How to Get Away with Murder: The Race Card

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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise is representing the Hapstell siblings, who are accused of murdering their adoptive parents
  • Prosecutor Emily Sinclair has it out for Annalise and is using Asher as her mole to win the case
  • Asher is about to break down since it’s perfect that Annalise should finally lose a case since she killed Sam, but Bonnie lied and said she did it
  • Wes, Nate, and Levi are teaming up to find out what happened to Goth Girl, but Annalise suspects what they are up to

In the flashforward, Bonnie flees the Hapstell mansion to a car where a waiting Asher sits. “It’s almost over,” she tells him, but Asher doesn’t look convinced.

In the past/present/whatever, Asher is waiting to testify against Annalise at a private hearing. With his testimony, Emily Sinclair hopes to reveal the illegality of Annalise’s Dubious Legal Magic and, in exchange, stop blackmailed Asher over the mysterious happenings at Trotter Lake. However, Asher can’t bring himself to spill anything because he believes Bonnie’s story that she killed Sam when Sam tried to rape her. He runs out of the courtroom, refusing to say anything.


Annalise reprimands Bonnie for telling such a big lie, but Bonnie is confident Asher will protect her. Annalise warns Frank that she saw Nate and Wes together. “Screwing?” he asks. No, worse — plotting against Annalise. Frank promises to handle them, but first Asher storms into Casa Keating. The other ANTLs demand to know what is going on, but Frank tells them to stay  out of it. Annalise agrees to talk to Asher privately, and he has a lot of questions about the Sam Situation, which is what I am now calling his murder and the elaborate cover-up around it.

“Why didn’t you call the police? Why did you frame Nate?” asks Asher. Annalise doesn’t really have a good answer — seriously, I was confused about the Nate frame up too — so she tells Asher that he wouldn’t understand because he’s a rich white guy.


“I don’t have to explain myself to The Man!”

Asher resists the White Guilt and tells Annalise he’ll consider not testifying. This will have to do for Annalise because she has to go meet with a judge and Sinclair about using the Hapstells’ aunt’s testimony. Remember how the Haptsell aunt turned up murdered? Sinclair did some Underhanded Lawyer Stuff at the last minute to keep her testimony anyway, and Annalise is furious. The presiding judge is not impressed with either side’s sneakiness and decrees there will be a hearing tomorrow to argue about using the testimony.


“Play fair and play nice, you hear?”

Back at Casa Keating, Connor declares that Asher is surely going to squeal and they’re all going to jail so they might as well live like it’s their last. Annalise interrupts to order them to find anything that would prove the Hapstells’ aunt’s testimony is unreliable. Meanwhile, Bonnie meets with Asher to answer any questions he has about the Sam Situation. She lies about everything he asks — she swears the ANTLs are not involved and she only had sex with him on the night of the bonfire to give herself an alibi. Asher is saddened because he really did like Bonnie.

Frank reports to Annalise what the audience already knows about the Wes/Levi/Nate (WLN) alliance: they’re working together to find Goth Girl, Levi was her foster brother, he’s dating Michaela, etc. Annalise confiscates Michaela’s phone and tells Frank to make sure she stays away from Levi. She goes to meet with Nate and reveals that Leah (Nate’s wife) asked her to assist with her euthanasia-ic suicide. Annalise hopes confessing this truth will get Nate to trust her or at least distract him from the WLN alliance.

Speaking of distractions, Laurel lures Frank to the basement and convinces him to have sex. If they’re all going to jail, she and Frank might as well get it on while they can. “They’ll hear us,” he points out. “Only if you make me scream,” Laurel coyly replies.


Laurel is a freak and I am here for it. Laurel is awesome.


Annalise finally gets a break! There is dashcam footage of police responding to Auntie Hapstell on the morning of the murder where she screams, “That Oriental and mulatto did it!”

Annalise has the race card in play for the trial, but Caleb isn’t exactly thrilled. When he comes by Casa Keating, he overhears the footage and is dismayed to find out what his favorite aunt really thought of him. Michaela promises that they will have her testimony thrown out, but Caleb is skeptical. Even though they know Auntie Hapstell is a racist, the footage isn’t much to discredit her actual testimony especially since it cuts out.

Annalise tells Connor that she has noticed his slacker behavior and misses the kid she first gave the trophy to. Connor gets in touch with his season 1 roots by enlisting Oliver’s help to hack into the police database to find the missing footage. Oliver asks if he can ever get on the Keating Payroll (Yes! Make Oliver an ANTL!), but Connor confesses that he, the other ANTLs, and Annalise might all go to jail so that might never happen.


“Dang. There goes my side gig.”

Asher meet with Sinclair at a bar. She attempts to guilt Asher into turning on Annalise by pointing out that Annalise is educating law students to turn out like her, using Dubious Legal Magic to get their way. Speaking of, Annalise uses the full footage Oliver managed to recover in court, but the judge doesn’t believe the footage “just happened” to end up on Annalise’s case. She decrees that racist or not, Auntie Hapstell’s footage can be used in the trial. “But she was racist!” protests Catherine. “You’re black! Out of anyone, you should get it!”

Catherine’s attempt to play the race card fails, and the black judge smoothly replies that her job is to uphold the law, no matter her personal feelings. Damn. Can we get a spin-off show about this judge? Instead of exploring the morally ambiguous Annalise, let’s see the other side of the coin and follow someone who is desperately trying to stay moral in the midst of ambitious lawyers who will stop at nothing to win a case.


Plus, she pulls off those judge’s robes.

Wes goes with Levi to talk to Bruno, the gravedigger that Frank contacted on the night of Goth Girl’s death. Levi pulls out a gun, but Wes calms him down. Bruno tells them that all Frank wanted was to borrow his storage unit. Very suspicious…

Speaking of, the ANTLs notices Wes sneaking off to meet Levi and follow them. Michaela is shocked that they know each other, and she is even more shocked when Wes admits Levi is Eggs 911. He also reveals the two are working together to solve Goth Girl’s death, but they are interrupted when police arrive on the scene and find Levi in possession of meth, planted courtesy of Frank. He is taken away, but Wes goes to the storage unit with the other ANTLs where they are sure they will find Goth Girl’s  body. However, they just find a suitcase of money. Unbeknownst to them, Frank knew that Wes would come to Bruno and told Bruno to give Wes the keys to a decoy storage unit. Wes insists that there has to be more, but Laurel tells him to drop the case.


Meanwhile, Annalise confronts Nate about what he is doing in the WLN Alliance, and she is interrupted when Bonnie calls her in hysterics to report that she failed to convince Asher not to testify. Annalise finally pulls out the big guns: she shows Asher footage from when Bonnie was molested by her father. Asher is horrified into not testifying…I guess?

In the flashforward, Bonnie pulls into a gas station to wipe the blood off of her. When she goes back to the car, Asher is gone! He is at the police station, ready to make a statement.

Uh oh…

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