How to Get Away with Murder: Youth In Revolt

Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise is representing Caleb separately from his sister Catherine.
  • I don’t know why this matters since Annalise is pulling Dubious Court Room Magic to get them both off for murder.
  • Asher is depressed about his father’s suicide murder and has taken to hanging out with Connor and Oliver.
  • Neither of them are happy about this, but Connor wants to keep Asher occupied and away from the police.
  • Wes found out that Annalise knew his mother and is demanding answers.
  • Naturally, Annalise is not giving any.

In a flashback from ten years earlier, a pregnant Annalise oversees a former crop of ANTLs. One of them is a young Bonnie, whom Annalise is already favoring. Annalise tells Sam that she is going to Ohio, presumably for a case. “Don’t marry a lawyer,” jokes Sam to Annalise’s baby bump.

Correction: don’t marry a lawyer like Annalise.


In present day, Annalise is being cleared by her doctor to return to work while Wes tries to score sleeping pills. The doctor at the clinic understandably is refusing to give hard narcotics to a jittery mess so she gently suggests that Wes see a therapist or leave instead. “Just don’t feel bad if I end up shooting myself,” he snaps at her. “I wish you hadn’t said that,” sighs the doctor. Since Wes sort of threatened suicide, he now has to be confined to the pysch ward.

Annalise returns to court to wrap up the loose ends of a plea bargain for her client Jason, who is convicted of killing another man. However, the victim’s mother, Joyce Robinson, stands up in court and interrupts the proceedings. “What if I want a shorter sentence for Jason?” asks Joyce.


“Whoa. Keep talking.”

The only one interested in the deal is, of course, Jason. The prosecutor wants a long sentence to look tough on crime and Annalise just want to get the hell out of there and do more shady legal stuff elsewhere. However, the judge decrees that Jason should be allowed to get a chance at a shorter sentence and orders a restorative justice hearing.

As the ANTLs prep Jason for the hearing, Wes calls Laurel to rescue him from the psych ward. Laurel is unsuccessful so she reports to Annalise to see if there can be any Dubious Legal Magic to save Wes. Annalise is avoiding Wes since the accusations of last episode, but Laurel thinks Annalise is still upset that Wes shot her in the stomach. Annoyed with Laurel’s meddling, Annalise fires her from being Bonnie 2.0.

Caleb comes by Casa Keating to beg for help to track down Phillip. “It’s not my job to take care of you anymore,” Annalise tells him and sends him out. Michaela catches Caleb on the way out, but he is still angry with her. “Did she teach you how to do this? To play the whore to play people?” he asks. “You’re the whore,” shoots back Michael. She points out that Caleb didn’t have to show her the gun after they had sex, but clearly he was hoping Michaela would cover for him. “That’s right, I just wanted to get laid,” says Caleb sarcastically as he storms out.


“Wait, he was being sarcastic, right?”

Frank attempts to convince Annalise to take Caleb’s case again, pointing out that their whole coverup depends on making sure Creepy Phillip takes the fall, but Annalise just stomps around and yells at people and makes them feel worthless.

Michaela finds evidence that Jason texted from the victim’s phone, which was missing from the crime scene. Annalise confronts Jason and he admits he texted Joyce after he shot her son–on purpose. Annalise forbids him from revealing this information to anyone else but at the hearing, Jason cracks and admits to Joyce what he did. The prosecutor is gleeful that she can upgrade the murder charges and to Annalise’s surprise, Joyce wants her to get Jason a lesser prison sentence. “I don’t want an eye for an eye. I want to heal,” insists Joyce. “So get over yourself and do your job!”


The ANTLs aren’t thrilled to represent a confirmed killer and Annalise points out the hypocrisy that they are all killers and they have just been fortunate enough to be mentored by a badass Viola Davis who can help them get away with murder. “What’s Jason’s life worth to you?” she asks. “What’s Wes’s?” retorts Laurel. Laurel reveals to the group that Wes is trapped in the pysch ward and Annalise refuses to help him out. Disgusted, the ANTLs quit.

Even without lackeys to do her bidding, Annalise successfully argues against the prosecution’s harsher sentence. However, Jason agrees to life without parole, much to Annalise and Joyce’s dismay.

Back at the psych ward, Wes tells the doctor about how he discovered him mother’s body when she committed suicide. The doctor suggests that Annalise getting shot triggered those memories in Wes and that’s why he can’t sleep.


“Sure, let’s go with that. That’s the ONLY explanation for this.”

In the flashback, Annalise goes to Ohio to meet her client…who turns out to be Rose, Wes’s mother. Annalise shows Rose an article about Charlie Mahoney, a hedge fund manager who was murdered. Whoever this guy is, he seems to scare Rose. She attempts to flee but Annalise makes her stay. “I won’t let anything happen to you or your son,” Annalise promises.

The ANTLs shows up at the psych ward to free Wes, but he has already been discharged. On the ride home, Asher announces that he knows Connor and Oliver are only hanging out with him out of pity. “I thought it’d be nice if we didn’t lie to each other from now on,” he says. Connor admits that he doesn’t like Asher but at this point, the ANTLs have to stick together. “Clearly, we don’t have Analise to look out for us now,” he points out.

Annalise drops off a manila packet off at Wes’s doorstep as Laurel and Frank argue about the ANTLs walking out. Laurel turns the argument into about how Frank is always hiding secrets from her. To keep Laurel from dumping him, Frank admits to killing Lila.

Connor calls Annalise to report a troubling email: someone sent him security footage of the ANTLs hanging around the Hapstell manion on the night of the murders. “I think Phillip’s back,” he says. “And I guess so are we.”

Yeah, no one really believed the ANTLs were going to leave Annalise, did they?

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TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder

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