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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • Oliver became an ANTL, and for his first official case, he hacked into the Hapstell’s possible secret cousin’s computer to see if he was the murderer. The ANTLs decided to pull a catfish scam to lure Phillip out.
  • Unbeknownst to them, Phillip hacked them right back and tracked Oliver back to his apartment. Are Oliver’s days as an ANTL over before they have begun?
  • Annalise told Asher about Bonnie’s molestation, and Bonnie is pissed–maybe mad enough to be Annalise’s killer in the flashforward

In the flashforward, Bonnie joins the ANTLs downstairs after pushing Sinclair’s body off the balcony. Connor wants to leave, but Bonnie insists that he stay. “There is no decision here. It was already made so either get on board or you’re the next dead body out there,” she coldly tells Connor. Bonnie takes Wes’s gun and leads the ANTLs into another part of the mansion.

Back in present day, Bonnie sulks in the shower while Annalise sends a smiling selfie to “Mama.” We’ve met Annalise’s mother, and we know they are not the type to text each other “I miss yous.” I’m betting Annalise is trying to reach Eve and maybe get some sexting going, but that will have to wait since Nate shows up at Casa Keating, wanting to talk. Nate admits that he should kill Annalise or at least make her life a living hell for all that she’s done to him, but he can’t bring himself to do so. “I’m a mess,” he says.


“You’re just sad,” counters Annalise. “Also, you’ve been drinking the Keating Kool-Aid for a long time too.”

As Oliver tries to talk down Phillip, Frank drives the ANTLs home after their failed catfish scam. He yells at Laurel for being a tattle tale while Connor and Michaela awkwardly keep quiet in the backseat and pray that they’ll get dropped off first. When Connor goes to his apartment, he realizes Oliver is gone and there are signs of a break in. He rushes to report Oliver’s kidnapping to Casa Keating, and Annalise gathers the team (minus Asher and Bonnie) to figure out their next move. If they report Oliver missing to the police, they can all get in trouble since they were illegally stalking a murder suspect. However, Oliver shows up at Casa Keating…with Phillip in tow.


“Hey, nice to meet you guys! Oliver’s told me so much about how you’ve been illegally spying on me!”

Phillip explains that he tracked Oliver down to find out why the ANTLs have been spying on him, and the two had a lovely chat at a cafe about the whole “You’re this secret cousin who brutally murdered your aunt and uncle to get rich!” theory. Phillip reveals that yes, he is adopted, but his birth parents are a boring Midwestern couple–not the Hapstells. Phillip threatens to sue Annalise, and she quickly offers to strike a deal. Michaela isn’t so convinced of Phillip’s innocence, and after he leaves, she tries to look for any DNA he might have left behind to test and see if he is/isn’t related to Auntie Hapstell. However, Oliver’s already one step ahead of her–he stole a straw Phillip used when the two were at the cafe. “Damn, you’re a better ANTL than we are,” admires Michaela.

“I work in this house too, and it’s really unfair you guys never call me for the cool stuff,” complains Asher in the morning when the ANTLs have to deal with the literal ton of paperwork Sinclair sends over for the Hapstell case. Annalise divvies up the ANTLs but tells Laurel to stay–she is going to be Annalise’s new Bonnie.


“This is so sudden, I didn’t have a speech prepared.”

Annalise admits to the Hapstells about their botched attempt to spy on Phillip. She asks if they have ever seen Phillip before, and both siblings say no although Wes suspects Catherine is lying. Their meeting is interrupted when Sinclair calls in to offer a plea deal. Annalise excitedly tells the siblings that the plea deal means Sinclair is trying to convince them not to go to trial, which means she has realized that she doesn’t have a real case against the Hapstells. However, Caleb wants to consider taking the deal. “It’s fifteen years versus the rest of our lives,” he argues. Michaela and Wes go to the Hapstells to convince them to not take the plea deal. Michaela uses her boobs, but Wes uses his heart–he tells Catherine to take the plea deal. When Annalise scolds him, he admits that he wishes that he went to the police after Sam’s death instead of relying on Annalise. Annalise removes him from the case until he learns to control his feelings.


As one star falls, another rises. Asher realizes that Sinclair snuck in a bug when she delivered the paperwork to Casa Keating. She only offered the plea deal once she realized Annalise has a possible suspect, and she has been sabotaging their attempts to test Phillip’s DNA. Annalise is impressed. “Maybe Mr. Millstone should be my new Frank,” she says.


Or maybe not.

The ANTLs scour the paperwork and discover the bug, but it’s too late! Caleb has already agreed to Sinclair’s plea deal, but as we all know, it’s not over until Annalise says it’s over. She and the ANTLs talk loudly in front of the bug about how the murder weapon is in the Hapstell basement, and of course, Sinclair shows up at the mansion with a warrant. To her disappointment, nothing turns up, and by the time the officers finish combing the place, the time to take the plea deal has expired.

Nate calls Annalise and reports that Phillip is at the police station giving a statement. “I think I can fix this,” he says. Annalise tries to convince him to stay out of it, but like Oliver, Nate is attracted to the dark side of the law. He alters the computer records to show that Phillip has a history of schizophrenia so the cops dismiss his claims.

You’d think everything would be solved by now, but nope–Catherine met with Sinclair secretly to take another plea deal and Sinclair found another judge to approve it. “Seriously?!” demands Annalise and the audience at home. The ANTLs race to find something that would keep the deal from going through, but it’s Frank who proves his worth. He bribed the DNA lab to fast track Phillip’s sample, and he gets the results to Annalise and Catherine before Catherine takes the deal. They read the results, and Catherine announces that she won’t be taking the deal after all.


“Frank is the new Frank, baby.”

Annalise smugly confronts Sinclair in her office with the DNA results–Phillip was at the Hapstell mansion on the night of the murder, and he is the product of incest between Racist Auntie and Daddy Hapstell. “Good luck convincing the jury that the inbred weirdo didn’t do it,” she tells Sinclair.

Then, all couples in HTGAWM land make up: Frank cooks Laurel a dinner after her long week of being the new Bonnie, Connor and Oliver spice up their sex life, Michaela and Caleb kiss, Catherine sends Wes a portrait of his family as a flirty gesture, and Annalise and Nate get back together. It’s happy couples all around, but post-coital bliss is interrupted when new information comes to light. Wes realizes Catherine also gave Phillip one of her portraits, and Caleb shows Michaela the murder weapon hidden in the mansion’s vents. “Do you think she killed them?” he asks.

The answer is pretty clear when Catherine meets up with Phillip. “Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of this,” he promises.


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