How to Get Away with Murder: Who's On Trial Here? (S2:E2 RECAP)

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Previously on How To Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise’s boyfriend Nate is on trial for Sam’s murder
  • The prosecutor Emily Sinclair is determined to win Nate’s trial and is blackmailing Asher into being her mole
  • Annalise recruited her ex-girlfriend Eve Rothlo to represent Nate and get some loving since conjugal visits aren’t available to her
  • She also took on Caleb and Catherine Hapstell, adopted siblings who are on trial for their parents’ murder. So far the case looks unwinnable, but we know Annalise will work her dubiously legal magic
  • Michaela texted the “Eggs 911” number because her love life is sad and she deleted Candy Crush off her phone

In a flashforward (I know, we hate these, but Season 2 is doing a good job of not showing us the same damn clips over and over again), Wes flees the Hapstell mansion to meet up with his fellow ANTLs. They go back inside to find Connor desperately trying to keep a bleeding Annalise alive. “This is all your fault,” grumbles Connor. “It’s always your fault.”

It’s hard to argue with that since Annalise starts the drama most of the time here.


Back in the present day, the Hapstell siblings are being questioned because their aunt has turned up dead. Caleb insists that the pair are being framed. “We’re not dumb enough to kill the only eyewitness in our murder trial!” cries Caleb to Annalise.

“We don’t know each other well enough,” she shoots back.

Before Wes heads to work, the landlord tells Wes that since Goth Girl has been MIA, her stuff is being tossed out on the street. He asks if Wes wants to keep anything, which is a surprisingly nice thing for a crotchety landlord to offer, but Wes is no longer a sweet Dean Thomas so he snaps rudely to toss everything out.

At Nate’s hearing, Emily Sinclair protests Eve being Nate’s attorney and claims there’s a conflict of interest due to the, ahem, friendship between Eve and Annalise. Even though Nate is the one who should be discussed, Emily also makes the accusation that Annalise is a sociopathic harlot who masterminded Sam’s death by manipulating Nate.

Well…she’s not wrong.

Also at the courthouse, a handsome stranger flirts with Michaela, but she is reluctant to get involved with him, no matter how much Connor cheerleads her on.


“I don’t trust you, Ridiculously Handsome Stranger. You’re too handsome.”

Annalise is shaken after Emily’s interrogation but switches to be annoyed when the ANTL team reports that Caleb’s DNA was found at the aunt’s murder scene. They decide to send in Wes to do his puppy dog routine on Catherine to get the real deal on what happened that night. Catherine confesses that she lied for her brother’s alibi.

Again, Emily treats Annalise like she’s the one who is on trial, and Annalise has had enough. “The point of this hearing was to provide evidence against Mr. Lahey, not myself,” she reminds Emily. But since Annalise raised her voice to vent her frustration, Emily triumphantly crows to the court that Annalise has quite a temper. “I think that makes you more than capable of murder,” Emily says smugly.


“Hmm, can she be the next person on my kill list?”

Oliver stops by Casa Keating to drop off his apartment keys to Connor. To my disappointment, he’s still not an official part of the team–I guess he has to kill someone to be initiated into the club. After Asher condescendingly tries to ask Oliver about his health, Oliver realizes the ANTLs know about his HIV status and is furious at Connor for sharing something so personal with them. “I keep my mouth shut about things that’ll hurt you,” says Oliver before he storms off.

Back at court, Annalise tries to turn the heat of Emily’s interrogation onto Nate, which infuriates him. He’s not going to jail for Annalise and tells Eve to figure a way to get them both off or else he’ll reveal the truth to the judge. Eve switches tactics and also joins in on accusing Annalise of being Sam’s murderer. Wait, what? Am I missing something? I have no idea what’s going on here. Is any of this legal?


Well, I know it’s not but still…

In the more coherent subplot, Michaela joins Oliver and Connor as Oliver hacks into the police records to find anything to help them on the Hapstell case. Oliver encourages Michaela to go after the cute guy from the courthouse.  “Look at me, I never thought I’d end up with a self-absorbed pretty boy,” Oliver jokes.


“You really think I’m pretty?”

Bonnie tells Annalise about Oliver’s findings, and Annalise grumbles about how Bonnie just expects her to fix everything. I don’t know where this is coming from and neither does Bonnie, but she is fed up with Annalise’s moods. Bonnie snaps at Annalise that she can’t belittle her underlings all the time and be surprised when they’re too afraid to do anything for themselves. Bonnie adds that she isn’t sorry for killing Rebecca because it was her way of repaying Annalise after she saved Bonnie. “I didn’t save you. I ruined you,’ says Annalise ruefully. She softens and tells Bonnie that if she does go to prison, maybe it will be a good thing after all.

However, Annalise has to save the Hapstells first. Oliver’s hacking showed that there were two police reports at the aunt’s crime scene–one with Caleb’s DNA and one without. Annalise is successful in convincing the court that the police tampered with evidence and the Hapstells are cleared of their aunt’s murder, although they still have their big trial ahead.

Speaking of big trial, looks like Nate won’t have one either. The judge is all, “Look, we’re here to decide if Nate is the killer so I don’t know why you two lawyers keep talking about Annalise,” and rules that Nate is free to go until the prosecution can come up with a decent case.


“When Annalise pulls illegal stuff, she always wins her case. What am I doing wrong?”

Connor finally asks Oliver how he contracted HIV, and Oliver admits that after Connor cheated on him, he had a sketchy rebound who presumably passed on the virus to him. Connor feels guilty for being the indirect reason for Oliver’s positive status, but Oliver tells Connor not to blame himself so the two make up.

Making up is not hard to do in this episode; Eve apologizes to Annalise for attacking her on the stand, and the two have make-up sex. Annalise calls Eve “the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me” before they kiss. Awwwww. I really hope Annalise isn’t just manipulating her to win a case or get away with murder.

The only one who doesn’t get any loving is Laurel. Frank tells Laurel that she can’t treat him like a hookup whenever she wants and needs to pursue a real relationship. Speaking of real relationship, looks like Michaela has struck out again on that front. She calls up the cute guy from the courthouse, but he is secretly Eggs 911, trying to find info on Goth Girl’s disappearance.


Asher gloats to Emily Sinclair that her mole plan failed, but Emily informs him that she is now the prosecutor on the Happstell’s case and still intends on using him.

We cut to the flash forward where the ANTLs make the decision to leave a dying Annalise behind. On their way out of the Hapstell mansion, they pass a dead Emily Sinclair.

Maybe she did find out about Annalise’s murderous tendencies…

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