How to Get Away with Murder S2E1: You Always Kill the Ones You Love

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Last season on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • America’s Next Top Lawyers plus Goth Girl accidentally killed Sam, Annalise’s husband, then covered it up
  • Annalise knows about this but doesn’t care because her husband was cheating on her with sorority girl Lila, whom he had killed by Frank
  • Annalise is currently pinning the murder of Sam on her boyfriend Nate so anniversaries are awkward now
  • When the ANTLs realize Goth Girl is hoarding evidence against them, they hold her hostage in Casa Keating
  • Annalise and Frank find Goth Girl strangled to death, and now we have to figure out which ANTL did it
  • I just hope we don’t have too many annoying flashbacks

You don’t realize how convoluted HTGAWM is until you try to explain it in 100 words or less.

Ten days after Goth Girl’s death, Annalise is teaching class as if nothing happened. Flashbacks show Annalise and Frank quietly dumping Goth Girl’s body and agreeing to not tell the other ANTLs she was murdered, especially Wes, who has finally earned the right to be called by his character name now and not just Dean Thomas. “But what if he already knows?” asks Frank. “What if he did it?”


That would be a twist–Wes is such an innocent puppy, but he is slowly becoming more of an attack dog. Back in class, when Annalise calls on Wes to answer a question, he passes. The whole class is shocked, and Annalise is annoyed. She tries to make Wes answer, but he snaps, “I don’t know the answer. That’s what ‘pass’ means.”


“Don’t want to be that guy.”

At Casa Keating, Connor asks Wes if he “grew a pair” after he let Goth Girl run away. Since the ANTLs don’t know she died, they just assumed someone let Goth Girl free into the wild. Laurel defends Wes against the accusations, and Michaela mocks her. Michaela is still mad that Laurel found Michaela’s engagement ring and didn’t say anything to keep Michaela quiet during the investigation of Sam’s death. The two get into an argument, and Frank interrupts to tell them to get to work. It’s time for the Case of the Week!

A pair of siblings are accused of murdering their rich adoptive parents for their inheritance. Except, it’s not really their case yet. Annalise introduces herself to the siblings, Caleb and Catherine Hapstell. “Who are you?” Catherine asks. “The lawyer you should have hired in the first place,” says Annalise smoothly.

The Hapstell’s real lawyer arrives and chases Annalise away. However, Annalise is not deterred. She informs the ANTLs that they are going to sabotage the lawyer so the siblings will decide to hire Annalise. The ANTLs are like, “Uh, this isn’t our case and shouldn’t we try to figure out what happened to Goth Girl?” They are not interested in trying to steal a case from another firm, no matter how fun Annalise promises it will be.


“You and I have different ideas of ‘fun,’ Annalise.”

As Annalise yells at her students for not being interested in unethical measures, a mysterious woman walks into Casa Keating. “I’d probably do what she says,” the woman tells the ANTLs. She is Eve Rothlo, a death row attorney. It turns out Annalise called her to represent Nate, but Eve really does think he is the killer so she is not interested. Annalise begs her to take the case and swears Nate’s innocence. “Just do it for you, just because we’re so close?” scoffs Eve. Annalise points out that Eve wouldn’t have come out all this way just to reject Annalise’s offer so Eve breaks down and agrees.

Oliver, Connor’s cute IT boyfriend, is helping Connor hack into the lawyer’s files. Is Oliver on the Casa Keating payroll yet? He totally should be; he does the majority of their dirty work. Connor wants to have sex, but since Oliver’s HIV diagnosis, Oliver wants to wait until they can take all the proper precautions.

Meanwhile, Frank hacks into Wes’s laptop and sees that he is looking for missing persons reports that match Goth Girl. “Which means he knows she’s dead!” crows Frank. “Or that he thinks she’s missing,” points out Annalise. To put Frank’s suspicions to rest once and for all, she lies to Wes and tells him that Goth Girl is holed up in a Pennsylvania motel.


“Annalise is telling me information. She cannot have an ulterior motive AT ALL.”


As the ANTLs sabotage the Hapstalls’ lawyer, Bonnie takes Asher aside and invites him to her apartment, but Asher turns her down to study. A college boy turning down sex for schoolwork? Something must be up. Michaela and Connor approach Frank and inform him that Goth Girl texted “EGGS 911” to a mysterious number from Michaela’s phone when she was hostage at Casa Keating. Frank tells them to just sit tight, and he follows Wes to see if he will try to find Goth Girl’s motel. However, Wes just goes grocery shopping.

Perhaps he is picking up eggs. It is a 911 emergency, after all.

Eve meets with Nate to discuss his case, but he is suspicious of any help coming from Annalise. Eve explains that she and Annalise were friends at law school. Aw, it’s nice to know Annalise is capable of having friends. I just thought she manipulated and berated underlings all the time. Since they’re such good friends, Eve must know that Annalise is framing Nate for Sam’s murder for whatever reasons, right? Eve is shocked and drops his case. Nate calls Annalise, thinking she was dangling help in front of him only to take it away. He tells her that he is tired of her games. “I may be going to jail, but I’m taking you down with me,” he threatens.


“Oh crap, I was hoping you two wouldn’t talk about the me framing you thing.”

At a bar, Michaela texts the mysterious “EGGS” number to cope with her loneliness and embarrassment at hitting on a gay guy, even though it could implicate her for Goth Girl’s murder. Seriously Michaela, why don’t you play Candy Crush instead?

Speaking of “crushing,” the ANTLS succeed in getting the Hapstalls’ lawyer fired so the case is theirs! Annalise confronts Wes about why he didn’t go look for Goth Girl, and Wes reveals that he knew she made up the lie all along. He adds that he has decided to stop looking for Goth Girl since she is obviously untrustworthy and doesn’t want to be found.

Okay, if Wes didn’t kill Goth Girl, then who did? Annalise realizes the answer was in front of her all along: Bonnie. Bonnie, who was worried about the mess Goth Girl was leaving in her wake, decided to oust the troublemaker once and for all. “I only did what you would have done for me!” says Bonnie when Annalise confronts her. This is true and we all know it, but Annalise calls Bonnie a monster. “You’re just like Sam!” she tells her.


“Really? Sam is the monster in this comparison. Okayyy…”

Annalise seeks solace in Eve’s arms–literally. Turns out the two were more than just friendly during their Harvard days. Annalise explains that she is framing Nate to protect an innocent person, and Eve is all, “You showing up at my hotel room crying reminds me of the times you used to be a good person and have actual emotions so let’s make out!”


Is this Annalise really reconnecting with an ex or is she just manipulating Eve to take Nate’s case?

Anyway, now that everything’s going good for Annalise, she takes the ANTLs out for a night on the town to celebrate. The ANTLs are understandably hesitant about partying with their scary professor, but Annalise didn’t wear a janky ass wig for nothing so they agree to get down.


Seriously, what IS that wig?

As Annalise knocks back shots and touches her students in ambiguously inappropriate ways,  the prosecuting attorney for Nate’s case hounds Asher to give her info on Eve. “I know what happened at Trotter Lake,” threatens Sinclair, the attorney.  Asher reluctantly reveals that Eve is friends with Annalise.

Meanwhile, “Eggs” texts back Michaela, and a witness in the Hapstall case turns up dead. A flash forward reveals that two months later, Wes flees the Hapstall mansion while Annalise lies in a pool of her own blood. Her voice over asks, “Why do we hurt the ones we love the most?”

Gee, maybe because you tend to manipulate and frame the people around you?

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