Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1986) (part 8 of 9)

Meanwhile, the orgy is still going on, and a guard approaches Stirba to report the approaching hunters. Stirba puts the party on pause and announces, “Our enemies have arrived!” And then suddenly, our heroes are standing in the woods listening to the crickets, while looking around nervously.

Caption contributed by Ed

“Lucas probably pays well. Better than these guys, at any rate.”

Cut back to Stirba, who orders the revelers to destroy the hunters (insert footage of the club, where Babel is still performing), and then we get a montage of transformations, followed by a dimly lit shot of werewolves running out of the castle. So, I guess the wolves are at the door, but in this case, they’re going out, so it’s no problem.

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1986) (part 8 of 9)

Back to the woods and jungle noises, as the hunters make their way to the castle. Some tension builds (in theory), and brief shots of Stirba from the last scene lead up to a huge werewolf attack. Yes, we have a siege of about fifty werewolves attacking a few hunters, and the results are… well, less than enthralling.

It’s mostly a lot of shooting, and badly done insert shots of werewolves getting killed and mangled as guys in bear costumes run around, while Reb Brown screams like a girl before every shot he takes. It’s not exactly the first forty minutes of Saving Private Ryan, I’m afraid.

Caption contributed by Ed

“Ahh, werewolve—Uh, I mean werebears—No, Bigfoot! Oh never mind, just shoot them!”

Caption contributed by Ed

Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Not since he got in front of Reb Brown’s bullet, at any rate.

By the time it’s over, only Stefan, Ben, and Father Florin are standing, plus some random cannon fodder—uh, another hunter, I mean. Ben celebrates by yelling, “I told you we’d get these fuzzballs!” Yeah, you’re the man, dog. Actually, no, Vlad is the man-dog. You’re just a beefy chunk head who screams like a chick when firing a gun.

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Multi-Part Article: Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1986)

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