club did an interview with Andie MacDowell on her past roles. When they mentioned “Hudson Hawk,” they used the video clip the Agony Booth put up of the “speaking with the dolphins” scene.,69950/2/

  • BuddyPup

    The sketch in the Codex is called “The Vitruvian Man” (Yay, art history class!)

  • Dave M

    Two things about this movie:

    (1) Andie McDowell’s “I must speak with the dolphins.. Eeehh! Eeehhh! Ehhh!” scene is one of the few bits that made me laugh when I saw this movie (be advised, I had actually paid for myself and my date to watch this thing at a cinema on its initial release [it was her choice]).
    (2) Richard E Grants performance defies logic. The guy can actually act. Watching him in this is like watching Sir Laurence Oliver, Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Kenneth Branagh doing 3 stooges skits.