How to Get Away with Murder: The half-naked truth

"What does a guy have to do? Kill somebody?"

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Frank tried to pin the murder of Mahoney on Wes, but now that Frank has decided to rejoin the cult of Annalise, Frank tried to pivot the blame onto Mahoney Jr.
  • Problem is, Mahoney Jr. has an alibi. You can do a lot of get away with murder but it’s kinda tough when your stoogie is blameless.
  • Wes and Laurel have started banging, presumably without any birth control because flashforwards reveal that she is pregnant. Come on, you’re in college. Pick up a couple rubbers at the student clinic and be safe.
  • Despite hooking up with two girls in the past season, looks like Frank is going to be single. Laurel is with Wes and Bonnie hates his guts.
  • Annalise made peace with President LaGuerta and recommended a lawyer to help LaGuerta get her kids back.
  • What we know in the future: Casa Keating burned down, there’s a dead dude in there somewhere, Laurel is knocked up,  Annalise was having secret meetings with the ANTLs without Michaela, and Wes is snitching on Annalise (and possibly everyone) to the police.

Let’s learn how to get away with murder, folks!

Although in light of the recent election, maybe I should stop writing that.


In the flash forward, Annalise and Bonnie speculate who is snitching on Annalise. Annalise accuses Bonnie, which makes no sense considering that Bonnie chugs the Keating Kool-Aid like it’s, well, Kool-Aid and is very ride or die for Annalise.

Annalise hangs her head and sighs that she is “done.” Done with what? Murdering people? Getting away with it?

In the present, Frank confronts Laurel in her apartment. He overheard her saying “I love you” to Wes on the phone and asks if she meant it in a platonic way or in a “I love being in a relationship and getting naked on the regular with you.”

Frank, you saw them hooking up last episode. I think you know the answer.

Laurel yells at Frank that he has no right to get mad at her for being in a relationship because he’s a liar who abandoned her and yadda, yadda, yadda. What I find most interesting in this conversation is that Frank surprised Laurel when she was about to change for bed and instead of putting her shirt back on, Laurel simply pulls on an open blazer so you can still see her bra and impressive abs as she talks.


“The blazer means business as do I.”

Wes gets subpoenaed for the Mahoney murder and has to testify in a hearing. If he admits that he didn’t see Mahoney Jr. on the scene, Wes will be in trouble. If he still claims he saw Mahoney Jr and Mahoney Jr’s alibi checks out, Wes will be in trouble. Annalise decides that the key is to figure out what Mahoney Jr.’s alibi is and destroy it so Wes can go free.

Although she hates Frank, Annalise knows he is the man for the job. She sends Bonnie to pick up Frank from Laurel’s apartment.

Speaking of impressive abs...

Speaking of impressive abs…

Annalise gives the ANTLs the lowdown: find ways to stall Wes’ hearing while Frank finds the alibi. Michaela and Connor intermediately opt out, claiming that they are tired of cleaning up Wes’ messes. Asher is concerned about Michaela’s coldness towards Wes and she explains that in her messed up family taught her to put herself first because no one else will. Asher does not agree with this mentality and tries to persuade Michaela to make amends with her mother, who keeps calling throughout the episode. Michaela ignores him so when she leaves her phone unattended, Asher takes the call.

To buy time, Annalise sends Wes to leak the medical records from his psychiatric hold to the defense so they will ask to psychologically evaluate Wes, thus putting off the hearing. Wes and Laurel run into Meggy when he goes to the medical office and she is annoyed to see her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend, who is the same girl Meggy feared her ex-boyfriend was in love with.

It’s awkward to say the least.

To my great disappointment, it appears that Oliver and Connor are not back together. Oliver is using Connor for sex until he can find another gay guy who isn’t turned off by Oliver’s HIV diagnosis. Connor is happy to have sex with Oliver again, but Oliver is upset that he is being left out of the ~secret Keating Cult~ activity around Wes’ legal mess. Connor tries to convince Oliver to forget about the Keating Cult and the handsy massage therapist, who keeps calling Oliver to apologize.

They have this conversation in the shower, naturally.

More expository dialogue should be done in the shower.

Frank stalks the Mahoney lawyer and sees her talking to the Hotel Hook Up who recruited him to take the hit on Annalise that caused Annalise to have a stillbirth. He then stalks that lady to her home and finds that she has a daughter. He calls Annalise and offers to do a little “eye for an eye” deal but Annalise is like, “Uh, aren’t we in enough trouble as it is? Just leave them alone.”

However, Bonnie secretly tells Frank to carry on the hit, claiming it’s what Annalise needs to move on.

Meanwhile, it’s finally time for We’s hearing! While on one of her many late night trips to the local 7-11 for snacks and self-loathing, Annalise bought a burner phone and sent Laurel to convince Nate to drop it in Mahoney Jr.’s cell. Mahoney Jr. gets a phone call from Hotel Hook Up’s house number, courtesy of Frank.

So what was the point of all of this? Wes’s lawyer (who was not involved in any of this, by the way) claims that Hotel Hook Up is lying about being Mahoney Jr’s alibi and uses the burner phone as evidence of their conspiracy. The judge rules that Mahoney Jr. was the killer and Wes is free to go!

"So an innocent man goes to jail because Annalise and Co. create unnecessary drama amongst themselves?"

“So an innocent man goes to jail because Annalise and Co. create unnecessary drama amongst themselves?”

Annalise is so pleased with herself after her Machiavellian machinations that she offers to help President LaGuerta herself for La Guerta’s custody battle. Annalise advises that they unleash “the beast” aka lying and shady lawyering. Either LaGuerta will be shocked at exactly the lengths Annalise will go to win a case or she will become the newest associate member of the How to Get Away With Murder club. Hopefully it’s the latter because it’s getting tiring listening to Oliver complain about he’s not in the inner circle.

Connor is tired of it too and the two end up having another argument about Connor hiding Keating Cult activities from Oliver. The final straw comes when Oliver accuses Connor of being damaged, which not wrong, considering how high strung Connor is after all the murdering and getting away with it. But the two break up again and Connor goes to crash at Michaela’s.

And literally crashes things.

Frank goes to Casa Keating and finally meets with Annalise face to face to apologize for killing her child. He offers to make it right, which makes me wonder if he did kill Hotel Hook Up’s daughter like Bonnie was encouraging. After Annalise screams at him for ruining his life, Frank pulls out a gun and offers to shoot himself. Annalise encourages him to do it while Bonnie, who was lurking in the back as usual, runs in and begs Frank not to.


You have so much to live for, Frank! Think of how the property value of Casa Keating will go down if you do this!

We don’t see any gruesome conclusion yet (Could Frank be the unidentified male body? Maybe Annalise torched Casa Keating to hide his body?) but in the flashforward, the ANTLs rush to the hospital and bombard Bonnie with questions. Bonnie tells them that there is a dead dude and snitch amongst them. Oliver wants to know if the dead dude is Connor, but Connor is alive and well. He has just finished banging the handsy massage therapist that Oliver was dating.

So Connor hooked up with his ex’s ex? And he tries to pretend he isn’t damaged.

What We Learned About Getting Away with Murder:

  • Slip a burner phone into the cell of the person you are trying to frame. Call the burner from their alibi’s phone number. Poof! You’ve just proved that they are in cahoots and now you can walk free.
  • Of course, now you’ve just sent an innocent person to jail but since you killed someone, I’m assuming you’re cool with that.

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