Hudson Hawk (1991) (part 7 of 13)

They arrive at Mayflower Headquarters, which looks like a redressed art museum with a giant “M” statue out front. Cut to them entering the boardroom, which is decorated much the same way as the boardrooms of James Bond villains: Lots of shiny stone and dark woods. Do all megalomaniacs use the same contractor?

Darwin introduces Hawk to the crowd of seated board members, and they all applaud. Um, okay.

Minerva, dressed in a hideous red dress, is sitting right on the big M-shaped boardroom table, listening to Snap’s “The Power” on headphones and caterwauling along. You know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they had Sandra Bernhard sing just so they could make Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello sound better by comparison. At least we don’t have to hear the whole song, because Darwin shuts off her Walkman so she can greet Hawk.

Caption contributed by Jason

“No, you idiot! The mating call in this culture is ‘I’m sooooo drunk!’“

Minerva’s small dog is also here in the boardroom, and we now learn its name is Bunny. Minerva tosses a tennis ball down some steps and cries out, “Bunny, ball-ball!” This phrase is repeated often during the remainder of the film, and even though it does sound funny enough, it’s a shame this is the closest thing the film has to a memorable catchphrase. Well, maybe it’s in a close race with “Slurp my butt.”

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Multi-Part Article: Hudson Hawk (1991)

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