How to Get Away with Murder: We Needs LOTS of Sexual Healing (S2 E3 RECAP)

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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise and the ANTLs are taking on the case of the Hapstell siblings, who are accused of murdering their parents
  • Emily Sinclair’s attempts to pull Dubious Legal Drama in the courtroom has set Nate free, but she vows to have her revenge against Annalise
  • She is now the prosecutor on the Hapstell case and is using Asher as her mole
  • Michaela is dating Eggs 911 while Laurel tries to get closer to Frank. Oliver and Connor are also dating.
  • I don’t care about all these romances! I want to find out why in 7 weeks into the future, Annalise is dying in the Hapstell mansion!

Thankfully, I get my wish when the episode begins with the flash forward of Annalise slowly dying. Nate tries to call her as he speeds through the mansion, but she is too weak to answer the phone.

Back in the present, Annalise drinks and snacks as she thinks aloud into a recorder about the Hapstell case. She is startled when she hears sounds coming from the basement. Is it the ghosts of the people murdered in Casa Keating coming to seek their revenge? No, it’s just a rat caught in a trap. She calls Wes over to dispose of it, and he does so dutifully. She asks if he misses Goth Girl, and he asks if she misses Sam or Nate. They realize that they don’t miss any of their romantic partners but still bid each other good night.


They’re lingering longingly at the door, though…


Annalise must still have Wes’s young nubile body on her mind because the next day she announces the topic in class is sex and criminal law, and everyone can relate: Michaela thinks about how she almost had sex with Eggs 911, Asher guiltily has sex with Bonnie after giving Sinclair information, Connor is excited to have sex with Oliver, and Laurel flirts with Frank.

And the Case of the Week is sex-themed too! Tanya, a host of popular sex parties, is being accused of involuntary manslaughter when the married man she was having sex with died of a heart attack half way through the act. It’s a pretty slam dunk case for the prosecution: paint Tanya as an evil sex pervert, play up the grieving widow, and have witnesses testify about Tanya’s love for rough sex. However, Annalise has a way to counteract this: Tanya will give her the guest list from her sex parties to find a few willing to testify on her behalf. “Do you want to go to jail for being a negligent slut?” asks Annalise.

At least she’ll have a fun story to share in prison.

Tanya agrees to give up the names, but none of her guests are willing to talk. They’re all afraid of losing their jobs and having their sexual preferences revealed. Speaking of embarrassing sexual preferences, a tabloid comes out with pictures of the Hapstells kissing. Annalise demands to know if they are growing some flowers in the attic, which the Hapstells vehemently deny. Caleb becomes infuriated and tells Annalise that if she doesn’t trust them, maybe she shouldn’t be their lawyer.

At Casa Keating, the ANTLs discuss their sex lives because…the theme of week is sex. Anyway, it’s revealed that Michaela has never had an orgasm, not even with her ex-fiance Aiden. I don’t know whether to believe this because Michaela looked like she was really enjoying herself in their one sex scene together, but everyone treats Michaela with so much pity.

Annalise overhears their conversation and demands to know if they’re doing actual work or just “gabbing about your pathetic sex lives.”


“Can we work on changing Michaela’s Never Been Orgasmed status?”

Annalise tries to locate her lost recorder that she was using before she got distracted by the rat but can’t find it. She asks Frank how Nate is doing and decides to forge the police chief’s daughter’s name onto Tanya’s guest list to blackmail the chief into giving Nate his job back. Meanwhile, Michaela and Connor go to a sex party in hopes of seducing convincing witnesses to testify. Everyone’s understandably skittish about the witness stand, especially since some believe that Tanya did kill Dominic. After all, she made sure she would be paired with Dominic at the sex party on night of his death. They relay this information with Annalise, who demands the truth from Tanya.

Tanya breaks down and admits she was in love with Dominic. Oh, the twistiest twist ever: the Casanova was in love! Unfortunately, since he was married, he was only into Tanya for sex. Tanya, that bright little bulb, decides the best way to get a married man to leave his wife is secretly poison him, cause him to have a heart attack in the middle of the sex party, and be there to pick up the pieces when his wife dumps him for going to said sex party.


“….Girl….where do I begin with you?”


“You give those of us who really like sex a bad name,” says Annalise as she sends Tanya away disgustedly. Meanwhile, Laurel attempts to get to know Frank like he asked, but he is evasive about his past. “What if it’s mostly bad things?” he asks her. Laurel tries to pry some more, but Frank makes an excuse to leave.

Meanwhile, Asher meets with Emily Sinclair. It turns out there were two rats in Annalise house — the actual one and Asher, who is responsible for the missing recorder. It turns out he slipped it to Sinclair for her case. “It feels good, doesn’t it? Being on the right side of justice for once?” she asks. Asher points out how creepy it is that she is obsessed with taking down with Annalise and tries, once again, to declare that he is done being a snitch. However, Emily utters two magic words — Trotter Lake — and Asher is forced to be at her beck and call.

In court, Tanya worries she is going to lose since she has no witnesses to testify on her behalf — and oh yeah, she confessed she’s guilty to Annalise. “I never lose,” Annalise tells her. Tanya looks worried.


“Oh man, what Dubiously Legal Drama is she going to pull?”

At first, it seems like Annalise has turned against her own client. She announces to the court that Dominic was murdered and reveals what the cocktail Tanya used to poison Dominic was. But then Annalise causes the jury to believe that the wife was the one who killed Dominic since she handled Dominic’s medication. The jury agrees to acquit Tanya, who is still horrified at the way Annalise berated Dominic’s widow in court. “How do you sleep at night?” she asks. “Alone, on comfortable sheets,” shrugs Annalise. She tells Tanya that she should be glad: Tanya got acquitted and there’s not enough evidence to convict the wife either.

Bonnie is suspicious of Asher’s sketchy behavior, and he claims he met someone else so she’ll break up with him. Laurel invites Bonnie for a drink, and the two bond over the lying men in their lives. Speaking of lying men, Wes confronts Eggs 911. Eggs reveals that “Eggs” is Goth Girl’s nickname so I guess I should start calling him by his character name, which is Levi. Levi explains that he is looking for Goth Girl and just happened to hook up with Michaela on his search. Wes warns him to stay about from Michaela but agrees to help him find out what happened to Goth Girl.

A servant in the Hapstell house calls Annalise and reveals that she was the one who leaked the incest-esque pic. Now Annalise has a motive for the murder, and she gets to work trying to build her defense — by drinking and snacking.

How does this woman win any cases, again?

However, she notices a note from Tanya’s thank you basket inviting her to a sex party. Annalise decides to get herself gussied up to go.


“What is the dress code at a sex party?”


Since we’re finishing up the sexy plotlines, here’s how they end: Connor admits he is really crazy about Oliver and then they have sex, Michaela has sex with Levi and hopefully has her first orgasm, and Annalise attempts to make up with Nate.

She should have gone to the sex party because Nate tells her that he needs more time to forgive her. Oh, and he’s secretly working with Wes on something, too. What’s that about?

In a flash forward, the ANTLs hide in a ditch from a passing car, but it turns out to be Nate. He finds them and orders them to get into the car. Seriously, what’s that about?!

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