Hudson Hawk (1991) (part 13 of 13)

Yes, I will be bringing it on home, Ed. Much like that stray cat you bring home to your kids, who promptly lose interest and let the thing starve to death. I guess that’s not the most lucid analogy, but it’s crystal clear compared to most of this film. So let’s begin the last leg, shall we? If you’ve stuck around this long, you’re already a winner in my book, so feel free to think of this final section as a victory lap.

We return to Castle Da Vinci that same night. Inside, there’s a familiar large contraption with several arms and reflecting mirrors and large gears that would make Dr. Evil say, “You done me proud.”

Yes, it’s Da Vinci’s gold machine, still in perfect working condition. That’s some damn fine Italian craftsmanship there. They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to 500 years ago.

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Multi-Part Article: Hudson Hawk (1991)

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