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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • Annalise is back in class! She threatened a lawsuit (again), and this time, President LaGuerta gave in.
  • Hopefully the next time they bump into each other at AA, it won’t be as awkward.
  • Insensitive Drake was revealed to be the Killer Poster Culprit.
  • Bonnie tracked down Frank to coax him home and he instead convinced her to run away with him. Bonnie was all set to follow through on their ’16 Bonnie and Clyde plan and even had sex with Frank. Unfortunately for her, Frank hit it and quit it.
  • To top it off, Laurel and Wes tattled to Annalise that Bonnie went to see Frank alone.
  • NYPD detectives think Wes is responsible for killing Mahoney and are digging around, looking for dirt.
  • In the flashforward, Casa Keating is burning, there’s an unidentified male dead, and Laurel, who was rescued from the fire, is pregnant.

Let’s learn how to get away with murder, folks!


In the flashforward, Michaela hangs up after being updated by Oliver re: Casa Keating burning, dead bodies, pregnant Laurel, et cetera and rushes out the door. Her mother offers to go with her, but Michaela orders her to stay put.

In the present, Annalise blasts Bonnie for meeting with Frank alone in front of Wes and Laurel. Bonnie sidesteps Annalise’s accurate accusation of sleeping with Frank to claim she only met with him to get him to confess to shooting Mahoney on tape. Annalise points out that that recording would be inadmissible in any courtroom and is worthless as blackmail material, because Frank knows way too much dirt about the going-ons of Casa Keating.

That’s why his beard was so big. It was full of secrets.

Bonnie tries to claim that she was trying to help Annalise, who scoffs at her. “You did this for yourself, to get the love that no one ever gave you,” she snaps. “But guess who did? Me!” I love that Annalise is a dark, messy anti-heroine, but when she talks to her subordinates like she’s a Manson-like cult figure, I worry.

Wes interrupts Annalise’s daily verbal flogging of Bonnie to report that Meggy has been calling his and Laurel’s phones. Laurel answers and Meggy explains that there are NYPD detectives looking for Wes at his apartment. Annalise believes Frank called them because he’s expecting to be blamed for Mahoney’s murder and wants to throw Wes under the bus. Wes wants to tell the detectives the truth—well, the version of the truth that will get him in the least amount of trouble—but Annalise orders him to stay in Casa Keating until further notice.

“Take one more step or I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca,” she threatens.

And as I recall, that did not end well.

And as I recall, that did not end well.

In class, the ANTLs wonder where Wes is. Insensitive Drake tries to join the group, thinking that they all have a special bond because they know his secret, but the ANTLs ignore him. Sorry, Insensitive Drake, but it’s not enough to hang up some mean posters. You gotta kill someone in order to hang with the cool kids.

Annalise fills the ANTLs in about what is going on with Wes and they are all angry that Laurel was keeping secrets from them. They ice her out in class, with Michaela even telling her, “You can’t sit with us.”

"Did I wander into a 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie by accident?"

“Did I wander into a 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie by accident?”

Connor adds that when Laurel tells the truth, she can earn her privileges back. These kids really do act like they’re in a cult. I’m starting to think the fire at Casa Keating might be a smaller scale version of Jonestown.

Annalise is officially reinstated to teach and practice law again, although under harsh, but understandable conditions: mandatory AA meeting attendance, random alcohol testing, and a warning that the board will no longer tolerate her shady lawyering. This is a problem, because the client of the week is a shady person herself. Dani, an Army veteran, is on trial for stabbing an obnoxious, but relatively harmless douche at a club. Annalise’s original defense was to claim that Dani suffers from PTSD that kicked in when the douche tried to grind up on her, but it turns out Dani lied about serving in combat. She had a desk job in Afghanistan filing casualty and injury claims, which is how she came up with her various war stories.


“They were all so vivid that it was like I was there! Except, you know, I wasn’t.”

To top if off, Annalise is facing off against the ADA with the glorious curls who hates Annalise and is sleeping with Nate. She objects to everything Annalise does, and what’s worse, the judge agrees with her. Annalise can’t intimidate witnesses or slap her lousy client to win the case so instead, she tells the truth. Surprisingly, she still manages a win, sort of. The judge decides to give Dani a plea deal and send her to a treatment program for her substance abuse problem.

“But I don’t have a substance abuse problem,” says Dani, confused. Ya do now, kid.

Annalise reminds Dani that she does have a problem: namely, lying and stealing other people’s stories and knifing random guys.



Meanwhile, Casa Keating is in a flurry trying to figure out how Wes can talk to the police and blame Frank for the murder without getting themselves into any additional trouble. Annalise believes Frank was the one who tipped the police off about Wes, and Bonnie attempts to convince her to go easy on him. Annalise questions Bonnie’s loyalty, and Bonnie swears she came back to Annalise not because Frank rejected her, but because she loves Annalise.

Seriously, Jim Jones and Charles Manson could have learned a thing or two from Annalise. She mistreats everyone around her and still has them begging for her approval.

Anyway, Laurel leaves yet another weepy voicemail for Frank, swearing to never forgive him if he does get Wes and all of them in trouble for Mahoney’s murder.  Similarly, Connor is worried about getting in trouble, so he checks on Wes, who’s considering admitting everything to the police. He threatens to kill Wes if he gets the other ANTLs in trouble yet again, but Wes shouldn’t pay him much attention. Connor is just being particularly aggressive lately because he’s jealous that Oliver is dating a handsome masseuse.

"Why so tense?"

“You’re carrying a lot of tension… in your heart.”

Since we’re on the topic of romance, I suppose this is a good time to get an update on the ANTL’s love lives, which are honestly the least interesting part of the show. I’m here to watch people commit horrendous crimes and get away with it, dammit!

Wes dumps Meggy and hooks up with Laurel, thus confirming the identity of Future!Laurel’s baby daddy. Mazel tov, Wes, although you won’t know it for a couple more episodes. He tells Laurel that he destroyed the tape recorder containing Frank’s confession and is going to the police.

Asher tries to get Michaela to admit that they’re in a relationship. Michaela rebuffs him, so Asher makes up a story about hooking up with a hot girl in an attempt to make her jealous, which doesn’t work because this isn’t a ’90s sitcom. Asher finally acts like an adult and tells Michaela that he likes her and Michaela admits that she likes him too. They have make-up sex, which is interrupted by Connor showing them a news report that the police have caught Mahoney’s killer.

"This is very important and all but couldn't this have waited until after sex?"

“This is very important and all, but couldn’t this have waited until after sex?”

Everyone thinks Wes turned himself in until the news reports announce that the murder weapon was found in possession of Mahoney’s son. The legitimate one, not Wes. Annalise and Bonnie realize that Frank must have planted the weapon and it’s his way of making things right.

In the flashforward, Michaela rushes to Asher’s dorm to see if he’s okay. She asks if he’s seen the others, and Asher says he hasn’t seen them since their meeting with Annalise that afternoon.

“What meeting?” asks Michaela.

Michaela being kept out of secret meetings? Is it a power move by a pseudo-cult leader? Or is Annalise hiding something? She usually is, but what is it this time?

What We Learned About Getting Away with Murder Stabbing People:

  • Claim you have PTSD from your previous combat experience. And then when people find out you don’t actually have any combat experience, you can get a plea deal to get help for your compulsive lying and avoid jail time.

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