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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • Annalise is representing the Hapstell siblings, who are accused of murdering their parents. They insist it’s a frame up and they might be right! Turns out their aunt had a secret love child who stands to inherit the Hapstell fortune.
  • This is a relief to Michaela, who is developing a crush on Caleb. She’s hoping for diamond rings and weddings in her future, not conjugal visits.
  • Oliver, the unofficial ANTL, tracked down the secret cousin, Phillip. He hacked Phillip’s computer but unbeknownst to him, Phillip hacked Oliver right back.
  • Nate helped his dying wife Nia commit suicide, and he blames Annalise for their affair and distracting him from his wife. Uh, it takes two to tango here, pal.
  • Annalise convinced Asher not to testify against her and gave the DA dirt on Judge Millstone so the DA will stop Emily Sinclair from going after Annalise again
  • Not easily defeated, Sinclair reveals to Bonnie the secret of Trotter Lake: Asher was involved in the gang rape of a girl

In the flash forward, Connor walks out of the Hapstell mansion, presumably on his way to call the police. Michaela attempts to convince him otherwise, but he scoffs at her. “No more excuses, we know better this time,” he says. Laurel and Wes overhear the two talking from behind a corner.

“What do we do?” asks Laurel.


“Stop them,” says Wes, revealing that he is holding a gun. Whoa, where did he get that?

Back in the present, Wes finds a gun in his drawers. It’s Levi’s, from when there was a Wes/Levi/Nate alliance to find Goth Girl and investigate Annalise. Now Levi is in jail, Nate is mad at Annalise, and Wes is back in the Cult trying to find means and motive to place Phillip at the scene of the Hapstell murders. Annalise instructs the ANTLs to not let Catherine and Caleb know they have tracked down Phillip. “We don’t want them to do anything stupid,” she says.

Speaking of stupid stuff, Emily Sinclair is trying to charge Nate with the murder of his wife. Frank knows Annalise was the original accomplice to the assisted suicide and warns her that he won’t be much help if Sinclair is successful in her charges. “If you want to be helpful, kill Emily Sinclair,” snaps Annalise and the audience at home. Seriously, what is Sinclair’s vendetta against Annalise? She’s like a dog with a bone–no matter how many times Annalise proves that she can outmaneuver her, Sinclair is back again with a new trumped-up charge or secret investigation.

Annalise goes to Nate’s to offer her services as a Dubiously Legal Attorney, but it turns out Nate already has legal representation: Eve Rothlow. Eve is not pleased to hear that Nate did kill his wife because now she has to work her legal magic to convince a jury that Nia died of natural causes.

Eve also warns Nate and Annalise to stay away from each other because it will only add fuel to Sinclair’s fiery vendetta against Annalise. Annalise is reluctant to tear herself away, but she has to focus on her client of the week: Dale, who stalked and harassed his ex-wife Sharon’s new husband Marco so much that Marco committed suicide. Dale is unperturbed by the murder charges against him and is more excited by the fact that he (technically) has a chance with his ex again. “Look, we’re not in Egypt so get off  ‘de Nile’ River and prepare for this trial, you dummy,” Annalise tells him.

Speaking of dummies, she sees Sinclair in the courthouse and warns Sinclair to back off of Nate. Sinclair smugly replies that there will just be a simple blood test to see how Nia really died and if Nate has nothing to hide, what’s there to be scared of? “You’re messing with the wrong bitch,” warns Annalise.

“Is that a threat?” snaps back Sinclair.


“It’s so cute when they forget the title of the show.”

At Casa Keating, Bonnie confronts Asher with the truth about Trotter Lake. Asher swears that he was just the host of the party and had nothing to do with the girl’s rape, but Bonnie doesn’t believe him. After getting caught getting handsy with Frank, Laurel is yelled at by Annalise and sent to work with Wes and Asher on Delusional Dale’s case to see if there is another reason they can pin Marco’s suicide on. Delusional Dale tells them that the only weird thing about Marco is that he went to church three times a week. Laurel realizes that Marco wasn’t just super into Bible study; he was going to AA meetings. Sharon denies this on the stand and swears that Marco loved Jesus, not alcohol. The prosecution adds Marco’s tear-filled 9-1-1 call into evidence where he blames “him,” a.k.a. Delusional Dale, for his death. Now Annalise has to figure out a new defense!


Oliver, hired by Frank, goes to Casa Keating to report that he can place Phillip’s IP address in town on the night of the Hapstell’s murder. Connor is not pleased that Oliver is becoming an official ANTL, while Eve admits to Annalise that she is pleased to hear that Nate killed Nia all by himself. “Because it means I get to see you again,” she tells Annalise. Annalise jokingly tells Eve that she should throw the case and the two can run off together and live happily ever after. “We’ve both got work,” reminds Eve. Annalise goes back into Casa Keating and welcomes Oliver to the team as Connor pouts. Come on, let your boyfriend shine at what he does best, Connor!

Wes quietly observes Nate’s hearing, and unfortunately, Sinclair is winning. Nia died right after Nate visited her, and the nurse stationed on the shift reveals a pro-euthanasia stance. Eve doesn’t cross-examine her, and Wes reports this to Annalise. Annalise worries that Eve took her joke about throwing the case seriously and confronts her. “Nate knows the plan, and that’s all you need to know,” Eve tells her. Annalise reluctantly agrees to trust her.

In the pilot episode, Laurel noticed some Incriminating Shoulder Patting, and in this one, she noticed it again! This time, it was between Sharon and her lawyer. Laurel tells Annalise that Sharon and her lawyer are sleeping together and worked to drive her husband into committing suicide and pin the blame on Delusional Dale. The “him” in the 9-1-1 phone call was about the lawyer, not Dale! Laurel flirts with the doorman of the lawyer’s building to trick him into the courtroom to be a witness who will testify that Sharon was always at the lawyer’s apartment. “I take the fifth,” the lawyer quickly says, and a new trial is set to prosecute him instead.

Delusional Dale is free, and he thanks Annalise for her help because now he can try to get back together with Sharon since her husband and boyfriend are either dead or in jail. Annalise tells Dale that he is a pathetic stalker and Sharon will never love him.


“Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

Laurel tells Annalise “you’re welcome” for cracking the case. Annalise is not impressed and tells Laurel that if she wants a trophy so bad, she can wipe the blood off of it. Laurel shoots back that Annalise doesn’t appreciate the fact that Laurel is the one handling the other ANTLs’ crazy. However, Annalise tells Laurel that her hard work has not gone unnoticed. “Me not paying attention to you is the best compliment you could ever get,” she tells her. “Stop being needy and go back to work.” Unfortunately for Laurel, her awesomeness is only vocally appreciated by me.

Eve sends Nate to the hospital, where he badmouths Sinclair to the nurse witness. In court, Nia’s blood sample is examined, and her death is pronounced to be from natural causes. Wes realizes that was Eve’s plan — to have Nate charm the nurse into switching the paperwork. Wes asks Eve why she helps Annalise with her Dubious Legal Work. “I could ask you the same thing,” shoots back Eve.


“I don’t have a choice,” Wes replies sadly. He leaves Eve, who contemplates his words.

Asher waits for Bonnie, who is still mad about his part in Tiffany’s rape. He offers to testify against his father, send Tiffany money, or do anything she wants, but Bonnie reminds him that nothing can undo that poor girl’s rape.

“I know you feel strongly about this because it’s your thing,” begins Asher.

“My thing?!” asks Bonnie. She realizes Annalise told him about her molestation, and she furiously tries to call Annalise. However, Annalise is on a date with Eve, who asks if Wes is the one Annalise is protecting, and Annalise admits that he is. “You are a very good person,” Eve tells her, and the two kiss.


“Man, I should cover up more murders if it gets me some more kisses.”

At Casa Keating, Oliver announces that he found Phillip’s profile on a gay dating site and proposes sending Connor to meet with him to get Phillip’s DNA. “You’re totally one of us now!” squeals Michaela, but Connor is the only one unenthusiastic about the plan. He tells Oliver to stop acting so crazy.

“What if I want to?” challenges Oliver. Since Connor won’t do the catfish scam, Oliver offers to take his place. Reluctantly, Connor agrees to do the scam after all. However, considering how Phillip secretly hacked his computer, they might be the ones getting scammed. Turns out Laurel tattled for nothing because Phillip never shows up at the date. Instead, he shows up at Oliver’s apartment and takes Oliver by surprise. “Hi, Oliver. How’s your night going?” greets Phillip. Noooo, don’t kill Oliver! He just became an ANTL!

Like Connor, Laurel has her doubts about the plan, and she tries to call Annalise to warn what is happening. But Annalise and Bonnie are busy arguing about Annalise revealing Bonnie’s past to Asher. “You knew how much this would hurt me!” yells Bonnie. Bonnie ignores all of Annalise’s half-assed “I was just protecting you!” defense arguments and stops drinking the Keating Kool-Aid. “I want you to die,” says Bonnie before she storms out.

In the flash forward, Laurel, Wes, and Michaela attempt to chase after Connor before he leaves the mansion. Everyone stops in their tracks when the body of Emily Sinclair is thrown over the ledge in front of them. Bonnie looks out from the balcony above them. Does this mean that she killed Annalise too?

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