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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise is representing the Hapstell siblings, who are accused of murdering their adoptive parents
  • Prosecutor Emily Sinclair has it out for Annalise and is using Asher to testify against Annalise in a case she is building up
  • Even though Asher believes Bonnie’s lie that she killed Sam, he is still willing to turn on Annalise
  • Annalise swoops in and shows him footage of Bonnie being molested to guilt him not to. I’m not exactly sure how this works.
  • Wes, Nate, and Levi are teamed up to find out what happened to Goth Girl, but Annalise planted drugs in Levi’s car so now it’s just Wes and Nate
  • Although the other ANTLs tagged along to see what was in the secret storage unit, they are undecided if they should keep digging
  • Nate’s dying wife Nia asked Annalise to help her commit medical suicide, but Annalise refused

In the flashforward, Frank attempts to follow the doctors who are taking Annalise into surgery. “Don’t let her die!” he yells out hysterically as he’s escorted out of the room. Back in his car, he is cool as a cucumber as he drives away from the hospital with the unconscious body of Catherine Hapstell laid out in the backseat.

Back in the present, he and Laurel are enjoying some morning delight, if you know what I mean. When Frank gets up to shower, Laurel snoops through his stuff and feels guilty. In class, she scolds Wes for making her paranoid about her new boyfriend. Wes insists something has to be up with the suitcase full of money they found in the secret storage unit, but the other ANTLs tell Wes to quit the Hardy Boy act already. “Forget about the suitcase, Rebecca, and Levi before Annalise finds out we’ve gone bananas again,” suggests Laurel.


Annalise gets the lesson of the day started, and whaddaya know, it’s about witnesses who change their minds about testifying! After Annalise showed Asher the footage of Bonnie being molested (okay, first of all: how did she get her hands on that? Did Bonnie’s dad film their sessions? Was it a hidden camera type of deal?), Annalise explained that the reason Bonnie killed Sam was because it triggered her bad memories. Asher feels guilty and tells Annalise that the reason he agreed to help Sinclair is because she is blackmailing him. Annalise promises that she will handle everything.


“Welcome to the Cult of Annalise. Now you owe me for life.”

Bonnie doesn’t know that Annalise showed Asher the molestation footage and doesn’t believe Annalise’s story that Asher simply changed his mind because he loves Bonnie. Asher rejoins the ANTLs and tells them that he has been doing some secret, shady stuff that he can’t tell them about. “Gee, wonder what that feels like?” the ANTLs deadpan. Wes keeps staring at Frank, who tells Annalise that the suitcase didn’t throw Wes off. She promises to handle Wes after she deals with Sinclair. Annalise tells Sinclair to back off on Asher or she will leak their feud to the press and play the race card. Sinclair agrees to focus on the Hapstell case, despite the race card backfiring all over the place last episode. “I look forward to destroying you in court,” she tells Annalise.


“It’s so cute when they think they can win against me.”

It’s time for the Client of the Week! One of Annalise’s friends, Jill, killed her abusive husband in self-defense. The police don’t buy this story and believe Jill killed her husband because when he found out that she is transgender, he tried to leave her. Annalise also has her suspicions about Jill’s story: parts of the crime scene look staged, and Jill scratched herself to look injured. Jill explains that she did this because she knew no one believes transgender people when they are attacked. Annalise agrees to defend her.

Meanwhile, the ANTLs meet with Catherine and Caleb to discuss possible suspects to pin the crime on. Asher suggests blaming the biological parents, but Michaela intervenes and insists they can’t villainize the birth parents when they already went through so much to put Caleb and Catherine up for adoption. Caleb thanks Michaela, and Connor notices their flirtatious looks. He encourages Michaela to ask him out, but Michaela points out that Connor’s matchmaking skills suck. The ANTLs gripe about how they don’t have any suspects and are starting to believe maybe the Hapstells did kill their parents. They are undoubtedly embarrassed when they realize Catherine has been secretly recording them and heard everything.

A furious Annalise yells at the ANTLs for bad mouthing the client and tells them that the Hapstells no longer want the ANTLs on the case. “You’re all garbage!” she snaps. “Not me, right?” pipes up Asher. Asher is new to the Cult of Annalise; he doesn’t realize that they are going to be regularly berated from time to time.


“Wait, the love bombing is over?”


Annalise finds out Nate’s wife died, and she goes to his apartment to offer her condolences. He doesn’t answer the door so Annalise just drops off a cobbler at his door.

Even though they’re technically off the case, the ANTLs continue brainstorming suspects for the Hapstell case. Wes suggests the birth parents again, but Michaela points out that since the Hapstells don’t want to go down the road, they shouldn’t either. She admits that she might have been down with the idea if it wasn’t suggested by Wes, who is known to be paranoid. Laurel takes Wes to confront Frank over the storage unit. Frank lies that the money was supposed to be hush money to shut Goth Girl up, but they never got to use it since she “ran away.”

Annalise goes to the DA’s office to order them to drop the charges against Jill, but they refuse. They reveal that they found out Jill called Annalise before she called the police, and they believe Annalise coached Jill into staging the crime scene. “We’re going to try her for first degree and then you for being an accessory after the fact,” announces the DA smugly.


“Puh. You boys keep forgetting the show title, don’t you?”

Asher tells Annalise that Sinclair told a reporter about Trotter Lake. “You said you would handle her!” he says.

“I did. She’s just too stupid to know it,” replies Annalise.

Asher warns Annalise that his father is already working with Sinclair because she’s blackmailing him about one of his court cases. Annalise realizes she can kill two birds with one Millstone. She goes to the DA and tells him to release Jill and make Sinclair back off in exchange with providing him dirt on Judge Millstone’s corruption. The DA agrees, and Jill is free to go.

Even though objections have been raised twice about this, the ANTLs recruit Oliver to help them hack into the adoption agency to find out who the birth parents are. Instead, they find out that Racist Auntie has a secret love child somewhere and has been secretly supporting the baby all these years. The secret cousin has the perfect motive to murder the Hapstell parents and pin the crime on the siblings. Annalise tells Caleb and Catherine what the ANTLs found, and they begrudgingly agree to let the ANTLs back on the case. Michaela apologizes to Caleb about their trash talking, but he only wants to focus on the parts of the recording where Michaela talked about his butt and mentioned that she was single. He tells Michaela that he looks forward to talking to her again.


“Should I use my boobs or my heart with this guy?”

Nate is angry that Annalise keeps dropping off cobbler. He tells Annalise that their relationship took time away from his wife and reveals that he helped her commit suicide. He orders Annalise to leave him alone — for good. Yeah, yeah, he always says that.


Meanwhile, Frank takes Laurel to meet his family to show that he isn’t as suspicious as Wes thinks he is. Speaking of, Annalise goes to Wes’s apartment to beg him to stop looking for Goth Girl. She reveals that she knows Wes’s mother killed herself. “Whoa there! Don’t think you can use pop psychology on me to distract me from finding the truth!” says Wes. But of course, Annalise’s psych 101 lesson slowly convinces Wes to drop the search.

Oliver tells Connor that he tracked down the mystery cousin and hacked into his computer. Unbeknownst to Oliver, the cousin hacked him back and is spying on Oliver and Connor as they argue whether to take this information to the ANTLs. Speaking of new information, Sinclair gives Bonnie a file on what happened on Trotter Lake — Asher was involved in a gangbang of a girl.

In the flashforward, Frank leaves Catherine’s unconscious body in the woods where she is discovered in the morning by a police officer. The officer calls for back up as Catherine wakes up in her bloodstained pajamas.

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