Hudson Hawk (1991) (part 4 of 13)

We join Hawk and Tommy, our intrepid duo, as they briskly walk down a sidewalk wearing white jumpsuits and carrying plastic tubing. They continue their little trivia game, where Tommy says the name of a song, and Hawk tells him the song’s running time right down to the second.

Eventually, we’ll find out the purpose of this game: This is how they time their heists. If they have, say, five minutes and ten seconds to do a particular task, they’ll both sing a song with a running time of exactly 5:10. That makes perfect sense, what with things like clocks and stopwatches being as unreliable as they are.

However, Hawk still isn’t completely into the spirit of the heist, asking existential questions about other things he could be doing (e.g., “How come I’m not out trying to get laid tonight?”), but Tommy reassures him that this is the best way to spend an evening. They walk right past the auction house, with Tommy “hilariously” saying hello to guard, and then they round the corner to the fitness club across the street.

Caption contributed by Torgo's Hand

“Cheer up, Bruce, working a minimum wage job after being a celebrity isn’t so bad!”

They make their way up to the penthouse, where they find a large indoor pool. A few half-hearted attempts at humor are bandied about, along the lines of “no horseplay around the pool”, but we’re on a schedule here, so I won’t waste our time getting into these “jokes”. They take one of the lane dividers out of the pool and continue up to the roof.

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Multi-Part Article: Hudson Hawk (1991)

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