How to Get Away with Murder: Mommie Dearest

Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Wes was suspected of killing his birth father, but Frank pinned it on Mahoney’s son
  • It was his way of saying “my bad”, so now he’s on his way to join the Cult of Keating.
  • Wes dumped Meggy because she was Too Good For Him and then promptly hooked up with Laurel, possibly getting her pregnant in the process.
  • Readers: When someone tells you that you’re too good for them, believe them. Chances are that it’s true.
  • Hopefully Meggy will steer clear of Wes and his impending baby mama drama.
  • In the flash forward: Casa Keating is burned down, Laurel was rescued from the fire and revealed to be preggers, there’s a dead unidentified male body, Annalise is the prime suspect, and Annalise was having secret meetings with the ANTLs without Michaela.

Let’s learn how to get away with murder, folks!

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In the flash-forward, detectives inform Annalise that she’s being charged with arson and murder, presumably for the dead male body found in the house. In the present day, Wes is still being questioned about Mahoney’s murder, although the police want to confirm if Mahoney Jr. was on the scene. Wes lies and says yes, which Annalise scolds him for. She reminds him that Mahoney Jr. could have an alibi, and then the suspicion would be back on Wes. He asks if Frank is coming back, but Annalise still hasn’t heard from him.

In the meantime, it’s time for our clients of the week: a trio of siblings are accused of trying to poison their sick mother. Their defense is that they didn’t do it (obviously), but if they did, their mother was an emotionally abusive, manipulative woman, so who could blame them? “If she smells blood, she goes for the kill,” claims one of the brothers.

"Gee wonder what that's like."

“Gee, wonder what that’s like.”

Insensitive Drake makes the obvious connection between the Mommie Dearest and Annalise, but the other ANTLs have been drinking the Keating Kool-Aid for a while so they jump to her defense. After meeting with the clients, Annalise gives them the lowdown: the siblings have to give depositions, which will be filmed in the presence of Mommie Dearest. The key is to keep them from going on rants about how terrible their mother is and come up with a new suspect that will deflect suspicion from them. The first student to find a good suspect will get an automatic A on Annalise’s midterm.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but hey, that never stopped Annalise before.

Wes and Laurel sneak away from everyone to have sex at her apartment. As they remove their clothes, they discuss how Annalise still hates Laurel and how Wes lied to the police. Wow, these kids know how to talk dirty to get in the mood. They proceed to start boning, and unbeknownst to them, Frank is standing in the living room.

"Did no one see me here?!"

“I guess they didn’t see me here.”

Annalise goes to her AA meeting, where President La Guerta is giving her sob story about how she got her kids taken away because she was drinking so much. Annalise admits she admires La Guerta’s ability to spill her guts in front of strangers because Annalise still can’t do that. La Guerta makes small talk by asking about Wes’s police investigation, which causes Annalise to go on the defensive. “We’re not friends,” she snaps. “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have to go to these stupid meetings.”

“You have to go to these stupid meetings because you slapped a client,” reminds La Guerta.


Asher is the one who finds a suspect: the produce manager of the family restaurant sent an email about anti-freeze poisoning. The siblings think they’re free and clear until the sister admits that she’s been dating the produce manager and she told him about how they all regularly joked about killing their mother. The brothers immediately want to ditch their sister and pin the murder on her.

"So much for blood being thicker than water."

“So much for blood being thicker than water.”

Annalise reminds them that they’re all under suspicion, so pinning the murder on one person doesn’t mean the others are going to get off scot-free. The siblings agree to get their act together for their depositions, and they hold up well until the prosecution brings up an incident where the mother scared off one of the brother’s dates by bringing up an embarrassing childhood memory.  “She was never going to screw him. He’s a virgin and probably will be until he dies,” the sick mother gleefully tells the courtroom.

This causes the brother to snap and yell that he can’t wait for her to die. Despite the obvious hints that this little old lady is not a sweet as she looks (seriously, who brags about how their son will never get laid?), the court murmurs disapprovingly and Annalise knows she’ll likely lose the case.

To top it off, Mahoney Jr. does have a solid alibi, so Wes is once again under suspicion, mostly due to his own stupidity. The ANTLs are mad at Annalise for not taking care of this as she promised, so Annalise gives them permission to yell at her about how much they hate her. “Come at me,” she tells them.

I'm serious. That was her actual line. Minus the "bro" part.

An accurate rendition of Annalise in this scene.

The ANTLs start off their usual complaints about Annalise—that she’s controlling, that’s she’s a powerful woman but such a huge mess, that if she just let them go to the police then everything would be much simpler—but it’s Asher who gets a real jab in. “I always thought my father was a bully, but you take it to a whole other level,” he says.

Meanwhile, Oliver is ready to have sex with his new gentleman friend and admits his HIV status. To Oliver’s disappointment, the new guy isn’t cool with it and bails. Oliver realizes that even though Connor is a neurotic mess, he’s the only neurotic mess within a 25 mile radius that will have sex with him, so they get back together.

Nonetheless, the shippers are happy.

Nonetheless, the shippers are happy.

Annalise reviews the sick mother’s deposition, hoping that as a manipulative maternal figure herself, she’ll be able to figure out a new clue. And eureka! Annalise realizes that the mother poisoned herself to teach her children a lesson about appreciating her.

It’s a very strange lesson, no doubt.

Annalise lets Laurel do the cross-examination to make up for all of the emotional abuse, and Laurel succeeds in making Mommie Dearest confess on the stand. Annalise also makes peace with La Guerta, offering her the number of a good family attorney so she can get her kids back.

Frank shows up to make up with Bonnie, but Bonnie surmises he’s only here because Laurel rejected him. She kicks Frank out and he once again goes back to Laurel’s apartment. This time, he makes sure she can see him, and thankfully, she’s not in the middle of boning Wes when he swings by.

In the future, Laurel wakes up from her coma and tries to ask for Wes, who’s revealed to be cooperating with the police to pin the fire on Annalise. He demands full blanket immunity before he says anything. “Do you want to take her down?” he asks.

Is this another piece of Annalise’s plan? Or is Wes really snitching?

What We Learned About Getting Away with Murder Framing Your Kids for Your Attempted Murder:

  • Maybe don’t take so much obvious pleasure in their impending jail sentence?
  • Also, if you want your kids to appreciate you, maybe don’t be a dick to them.

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