How to Get Away with Murder: Use Your Boobs, Not Your Heart (S2 E4 RECAP)

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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise is representing the Hapstells, siblings who are accused of murdering their adoptive parents. However, she might also have to represent them on incest charges–there are rumors that the two have more than brotherly love.
  • Wes has new allies in the search for Goth Girl: her foster brother Levi and Nate
  • Asher is forced to be a mole for Emily Sinclair, who is blackmailing him about something that happened at Trotter Lake

In the flashforward, paramedics arrive on the scene to help Annalise as Nate drives the ANTLs away in his cop car. Michaela gets a phone call, and Nate orders her to answer it like everything’s normal. Well, as normal as it can be when you’re fleeing a crime scene, but for the ANTLs, this is actually becoming a normality.

Back in the present, Annalise receives a phone call from Leah Lahey, Nate’s cancer-stricken wife. Annalise visits her at the hospital and braces herself for the barrage of insults that usually comes the mistress’s way. “What kind of woman can be with a man when his wife is dying?” asks Leah. But then she surprises Annalise by telling her that Leah isn’t going to judge. In fact, she want’s Annalise’s help — Leah wants to commit suicide because the pain is too much.


“Uh, the name of the show is How to Get Away with Murder, not Assisted Suicide”


Although she is shaken by Leah’s offer, Annalise needs to focus on her client of the week: Zoe, a rich prep school girl, is being charged with the murder of her best friend Rachel. In court, Annalise uses the insanity plea to argue that Zoe was brainwashed by her mean girl clique to violently stab Rachel. Connor realizes that similarly, he and the other ANTLs are being brainwashed and pitted against each other by Annalise to do her bidding — even commit murder. He tries to point this out to the other ANTLs, but they are happily drinking the Keating Kool-Aid and tell Connor to suck it up.

Annalise takes Michaela aside and gives her a special assignment to prep Caleb Hapstell for the witness stand. Michaela is flattered and thinks Annalise is finally recognizing her potential but no such luck. “You’ve got boobs,” says Annalise. “Any brother not screwing his sister should respond to them.”



Meanwhile, Asher is pretending to be sick and avoiding Casa Keating until he and his judge father cut a deal to handle Emily Sinclair’s blackmailing.

In court, Annalise tries to pay attention, but she can’t stop thinking about Leah’s proposal: she wants Annalise to provide her with pills so Leah can overdose. Annalise refuses, and Leah points out that she doesn’t have the moral high ground: not only did she sleep with a married man but she also got said married man implicated for murder. Thankfully, debating the morality of assisted suicide doesn’t throw Annalise off her game, and she is able to throw off a psychologist attempting to diagnose Zoe as a psychopath. The other two girls being charged in Rachel’s death say mean things to Zoe when court lets out for a recess. Connor awkwardly attempts to comfort her, but Zoe isn’t having it. He tells her that everybody has had bad friends who convinced them to do bad things. “Like stabbing your best friend a million times and watching her die?” she asks skeptically.


“Okay, you and I have very different friends.”

At Levi’s urging, Wes sneaks off to meet Nate to see if there is any new information in Goth Girl’s case. Nate admits that he tapped Frank’s phone and found that he made three phone calls to the same person on the night of Goth Girl’s disappearance. Wes passes on the info to Levi, who offers to track the mystery caller.

Michaela’s witness stand training isn’t going so well. Not only did she make a bad impression when Caleb caught her making a sexy phone call to Levi, but he complains that she is too bitchy while she complains that he is too defensive. Michaela finds some common ground by telling Caleb that she is also adopted into a family that she’s always felt she didn’t belong to. Even though their situations aren’t the same — he’s rich and she’s not, he’s being accused of murder and she got away with it — the two manage to make peace.


The ANTLs tease Michaela about having a crush on Caleb, but she insists she is with Levi. This upsets Wes because he specifically warned Levi to stay away from her. He goes to confront Levi, who claims that he is willing to do whatever it takes to find out who killed his sister. And if he has to bone a hot girl like Michaela to do it, then that is a sacrifice that he is willing to make. Wes is unimpressed and orders Levi to leave, but Levi tells Wes that he tracked down the mystery caller. Wes agrees to hold off on tattling.


“Okay, if you keep finding out info like that, you can bone Laurel and Connor too.”

Laurel reveals to Annalise and Frank that she stole Zoe’s phone and found a video of her and her friends bragging about killing Rachel and suggesting killing again. Annalise shows the video to the parents, who are horrified and insist that she bury the footage to win the case. Connor  insists that they can’t defend Zoe when she’s a potentially violent criminal. Annalise points out that they are paid to make the best defense for Zoe — regardless if she’s innocent or not because, hello, that’s what lawyers do. Doesn’t Connor know that not every client is going to be a perfect angel by now?

Despite Annalise deleting the footage, it somehow turns up in court, much to the fury of Zoe’s parents. Annalise tries to spin the footage and claim that Zoe was copying the other mean girls, but Zoe dislikes the implication that she was a tagalong copycat. She has a meltdown in court and screeches at the other accused. “You were nothing without me! You’re a basic bitch who better watch her back!” she screams, revealing that she was the mean girl all along. To top it off, she threatens to kill them.


“Crap. I’m not getting paid this week, am I?”

Not surprisingly, Zoe is proclaimed guilty, and Annalise realizes that Connor was the one who leaked the video to the prosecution. He proclaims he’d do it again. “Zoe would have killed again, and I can’t have anymore blood on my hands,” insists Connor.

“You know where else there’s blood? On your car,” reminds Annalise. She tells him that Frank was the one who “took care” of Connor’s car, which was used to transport Sam’s body, and just like the video he leaked, it can magically reappear again. She tells Connor that he is free to hate her, but he better not mess with her court cases again.

Michaela interrupts to report some good news: Catherine is a virgin! Even though there’s no medical basis for virginity tests, it would be enough to squelch incest rumors temporarily. Annalise notices the doe-eyed looks Michaela keeps giving Caleb and scolds her, saying, “I told you to use your boobs, not your heart.”

Meanwhile, the other plot lines are getting wrapped up: Asher’s deal with Sinclair is finally settled, but Bonnie confronts him and lies that she killed Sam; Wes and Levi realize Goth Girl has been buried under a fake name; Annalise tells Leah that she won’t help her die; as she exits the hospital, Annalise sees Nate and Wes talking to each other.


In the future, Nate tells the ANTLs to “focus on the plan” and orders Michaela to follow through with the rest. Michaela enters an apartment and assures a waiting Caleb that Annalise is fine.

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