How to Get Away with Murder: Who Shot Annalise Keating?

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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise got the Hapstell siblings acquitted for their parents’ murder. It was Phillip, the creepy cousin they never knew they had. Bet the butler is sighing in relief.
  • But wait! Catherine knew Creepy Phillip the whole time! And Caleb found the murder weapon in the mansion. Uh oh…
  • Emily Sinclair tried to blackmail Asher into being her mole so to distract her, Annalise gave her dirt on Asher’s corrupt judge father
  • Bonnie is mad at Annalise for ruining her relationship with Asher

Separately, the ANTLs are reeling over what to do about the murder weapon/incriminating painting. Much to Connor’s horror, Michaela and Caleb want to get rid of the gun and pretend they never found it while Annalise, Wes, Laurel, and Frank agree to call Catherine in and question her about her connection to Phillip. However, Michaela reports that Catherine found the trio with the gun and ran away. Annalise berates Michaela for tampering with evidence and driving away their client. Wes suggests calling in Nate to see if the police have noticed the connection between Phillip and Catherine, but Nate is busy denying the fact that he tampered with Phillip’s criminal records. Sinclair accuses him of being Annalise’s lapdog and using her to kill his wife. “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth!” shouts Nate. “And then what?” challenges Sinclair. Nate settles down because he know acting too indignant will make him look suspicious.

Back at the Hapstell mansion, Caleb swears he knew nothing about the gun. Annalise informs him about how Phillip and Catherine might have known each other all this time and might have committed the murder together. She tells him that if he is innocent, he is going to need a separate lawyer from Catherine.


   “But Mom and Dad always taught me to share!”


Bonnie goes to Asher’s to inform him that his father has committed suicide. Asher comforts his mother, but she blames him for Judge Millstone’s death. “He sacrifices his whole career to hide your disgusting secret!” she sobs. “Why did you choose [Annalise] over us?” Bonnie feels guilty for inadvertently being the reason for Judge Millstone’s suicide, but Frank isn’t bothered. He tells her to focus on tracking down Catherine.

In the flashforward of that same evening, the ANTLs are still at the Hapstell mansion waiting for Catherine to come home. In another room, Annalise gets a phone call, and when she hangs up, she goes into the other room and announces that they are going to give up the information they know to Sinclair to protect Caleb. Caleb is hesitant to leave because he wants to give Catherine, if she ever comes home, a chance to explain herself. Michaela offers to stay at the house for him. A car arrives, but it’s not Sinclair–well, it sort of is. Bonnie shows Annalise the trunk of her car, where Sinclair’s dead body is. “I’m sorry,” says Bonnie. “Don’t be,” replies Annalise. “We all hated the bitch.”


Rest in Pieces, Sinclair.

But wait, how did Sinclair die? We rewind to the scene where Nate yelled at Sinclair in the middle of the police station. Afterwards, his boss takes him aside to inform Nate that Sinclair has filed a harassment suit against him. Backed up in a corner, Nate plays the only card he has left: the race card. He asks to file a racial discrimination suit against Sinclair, and Sinclair quickly takes him aside to make a deal to drop both of their lawsuits. “I may be a lot of things but racist isn’t one of them,” Sinclair hastily assures him. “That’s what racists always say,” points out Nate. I am cackling! Man, Annalise should have just played the race card against Sinclair in the beginning if it gets her to back off so quickly. Sinclair attempts to convince Nate to join her in her crusade against Annalise, but Nate refuses and walks away.

In the evening, Asher waits for Sinclair in the parking garage to confront her about leaking Judge Millstone’s corruption. Sinclair swears she didn’t have anything to do with it but points out that Asher’s father was a bad man and the world is better off without him. Asher will not stand for people badmouthing his father. Enraged, he runs over Sinclair. However, he quickly becomes horrified when he realizes he committed a murder.


“Thank God this show is all about getting away with them!”

Asher calls Bonnie to double check Sinclair is dead for him. He wants to go to the police, but Bonnie orders him to stay put while she consults with Annalise. Annalise is on the phone with Nate, who gives her a heads up about Sinclair’s attempts to turn him and about Phillip’s release from questioning, when Bonnie calls. Frank also reports that he tracked down Catherine to a motel, and Annalise tells him to bring the pills from his wife’s suicide.


Back in the present (er–future? It gets confusing with all these flash forwards), Annalise, Bonnie, and Asher haul Sinclair’s body into the Hapstell mansion. The ANTLs demand to know what’s going on, and Annalise explains that Sinclair’s death was an accident. “But we’re going to make it look like a bigger accident,” she says. Connor refuses and tries to leave the Cult of Annalise so Annalise reveals to Asher that the ANTLs killed Sam and that’s how this whole mess started. “I covered for them, and now they’re going to cover for you,” she says.


“This is a strange team-building exercise.”

Annalise announces the plan: Catherine found Annalise explaining to Sinclair the evidence of Catherine’s guilt, so Catherine freaked and killed Sinclair. The ANTLs point out Catherine isn’t at the mansions and there’s a small chance that anyone will believe their crime scene. “We don’t need it to make sense; we need to make it look like chaos,” she tells them. Wes overhears Annalise telling Frank to drug Catherine with the pills, and he calls Nate to warn him that his girlfriend is about to do something crazy. Nate promises to head over as Bonnie tosses Sinclair’s body over the balcony, and Wes and Laurel try to keep Connor and Michaela at the house. Asher tells the group that all their efforts won’t hide what he did, and he offers to turn himself to the police again. Bonnie quickly takes him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Philip goes to meet Catherine at the motel, but she has been kidnapped by Frank. He knocks her out and drugs her as Phillip goes to the Hapstell mansion.

Annalise tells the ANTLs they need one more thing to make their plan believable. In front of them, she places a tearful 9-1-1 call where she claims to have been shot. She hangs up and tries to hand one of them the gun. “Now shoot me,” she orders. The ANTLs are in shock.


“Goddamn, no wonder you won that Emmy.”

Everyone is reluctant to shoot Annalise, and one by one, they each run out of the room until only Wes remains. Annalise tells Wes to shoot her in the leg, and when he refuses, she reveals that Goth Girl has been dead the whole time. Enraged, Wes shoots her in the stomach. He is about to finish her off until he hears Annalise whisper one word: “Christophe.” There is a flashback to ten years earlier, where a young Wes, called Christophe, is asked about his mother’s suicide in an FBI interrogation room. Behind the two way mirror, a young Annalise and Eve Rothlow watch the questioning. “Good God, Annalise. What did we do?” asks Eve.

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TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder

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